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Pmd Pride 2020

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I'm still hosting that PMD Pride event thing over here, so ofc I wanna throw some in the hat myself

Phi (Magnemite) from Milos from Home is trans, using she/her though will also accept they/them. It's pretty common in magnemite or other physically genderless pokemon to lean one way or the other in how they identify themselves if they live around pokemon who have gender identities, for lack of a better way to put it. (Not all of them though ofc)

Milo (Eevee) is bi though he's probably got other priorities right now than looking for love

Hypno is a lesbian though also isn't really looking for anyone right now

Adrian (Goodra) is actually a reverse gijinka of the protagonist from Lucky Star and is one whole gay

And then seeing someone else use their sona mae me thing maybe I'll throw one in too, I haven't drawn anything like that in a while, so putting myself (Neintales) under the ace flag~

And that's everyone! If you wanna add some pride pokemon yourself, submissions are closed July 20th! (also read the journal for rules an stuff, it's p simple though)
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MasalaniousChaideasHobbyist General Artist

The idea of canonically genderless Pokemon essentially just deciding to be whatever makes a lot of sense. The gay colored berries is a super cute idea, too! Ninetales is my second fave Pokemon after Vaporeon, so I'm always happy to see it get some love. <3 My OCs are rarely actively romantic either. Ivy and Fandango, the two I ended up submitting, are one of the exceptions.

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I love it!

Too bad many aren't in position or just don't feel like having a romantic relationship<3 for now (Although I'll still hope there is an unplanned and uncontrolled crush ; ) ), I've always loved romance in good stories.

And I'm glad to know a little bit more about the world of "Milo from Home" and the sexuality or gender of some characters (I would have liked to know about Riley's too, but I guess that's already being a bit of picky).

You have made me happy, thank you.


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Thanks, I'm glad you liked finding out more about them! I think Riley would just be an ally, he's just a straight guy. For any crushes or anything in the stories who knows, sometimes things do just happen!

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Thank you for telling me!

(Goodbye to Milo x Riley's ship XDXD)

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Krisantyne Digital Artist

Adrian's gay fruit basket gives me life, best accessory ever :'D

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I was very excited when I thought about it

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I love all of these! And Goodra is an interesting choice for Adrian, wouldn't have guessed it.

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It was honestly hard to think of something but Goodra seems pretty friendly and unintimidating despite being Big. I think the prevo in shield's dex entry mentions something about just thinking about food too

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RyuaHobbyist General Artist

Neintails. Best.

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Another ace friend :D

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I lost at Neintales oh my GOSH that was clever
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DeeForty-FiveProfessional Writer

Milo confirmed as disaster bi and trans boi! best Eevee

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heyitshardyStudent Digital Artist


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ZaxarieHobbyist General Artist

is milo's necklace the trans flag? O:

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ZaxarieHobbyist General Artist

tf i can't like a comment more than once. i love that for him!

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Lovin' the Team Skull vibes up in this post with that squat. I mean, look at that. That's one prime ass squat.

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