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Milos from Home 04-47

As opposed to Gengar and co trying to steal your mission in the game...


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both raise valid points...

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I feel like Gengar's just trying to start discord against Dedenne here.

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Gengar's facial expressions are priceless :D

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Either Gengar is lying or Milo is wrong.

What will it be?

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Aw shoot, I missed this by a day. This is nice giving a Gengar a job and stuff, though I am wondering where the other members of team meanies are.

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So, why does everyone think Gengar is good for some reason? Attacking Pokemon who stay in the camp to keep them from leaving, seems excessive at best and contradictory at worst. He has a reason, doesn't mean it's a good one.

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I guess when your whole body's nothing but face, you gotta express

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second battle is meme material

I love Gengar's expressions. Top tier.


I love Milo. He's so smol, and I love his lil expressions.

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Poor milo, thinks it’s that simple
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I keep mispronouncing dedenne. For some reason I keep calling him dende.

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Makes sense you wanna keep an eye on newbies to make sure they're not just gonna dine and dash.

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I really hope this Gengar remains a good guy. I'm really liking him already!

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I like how they're having a civil conversation!!

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holy cow, didn't realize how huge Gengar is! or can they grow in size at will?

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A little of both I think? Eevee's a foot tall, and Gengar is 4'11, so basically 5 feet and he is ROUND. I like to imagine Gengar is pretty stretchy though since it's got the whole shadow deal and evolves from poison gas ball and remains part poison. Stretches to a bigger size for ~drama~

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God I love your Gengar so much. he´s so expressive and fluffy X3

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fair points from both

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