False Freedom

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My secrets out
Now they say nothing
The silence is oppressive
I cannot breath
I cannot stand
I fall

Cascading from this height
A freefall
But I am still not free
Some way they have kept me captive
Locked up in their silence
But I have a light
A hope inside that shines
You can’t put this out
Not with all the anger and hate that you posses

For I have love
A fire that cannot be extinguished
I wont allow to enter the part of me that this
Light consumes
For it consumes my heart, my very soul
You are barred
No longer allowed

You still hold a part of me
But your part no longer burns
It is now an ember
Only a memory of the fire it once was
No longer burning yet smoldering and hot
But not the most important part
For this heart is mine and my loves
You only rented the space
Your lease has run out
It is time for you to depart

The marks you left are still there
But now this room is not yours
I still love you
But you can no longer keep me
For I have awakened
I have loved.
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