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Reminder to anyone interested in drawing pride art for their pokemon characters for the PMD Pride event that the last day is JULY 20th, tomorrow! If you still want to submit something but can't quite make that deadline, I'll still be taking late submissions, especially if you can message me ahead of time and let me know you're doing something. I am going to try and have everything out on the 27th though so I really can't take anything past July 25. Thanks to everyone who's participating!
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Okay SO, the way this would work is first, draw your character (ideally with a sweet pride accessory or two) and upload it to DA with a transparent background so we can pick it up and move it in a larger collaborative image. Something like: All the little dark figures being stand-ins for character submissions, just as an example of how we could arrange things, on a background using the pride colors for the corresponding flag! (I promise you I can draw better backgrounds than this, I'm just excited and want to get the concept out. Also if other people wanna volunteer to do any that'd be cool too, just message me.) For right now I'm thinking of doing five major groupings for Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Ace, and Trans flags. (Nonbinary would fall under Trans, and I want to say Pan can hang with Bi which I hope wouldn't be an issue since they're very similar.) When the collabs are all put together, they'll be uploaded with the list of pokemon/character names and linked up to the owner(s) original
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Would people be interested in doing a kind of PMD Pride 2020 event? I know it's late in month but something where people could all submit their pokemon characters in their pride accessories or smth and put everyone in groups under their flag. Gay,
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I can see many people in the replies not trusting dendene. However, I do. After hearing that, I'd be more cautious around her.

I'm assuming you mean more cautious around Hypno? And yeah I think this makes sense

so, apparently your PMD comic is based off of a nuzlocke your doing?

what happens if you and your partner(s) die in your playthrough?

It was originally based off the gameplay but tbh the gameplay didn't actually end up having much impact on the story. For a regular recruit ofc if they die I just couldn't use them again. However, since you're stuck with the player and partner for the game without any swapping choice, death was basically game over. I did actually wipe at Moltres once and start from the beginning, but honestly, I can't recommend this as a fun way of playing :'D

so if they die, the comic ends at that point?

Nope, the comic isn't really tied to the gameplay anymore. I did manage to beat the game all the way through without dying though, even though it doesn't matter much now.

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Happy New Year! %)