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Dawning of Isis

Isis! Isis! Isis! RA! RA! RA!
This is my interpretation of the Goddess Isis. Egyptian Goddess of the sky, women and fertility. As per the rules of the model I referenced for anatomy, I am linking the stock account here (mybluelight-stock.deviantart.c…) I am aware that Egyptian Gods aren't usually portrayed with a third eye. I follow a lot of Hindu deities so I decided on adding one. I also made the eye after a cat's eye to be true to the nature of the Egyptian pantheon theme. The skin is modeled after alabaster which was traditionally the material used for Canopic jars. The hair is toned after peacock feathers because Steph, my love, is a terrible influence. The wings are stylized similar to Gods of Egypt the movie. She has a "heat" aura around Her that references the desert culture from which She was born. The "hieroglyphics" are part of a brush resource for photoshop used to make a more streamlined and symmetrical effect. I also used as well for a reference for the third eye.

These are all completely digital paintings with textures, filters, brushes used in conjunction with the aid of a mouse and Wacom board. They are both simple and complex with varying amounts of time dedicated to each painting. I use only "Creative Commons Zero Attribute" references unless specified otherwise. If you're confused what this means, please use Google to answer your own questions. If anything has been used in error, then please don't hesitate to let me know so that I may rectify the issue. I encourage and desire all constructive criticism but will not tolerate stupidity. Thanks for looking. Blessed Be!

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