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Remember to allways read the Artist's Comments before commenting yourself~!!

And try to comment on a deviation before you:+fav:~!!

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Yeah like it's So sad when people Misunderstood your pic entirely because they ignored the Descriptions = A =
God sakes it's annoying
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WOW! People fav. and never comment all the time on new people's things (like me). It's nice to see someone who remembers when their only watcher was a very kind person they watch. 
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I fav and THEN comment :P
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Your eating me while drinking comment D: Lol jk xD
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Oop sry i ment to say i will definatly do that sorry again
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You guys might not take that seriously but others do... They want to feel good. Atleast compliment them a little... I mean, on my other account I got a DOZEN favorites and like only a few commented. ;3; I felt really sad because I want to know EXACTLY how they feel about it. Don't gotta go in detail but.~
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Thanks for making this...I'm glad I found it.
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I agree on the first sentence :XD:

Not the second one, though...
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So, I am ticking people off with all my favs?! I was using favs to hold stock images I might want to paint from--I already read all the stock folks' rules carefully and credit and link to their original, I get that. But what, I'm supposed to come up with 5 different things to say about 5 shots of different angles of a bumble bee?!

Look, I'm not trying to be sarcastic, but that just isn't practical. Is there some other way I am supposed to bookmark a stock photo I may want to paint from? I'm really new, and I may just not understand everything yet.

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well, it's not that hard just to throw an "i like it" out there, even if you can't think of anything to really say. it really bothers me when somebody favorites but doesn't comment. dunno why...
and you should definitely always read before commenting. :D
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Screw the comment before fav+, the preceeding made sense though.
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