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Update: Cover and some other links here!

Alright! This here is going to be my side comic for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team. This is basically so I'll have something a lot more casual to work on in between working on my Nuzlocke. (As you can see, I'm still feeling out how I want to draw this. Also, I have no idea how to draw Torchic. Why did I choose Torchic as a partner?)

Speaking of which, this is basically as close as I can get to a Nuzlocke in PMD games.
- Can only recruit the first pokemon who asks to join per dungeon. (Story recruits not included.)
- If a team member faints, it is considered dead. (If Milo or Riley faint, another team member must die in their place.)

EDIT: Alternatively, reead it easier on comicfury here: milosfromhome.thecomicseries.c…

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Poor milo. Every protagonist goes through this 😂