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Milos from Home 04-48

By ReagentNein
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Sometimes you're just too tired to get into it


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Ugh, I hope Gengar isn't referring to some patriotistic bullshit, everyone else has enough of the apocalypse to start fighting each other over bullshit.

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Everyone in the comments acting like Gengar in the right, when it's more suspicious than anything. Like, loyalty to fucking what? You're a Rescue Team guild, not a bunch of mercenaries for hire!

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I don't have much to comment on gengar being right or wrong since I think the comic itself will reveal more about what's going on, but I feel like it's worth mentioning, the loyalty being implied here is to the town the guild is linked to and possibly the guild itself. And the guild system in the games very much does seem to be a mercenaries for hire kind of deal, taking on various missions and tasks for some reward from other pokemon, even if sometimes they do things outside that

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Not really. The Guild system is more like a police force. Including the actual police force, the Guild system seems to be an extension of it, as many of the Police's jobs actually line up with the guild work you do. Also, what does being loyal have to do with not wanting to attack the people you're supposed to be protecting? I know you can't answer, I'm just asking aloud.
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Hey no need to get aggressive about it. This is a kids game we're talking about so calm down. In the games, loyalty is quite important, so I believe it still should be in a comic about the games, right?

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haha poor gengar

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Gengar be like: "Dododo me just doin' my job"

Milo: "Hello, Mr. bad guy man, I am new to entire unverse, goodbye."

Gengar: "I- I- You- Wow- I-"

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Oh, yay *politics*. Milo gives no shits about your drama thank you.

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Gengar: "heres important info u should know"

Milo: "thank but i decline"

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Sleep now. Think never.

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AWW i really like the different approach to gengar here.

Dudes actually trying to help out and totally bummed out he´s still the bad guy XD

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I really like the background in this one, The camp looks so nice and the way you draw forests are amazing!

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Don't worry, Gengar, Milo literally just knows nothing about this world lol

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no, I don't want to fight because I want to sleep

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