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I've been drawing a long time and I'm very grateful for the support I've gotten from this community! Thank you so much!

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Hi there, I like the sequences you made.

Do you have the tail growth sequence of the character, Colette Marceau?

Thank you so much. There is a minor scene with a tail growth *I think* in one of my earlier (and public) movies.

It looks really good, thanks. When I come up with an idea of the transformation sequence of the original character with tail growth for your future work, I'll let you know. 😊

That's all I can think of right off the top of my head.

Hey, lovw your content ! Is it possible to get a belly and foot expansion comic?

Thanks for asking! I currently don't have any comics geared around those two ideas. Interesting idea though! Appreciate the comment. -Ready

Do you remember where a comic labeled “Jubliee” is? I can’t seem to find it on this page.

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