You and Me

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When I look into your eyes
The eyes of the one I love
I feel the pain that I have caused
Not only to you but to everyone

How can I feel so perfectly happy when others are so sad?
Why can I not just feel the love in my heart for you?
The love that I feel but still cannot express

"I love you," is all I can say as our lips meet in the dark
"I missed you," I say when we reunite

I want to know that you are mine and I am yours
I want to know that one-day when I wake up you will be there
I want to know that you love me back

I will hold on
I never want to let you go
When you call me forward I feel you near
When we part you drift into the night
Waiting until we call each other forth
Again from the darkness to the light

I think of the times that we have been together
Holding each other as if protection is all we can provide
Kissing each other as if this is the last moment of our lives

I wish for moments like that every day
I scream for them every night
I cry for them at dusk
I bleed for them at dawn
I rejoice in them when they occur

Our futures are not planned
Our lives have been marked to cross on this path
We have seen each other's greatness

What we can achieve together in unimaginable

I do not know what the future will bring

I look toward the light with hope.
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