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Deviation Spotlight - BE/GTS Animated Movies! by ReadyArt, visual art


Savage She Hulk #5 Redraw p02 - Ready Art lowRes by ReadyArt, visual art

Deviation Spotlight

Renegade Preview page 97 censoredLowRes by ReadyArt, visual art

Deviation Spotlight

GLab33 Supernova p210 AltColor ReadyArt lowRes by ReadyArt, visual art

Deviation Spotlight

Comic Preview Revelations p38, censored by ReadyArt, visual art

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  • No DM's please! Instead email granitelog(at)hotmail(dot)com as deviantArt messaging is not my preference!

I've been drawing a long time and I'm very grateful for the support I've gotten from this community!

Patreon: BE/GTS/FMG Animations & more

Main Site: thousands of pages of free comics

Thank you so much!


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Hey all, Thank you so much for your support and kind words over the years. I want you to know I appreciate all the nice comments from people enjoying my work. DeviantArt is one of the main places I go to publicly share all my art and it's this community that has helped me grow over the years. I have organized the gallery here so you can quickly access the stuff you want. Of particular interest are three main gallerys. Animated GIFs - all the animation GIFs I create are here and sorted by years Comic Previews - a lot of comic, color and one shot images I do during the year FREE MOVIE - Hey, go get a copy of my first Patreon movie RIGHT HERE! There's a LOT more here and on my Patreon and of course my FREE main art site. I love sharing with you and
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This is the public release version of my Patreon Movie 1 - Breakout. This movie finished in mid 2019 so it's an older look at what's been going on here. Still, I think it gives a great idea of the things you can expect at the Animation Tier level. Part 01 - Growth Lab Trailer 1 Part 02 - Kris Deluxe Part 03 - Kerry Part 04 - Hannah Part 05 - Luna Part 06 - Karen and Luna Part 07 - The Interrogation Part 08 - Road Drive Part 09 - Giga Quest Part 10 - The Escape Part 11 - Final Countdown Movie Runtime: 1hr 27mnn I’m putting all the parts here on deviantArt because I want to give something back for your support. I appreciate any and all people who check out my art. My commitment has always been to bring you the best art and animation I can and the community here has been fantastic. Check out all the parts and see what you think – we have a LOT more stuff on the Patreon but if you just want to check out the free art – stay here or head to my main site! YOUR support means more art and
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The Summer Comic Special has my Growth Lab Comics from #01 to #20 in high res PDF format. On top of that you also get Growth Lab Story Volume 1 PDF packed with stories from Solstice. The special is open to ALL current patrons as well as prior patrons with a lifetime donation of $12 or more! Head over here: Thank you again for your support! -Ready
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Hello there, it is such an honor to meet you. I think you have wonderful work on all parts! If you ever want to talk, I will set up a chat for us as I would love to get to know you more! Overall, keep up the great work and being the best you YOU can be! Looking forward to what you have in store!

Hi there and thank you. The best way to know me is to know my work and enjoy it. Due to time commitments I can't do justice to all the personal chat requests I receive. That said, appreciate the support and the comment!

You are welcome, anytime, and I understand. You are a popular content creator after all! You do you boo. As long as you respond to me eventually, it is fine. You take your time! I love all your work and keep being awesome!

Appreciate it. If you check out my profile you will see I have an email for questions or general conversation. Feel free to mail me using the address there and I will respond as I can! Thank you!

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I will say...with your quality of animation...i do hope you'll open up for commissions again one day. Cause wow are those good!

Appreciate the kind words! I will post publicly if commissions open!

Do you think you can do an FMG version of growth lab, like short comics?