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[ridiculously overpowered] shinsho hitoshi.

shinsho hitoshi/reader

i am absolutely borrowing fma's alchemy, with
a few changes (considering the reader themselves)
so you're not absolutely overpowered.

this is universe alteration where shinsho actually
joins 1-a because he deserves it. i hate mineta.
replace mineta with hitoshi 2k18. the alterations are
described with a little world building in the actual fic,
but if there are any glaring plot holes, please point them
out so i may fix them!

i'm back on my mcbullshit after like,
one year of not logging on. i'm not really off
hiatus, because i write bits and pieces of fic and
then never really finish it, but this is 7k that i
did manage to finish! i hope you all like it.

There are whispers when Shinsho shows up to the exam, but he's not particularly bothered by it until he realises that they are not whispering about him. Looking around, he spo
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[long overdue] qrow branwen.

qrow branwen/reader

vol4 spoilers!
Qrow is- well, you know, maybe better than anyone else; Qrow is Qrow, unapologetically and unabashedly so. Years of travelling and fighting side by side with him, you’ve learn to know what a curve of his arm means, and the thin creaking of the gears in his scythe. Sword? Swythe? (Whatever.)
When he follows his niece on a literal suicide mission, you trail behind. Taiyang scolds you for it, the day before you leave.
“He’s trouble,” Tai frowns, pausing. “Quite literally, actually.”
“Qrow is nothing I haven’t dealt with before.” You chuckle, waving away his doubt. “I’ve dealt with him for years.” 
“Misfortune isn’t something to laugh at, (Name).” 
You look at him quietly, the humour in your gaze gone, “I know, Tai.”
“Then?” The question hangs heavy in the air, and you can
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[#onlyingotham] jason todd.

robin!jason todd/reader
i made him robin so it fiTS UR AGE DiamondMusicNotes 

'Oh fucking boy,' You think, fear clutching at your gut, 'I can see the headlines tomorrow. Gotham Teen Gets Stabbed To Death After Run In With Mugger.'
But with Gotham, and with the Joker on the loose, you'd be lucky to make it into the back page. Stabbings should not be this common, but yet here you are, proving it to yourself. And- oh fuck, you managed to make eye contact with the shady dude holding a knife-
You hightail it as fast as you can and in the other direction, but your assailant is bigger, more athletic, has a weird beard like he was trying to copy the one Bruce Wayne had a few months ago, and smelt like cheap booze. He's managed slam you into a wall, luckily onto your side and it doesn't hurt that much, a hand around your throat and a knife against your cheek.
"Money or
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[from one comet to another]

this is just half written lines of poetry..,

forgive me i just want to get some shit off my chest.

i. if i had to pick, i think it would be your eyes

loving someone else would be easier:
not because you are hard to
but rather because there are too many things
to fall in love with
with you
(how am i supposed to pick one?)

ii. i've figured out who i want you to be, though

you are many things to me-
maybe that's why you mean the most.

iii. a poem best served with the smashing of piano keys

a haiku about when i figured my friend liked you:


iv. i can't seem to let go of my one liners
that was sometime a
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[pining] bokuto koutarou.

bokuto koutarou/fem!reader

HabbyRabbit happy (habby) birthday!
i hope i see you soon.
Tokyo's pretty in the afternoon, Kuroo thinks, smiling to himself. Or maybe it was the absence of the terror and stress that was finals that was making Kuroo feel better. 
He picks up the pace, because the sooner he got home, the faster he could marathon through his favourite movies as a treat to himself. His exams had gone over usual school hours, leaving him alone during his walk home- and without Kenma to keep him company, Kuroo felt more lonely. The streetlights flicker on to match the warm orange glow of the setting sun, and Kuroo's thankful for the peace and quiet that's so rare in Tokyo. It was a nice break from all the rush and intense competition that his exams and the volleyball tournament had brought him.
He shouldn't have thought that. Kuroo thinks. He's jinxed it, for christ sake, he was p
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[the right to remain silent] iwaizumi hajime.

iwaizumi hajime/reader
insp. by my many realisations i have and irl things
that have happened about my 

own crush lmaooo.....

"Truth or dare, Iwaizumi?"
Iwaizumi Hajime cannot believe he's been coddled and bribed and sweet talked into doing this. With three other pair of eyes on him, eagerly waiting for him to speak up, he's a little more than dubious about answering the question- especially with Oikawa Tooru himself sitting on the edge of his seat, Matsukawa lounging on Oikawa's bedroom floor, refusing to break eye contact, and Hanamaki, who's sipping from a juicebox.
"Truth," Iwaizumi says. Oikawa sighs, though he doesn't actually sound disappointed, and Matsukawa rolls his eyes. "Don't look at me like that, I'm not picking dare with you guys."
"Wise, but again? Hajime, you can do better." Hanamaki chides, wagging a finger at him.
"Me or (Name)-chan, pick one, who would you rather date?" Oikawa says
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[feelings] oikawa tooru.

oikawa tooru/reader
reader+oiks is about 22-25 in the space this fic goes on!
au of sorts?
You meet Oikawa in university, when you're studying sports sciences. You frequent seeing him in the astronomy section of the library, and even more so during joint volleyball training. 
The training between the boys and girls volleyball teams were, to say the least, emotionally jarring. The boys found out Reiji-san was ten times more terrifying than their own coach: Sunakawa-san was more of the gruelling punishment type than Reiji-san's gruelling everything.
Oikawa pulls you aside one day, and it's the first time you actually talk to him.
"You're captain, right?"
"Vice," You reply, taking a swig from your water bottle. "What's up?"
"Isn't your coach a little scary?"
You burst out laughing. "Reiji-san? Sure, her trainings are more like the army, but she wouldn't hurt a fly! She's got a heart of gold, you know."
"Ah," Oikawa
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[king's row] genji shimada.

genji shimada/reader
i hope genji knows he looked like a fucking carrot.
"Genji," you knock softly on the door, "We've been dispatched again."
You close the door behind you, mustering up a smile for Genji. His room reminds you so much of what you've seen in Hanamura it's shocking. It's not too big, not too small, and a tatami bed is shoved against the wall. It's sheets are virtually untouched, but you don't suppose a cyborg really needs a bed, anyways. The floor is made of light colored planks, unlike most the metal and concrete base- maybe it reminds him of Shimada Castle, and a makes it feel a little more like home- and filled with simple, wooden furniture. A bonsai tree sits on the window sill: you've seen Zenyatta water it once in a while.
"Of course," he stands up, walking towards you and nodding, but you place a hand on his shoulder, holding him at arms length before he can leave the room. Genji tilts his head, ever-reminiscent of
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[yellin] hinata shoyou.

uni student!hinata shoyou/reader

"What do you think of the university?" Kageyama asks, looking at his map of the college. The university dorm is quite nice, contrary to what he's heard from everyone. The bottom bunk is pretty cozy too, and it's a small space that reminds Kageyama of home. The dorms were at the edge of campus, so there was even a nice window that showed the beautiful view Osaka's city had to offer. Kageyama can't find any fault, really.
"I don't get why we have to do Science if we have a sport scholarship," Hinata grumbles from the other side of the room, looking through his campus timetable and syllabus. "I thought I was done with Chemistry after I left high school, and yet Avocado's number still pops up!"
"Alejandro's number, I think." Kageyama says, thoughtfully. "Avocado isn't a name." 
The short wing spiker files through his sciences, quickly having the grave realisation that Ennoshita and
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[luck be a lady] kuroo tetsurou.

kuroo tetsurou/reader

light spoilers for post-shiratorizawa/karasuno match!!
listen pvlimpsest buddy i know i said touka
but when i started writing i didn't feel the fic idk
if this one is better foRGVIE ME

thighchi  9:30pm
I got a charm from a girl in my class today. It was really nice, she even said to share it with the team. 
She was very blushy about it. How sweet! She's very modest, huh?

Kuroo so dearly wishes Karasuno's captain could be more in tune of his surroundings outside of the court. He feels sorry for whoever this girl was.

you  9:32pm
hey tho our game is coming up in like a week
wish us luck man
thighchi  9:33pm
Good luck.
you  9:33pm
dude that sounded so anti climatic
thighchi  9:34pm
Sorry that I can't convey emotion through text message, Kuroo.
you  9:34pm
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honestly. [bokuto koutarou.]

bokuto koutarou/reader

title: letters
written: xx/mm/yy
author: koutarowl
(Full Name)-
Today, I got to ask you out!! There's nothing I can compare my feelings to, really! It was amazing to hear you say yes, and tomorrow, I'll get to go out with you, just the two of us, like I've always wanted!! It's a dream come true!! It's too bad I can't submit this yet, my manager says that I should hold off announcing our relationship. I don't really get that, because I'm only big in Japan, you know? It's not like you're going to get ambushed or anything www
But I really like you! And now, I'm on a emotional high! So I'm really just typing everything I'm thinking, so I might reread this before I publish this post to my fans and the public. 
I really, really like you, (LastName)! 
(Draft Saved.)

EDIT: So, this is updating two months aft
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[hiraeth] ushijima wakatoshi.

ushijima wakatoshi/reader
for this contest!

Feelings have never been anything that Ushijima has really understood. He has said what he means, and what he thinks, and what he wholeheartedly believes. It's never led him astray in his world- nor on the court. On that stage, he's managed to even gain a glittering spotlight shining for himself. 
When he meets you, you are Aoba Johsai's manager, and Ushijima still doesn't find you necessary. Managers have always felt almost token to him, and felt as though the captain or someone else could do all the preparation a team needed. He rethinks it, finding that every timeout called by the coach is nearly wholly led by Oikawa- except when you step in to say a few words of your own. Wakatoshi can't hear you, but by the way the Seijou starts to play, he's entirely convinced that you know a thing or tw
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[worth the wait] oikawa tooru.

oikawa tooru/reader
thank asuma kousuke for fuelling this.
Ohhh, that Tobio-chan was getting on his nerves.
First, he manages to make those disgustingly pretty sugar roses, then make the most aromatic coffee he has ever had the pleasure to have smelt and then taste in his life, and now he’s waiting tables (something Oikawa was high above, being a senior at Seijou Sweets,) so kindly and with that smile plastered on his face that Oikawa wants to vomit. 
He sighs, scowling at the cupcakes he’s glazing, and reminds himself: this stupid blueberry headed genius was only here for trial. Yes, a months trial, but it was halfway done and Kageyama Tobio seemed too sure of himself and too arrogant to stay for the while*- there was no way the seniors would let him in to work, even if he did come from Kitagawa Bakery.
Oikawa’s reminded that he gets to vote if he stays, and fe
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[shades (but with a z)] karamatsu matsuno.


also titled: i cant fucking believe myself
You can feel his stare, and in all fucking honesty, it's starting to creep you out. You think he's practicing lines, but you can't really be sure, since he's doing it in that weird-ass voice. He's either muttering a grocery list, or he's saying 'So you've come, Karamatsu Girl' over and over. You can't believe you know this guy too, since he came to the bridge every Monday to lovingly ("lovingly") stare at girls. You'd always watched from a distance, wondering if he knew how creepy he was.
He obviously fucking didn't.
You can't take it anymore. His stare's turned into fantasizing, and by now, it's really just low-key pleading. "Hey, dude-"
"So you've come, Karamatsu Girl! Would you like to go to the supermarket with me, I need to-" Whatever else he’s saying drowns out into white noise. Damn, (Name), he was do
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[dig them out] tsukishima kei.

tsukishima kei/reader
my hobby is embarrassing tsukishima kei.
'Kuroo Tetsurou has commented on a Photo from 4 years ago. Reply to him now!'
He slides the application open like his life fucking depends on it, there was no fucking way that that shitty haired, cat loving bitch found his- FUCK, HOLY SHIT HE DID-
It's a photo his brother took of him and Yamaguchi, all smiles. A 11 year old Tsukishima looks too proud to have a dinosaur McDonalds Happy Meal toy. Yamaguchi has a fry in hand, the other holding the box. The picture is obviously candid- he's half blurry and Yamaguchi's mid-chew. The caption just reads 'Back from volleyball~! XD ...Photo by Tsukishima Akiteru'
Tsukishima can feel his soul leaving his body. There's no way he can show his face at practice again, not without wanting to blast his ass far away from the past. Yamaguchi was fine, that kid's Facebook presence was non-existent (and even that
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[minor] nishinoya yuu.

nishinoya yuu/reader
for caeilius ! happy birthday,

cai-san! i kinda switched it up-! it's noya's
birthday, but i hope that's okay!
(forgive me. i don't really know what to think about
this. i'm been a little stressed this feb, and i only
managed to write this. next year, it'll be better, i promise!)

Nishinoya gets the coupons for your local supermarket meant for Gari Gari Kun from Ennoshita, who's in your class, instead of yourself- but it's all explained in the hurried but still neat card that comes with it.
. ♠ .
Noya! Happy Birthday! I'm sorry I can't give this to you, but I have to rush home today- your second present is a little late too, so forgive me!

It's been thrilling being friends with you, but I can't always help but think you're pulling me along! You're an amazing libero with an even better personality! You're an amazing friend, and your hard work pays off!! Your gra
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juxtaposition | yamaguchi tadashi
yamaguchi tadashi x f!reader

The first time Yamaguchi sees you, it isn't magical. There are no pretty flowers figuratively surrounding you while you walk in slow motion with your [h/l] [h/c] hair flowing like a waterfall behind you or whatever always happens in romcoms. Instead, the sight he holds dearly to his heart is you banging tempestuously on the vending machine, an avalanche of curses escaping your mouth. Needless to say, you didn't enthrall him right away.
The first time he officially meets you is right after he enters the gym. Hinata is yelling about a pretty girl in the background, while you're frantically hollering at Tanaka. Your hand gestures are wild and all over the place when you're explaining something to him, your hair is a mess and you look like the physical embodiment of chaos. Yamaguchi still has no idea who you are, but he's quite mesmerized with the fact that you're yelling at the oh-so-scary Tanaka Ryūnosuke a
:icon006969:006969 24 27
Mistakes Were Made | Kirishima Eijirou
Disclaimer: I do not own Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia or any of the characters that are mentioned. I am not making any profit from this fic and I write purely for the love of the characters. Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia is the property of Kōhei Horikoshi.
i. enraptured
The first time he noticed you was when you had laughed over the mistake in your order. It was only his first couple of weeks on the job, and it was his first time serving a group of customers instead of a single customer. But he hadn't expected to have completely mistaken your order and give you something entirely different from what you had asked for.
He can still recall how he had apologized over and over again of his mistake. The narrowed scalding gaze from their sleepy black haired manager and the heated yet icy cold stare from his senpai in the job made him want to shrink away from the entire world. He just wanted a hole to open up and make him disappear. But bef
:iconitbeajen:itbeajen 166 25
Table #5 | Todoroki Shouto
Disclaimer: I do not own Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia or any of the characters that are mentioned. I am not making any profit from this fic and I write purely for the love of the characters. Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia is the property of Kōhei Horikoshi.i. lattes

"Todoroki-kun," Midoriya gently called his fellow co-worker's name, and the stoic male turned and nodded his head, indicating the former to continue, "Will you take table #5 again?" 
There was a knowing smile on the green-haired boy's lips, and when Todoroki glances to the table that was obscured by the shining rays of morning sunlight that filtered in; he understood why. It was always you. 
Todoroki nodded as he tied his apron around his waist. Donned in a simple white dress shirt with a black tie and black slacks, the male took a deep breath before walking up to the hot bar. Immediately, his hands worked with expertise as he handled the delicate drink easily. Midoriya wat
:iconitbeajen:itbeajen 285 57
Two For Joy [Qrow x Reader]
        “Remind me again why you’re here?”
        Stuffing your hands deeper into your jacket pocket, you sidestep a fallen log on the mountain path you currently follow, doing your best to hide your stumble as a smaller branch catches your toe. “Because I asked Ozpin if I could accompany you, and he agreed.”
        Catching his red glare, you do your best to smile as he huffs and returns his gaze forward. “He should know better.”
        “Why? I think we make quite the team.”
        “You know damn well why, and he should too.”
        Rubbing your hand along the back of your neck, you let your eyes wander up toward the tree canopies. “I can take care of myself, Qrow. You know this.”
:iconrensarou:Rensarou 93 18
timber | 707
707 x f!reader
warning: profanity, spoilers for... a lot of the routes
tbh you probably shouldn't read this unless 1) you absolutely want to or 2) if you've played all or most of the routes and you won't be surprised by anything
reset au
alternative title: the abandonment of choi saeyoung told in 17 parts and maybe just a little bit more

(readyaimfireaway okay this was supposed to be rlly fluffy and nice, but it turned out horribly wrong, but i hope you'll like it regardless????? anyways happy birthday, baby, i love you!!!!)

i. question: which personality of mine did you fall in love with?
Years later, on the last day of winter, you will look back on your shared history and smile.
You will regard those that you loved with warmth and the one you still love with something more and in the midst or all of it, you will laugh and thank the higher power that decided to subject you to it all.
You will realize that this is life, one lesson at a time, each mistake either bringin
:iconpvlimpsest:pvlimpsest 112 25
[life update] because i wanted to let it out
ok so recently our team has been really busy. doing what, you might ask??????? BEING CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!! we got 3 championships since the end of october (date check: it's nov 14) AND I LOVE THE FEELING I STILL CANT BELIEVE IT
ok but u know whats almost better than being champions???? CUTE SPORTS BOYS
our first championship was a best of 3 series wherein we had to win 2 games to be champions (not like haikyuu where it was just one game) and after we won the 1st game of the series, the cute volleyboy i often mentioned in past journals and status updates PUT HIS ARM AORUND ME OMFFFF HE;S SO TALL IM CRYIN I LOVE FEELING SMOL
and then for the second champinship we had to fly to a different city for a tournament where basically all teams of our school had to go (for clarification: basketball, volleyball, football, etc) and in the middle of the week one of the basketball players was like "oh my teammate has a crush on u" and i
:iconoikawa2ru:oikawa2ru 3 0
the problem with talent - oikawa tooru
the problem with talent. -oikawa tooru-
oikawa x f!artist!reader
word count: 1754
Oikawa distinctly remembered a girl in the back corner of his class every year in middle school. Perhaps it was insensitive of him, but he never remembered her name. Her head was always down, and she was always drawing. Her marks were never extraordinary, this he was sure of. She wasn’t one of those students who were repeatedly placing in the top 5 for class rankings.
If anything, she was rather dull.
He sat on the opposite end of the room from her, so there was never an opportunity to interact. There was just never an excuse to talk.
How surprised he was when he wandered into the classroom 20 minutes after the bell dismissed everyone to see her there, in her usual seat. The difference now being that she gazed out the window instead of the sheet on her desk.
It’s strange how unsettling the sight was to him, after all, he’s barely talked to this girl for the 3 years he’s ‘
:iconlachremorse:lachremorse 100 24
. important i
i may have to make a bajillion of these in the future so i may as well start numbering them now.
( these are for various journal entries i'll make in the future about miscellaneous things that would take up too much of a status post. i.e. important updates regarding my writing, personal life, rants, etc. )
so. i've been thinking and...... i may be abandoning dA sooner or later.
i just.... i don't find enjoyment in dA as i once did.
i love writing fanfics and XReaders and i love watching anime and manga.
but over the short few years that i've been here, i've grown and realized that eventually i must make the decisions to grow up and move on. catch up with where i'm supposed to be at in life, that is.
i'm supposed to be either working, going to college, or both, able to drive myself places... uh basically all the adultish stuff? building a resume? paying for my ow
:iconharucchix:harucchix 2 12
pidge by miintbun pidge :iconmiintbun:miintbun 77 10
of strange meetings. ( college!au ) | keith
“dude, two o’clock.”
lance is really bad at whispering; keith has learned that in their few years of friendship. nearby classmates send death glares their way-- something that seems to happen more often than it should, now that he thinks about it. but lance just ignores them all, nudging his friend persistently until he loses focus of what the professor is saying.
he stops typing his notes, then glances at the clock.
“it’s not even close to two. it’s eleven. maybe you should go back to elementary school and learn how to read time.”
stupid keith and his deadpan responses.
he elbows him harder.
“do you ever take a hint? two o’ clock.”
normally, keith disregards everything lance says or does, especially during class. but lance has freakishly sharp elbows.
“stop it.” he retorts, slapping the other’s arm away. “and what’s supposed to happen at two? did you finally manage to get that girl to go o
:iconciiren:ciiren 226 29
end of all. ( reset!au ) | 707
𝚐𝚊𝚖𝚎 𝚘𝚟𝚎𝚛.
it’s happening again, he thinks. just as it always does.
you’ll come back into his life another time– a fourth time, no– maybe this is the fifth time. his memories blur and the only thing he can truly remember is the ache that settles deep within a patient heart.
you’ll come back into his life and you’ll be just as you always were– bright, wondrous, loving. he’ll fall in love again and so will you. but this time, he knows, you will not choose him.
because you forgot. you forgot laughing in his arms, you forgot the first time you saw him, you forgot how important he was to you.
you forgot how much he loved you.
but that’s alright, he reasons with himself.
one day, you’ll find your way to him again. and even if you forget and forget and forget, he’ll always be waiting with open arms.
because at the end of all, he knows you’ll return to him.
:iconciiren:ciiren 135 14
'good luck.'
      I hope you guys find time to read this as you've been faithfully reading my fics when I was a regular writer. So please listen, because there are a few things I want to say. 
    To be quite honest, this page was just going to stay like this unless I received the sudden whim to write again. But you know I found that my only motivation for writing was to receive comments that somehow boosted my ego into some kind of negative loop of motivation. The comments were always lovely and my heart ached for them. But I forgot I didn't need that to continue a passion. I forgot that I didn't need anybody to tell me I'm doing things right in order for me to believe it. However, that was the past because the feelings I've had for a while have nothing to do with deviantart whatsoever. 
    But you know, It's not about me. I wanted to ask you; how are you
:iconespressocakes:espressocakes 22 11
|| wishes [nagisa hazuki]
where you, the reader, would make nagisa wish.
"Good morning, Nagisa-kun!" His head flung towards the girl leaning on her right, her [e/c] eyes bright and warm. It was morning, and so everyone was either in school or heading to school. Nagisa grinned cheerily back, waving. He was first feeling very tired, but once he heard that sweet voice; he got right back up.
"Good morning to you too [Name]-chan!" His high-pitched voice giggled, eyes closed to make a sweet smile. [Name] chuckled and bowed, before leaving to head to her seat. They sat diagonally to each other, and although they were near each other- no one would seem to call each other once school started. 
Nagisa could feel himself getting energetic every second, looking back whenever he could to see the girl he likes. It was obvious already, Nagisa Hazuki likes [Name] [Last Name]. Everyone would adore how cute and compatible they were with each other, and yet they both didn't seem to care. Nagisa felt content with what
:iconfikuushon:fikuushon 17 3
constellations by miintbun constellations :iconmiintbun:miintbun 45 4
xi. awakening. | soldier 76
[ xi. justice. ]
( resurrect;
what’s lost can be saved. )
i. jack morrison. commander of overwatch.
“commander, huh?”
the promotion is no surprise. he’s a born leader. from the very start, he’s raised morale and led his allies into battle without hesitation. he’s saved thousands without any regard for himself.
he’s a hero.
“it’s got a nice ring to it.”
he chuckles quietly.
he’s always been humble, always been considerate. he’s a little rough around the edges, but you have no doubt that he’ll lead well. he represents overwatch and everything it stands for.
you’ll gladly follow his guidance.
he doesn’t question his abilities. he knows he is more than capable for this position. but something else lurks in his mind.
gabriel reyes is another member-- one who has been fighting alongside jack ever since he joined. both brave, both courageous.
but only one fit for command.
jack trusts him-- not onl
:iconciiren:ciiren 65 5


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pure trash
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hong Kong
call me allen/ai !!
updates so slow jesus asahi came down from heaven to slap me.

sugawara koushi ruined my life.

❅ i currently write mostly for hq!! but you'll
find marvel + dc and sometimes the seasonal anime here.

❅ iwaizumi + yams + suga + inuoka + kyoken is all u need to
summon my sinful ass.

❅ exo/ikon are important to me. talk to me abt chanyeol omg

❅ i need everyone to know my ideal type is..... steel + water
just listen to me abt beldum and prinplup ok. i love pokémon

! by readyaimfireaway
hi! its ur friendly neighborhood allen!!

so, i'm not losing inspiration to write per se, but i've started to drift away from writing inserts. like, i will read them, enjoy and maybe comment on them, but i just don't have the time to write much currently; this is me announcing a semi hiatus, and the "semi" because i do intend to finish off the fics i have left!!

a few days ago, i did a purge kind of thing where i quite literally deleted all of the fics i knew i wasn't going to be writing anytime soon, with the goal that i would finish the few remaining left. this includes:

-"that's mad gay", pidge gunderson/reader
-"i am haunted by humans", god of death!sugawara/reader
-"the merry go round of life", howl's moving castle!au, wizard!sugawara/reader
-"perspective", platonic!yamaguchi/reader
-"a theme park au", kuroo/reader + prompt: "person a laughs at person b because person b has to dress up as kylo ren and threaten kids as per part of his job everyday at disneyland"
-another suga/reader LMAO
-"embarrass", touka/reader
-a suzuya/reader
-"lovebug", sickfic, bokuto/reader
-"champion", pkmn!ruby/reader
-and maybe a steve/reader that's mostly just humour/platonic if i get it done
-also, if i ever actually get around to it, i'll finish off the tsukishima/reader dead!, though i really have lost my motivation for that

i'm most likely gonna get pidge done first bc i am very gay for her. vvvvv gay. so gay. yeah.
after i get these done, i think i'll be taking a break from inserts. i'll still be around, commenting and reading, maybe on ao3 writing canon/canon fics.

thank you for reading! 💖 💖 



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