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Vector - Spitfire in Uniform

Made in Adobe Illustrator CS6, .AI file here: .SVG file here:

Spitfire in her sexy Wonderbolt Commander / Leader / Whatever Uniform. Hope you like her!

The uniform decorations, I have to say, took me the longest. Not all that tough, just time consuming. :) I still like how she came out.

Feel free to use, just let me know, and credit would be greatly appreciated.
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are we allowed to use your vectors?
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I love Spitfire, she's so cool.
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I used your vector: here
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Used here: Thank you so much for making this :D
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I love this version of Spitfire more. =D
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i like it how she seems to glow
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If you like glow, maybe you'd like this wallpaper someone made with this vector.
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great work with that vector
i used it in one of my wallpapers
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:iconrdsoawesomeplz::iconsaysplz:Spitfire you're so awesome! I'm your greatest fan!:iconsaysendplz:
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:iconspitfireplz: :iconsays3plz: Hah, how could I forget? You only saved my life and everything. Seriously, Rarebow Stash, you're alright in my book. 
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Well, that Twilight imitation face is gonna be a thing for the next 20 years now...
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Nice! Hopefully they like your present. :D
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I came to comment and then realized how stretchy Spitfire's neck is...


Seriously though, other than that this is pretty radical, Scott muh boi.
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Well it is a trace from the show. I noticed how... elongated her neck was too whilst doing this and... now I cannot un-see. Spitfire must be half-giraffe. 
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