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Oh wow, one of my comics is a daily deviation?! SO EXCITING

Hello there, my name is Stephen Gillan. thank you for visiting my page!

I've been drawing Antics on and off for a couple of years now, and hopefully will continue to do so for a long time (as long as I don't run out of ideas)

my website outside DA can be found at anticscomic dot com

I hope you enjoy my THINGS
how have i not updated this journal thing since september??

in case you were wondering, my life is pretty okay at the moment! writing/drawing a WEBCOMIC is pretty darn fun and rewarding, and university/social life stuff continues to be interesting and (at times) exciting

i set up a store for my comic a while back, which you can find here if you are so inclined:

and as always the site for the antics comic itself is "anticscomic dot com", aka click this thing:

if you are reading this, then THANK YOU FOR READING THIS

i know i am not the most vocal when it comes to responding to comments, but i really do read everything posted! and most of it makes me smile (with my mouth)

yours updatingly,

stephen gillan
hello to anyone who is reading this!

i’m gonna try to start doing comics twice weekly (on monday and friday), which should be fun

i was going to start it this week, but then contracted some kind of extraterrestrial virus which has rendered me incapable of thinking straight for more than a minute

so starting on monday there will be two comics a week

anyways thats what is going on!
so i have been a very very lazy man for some months now

and now i will be making some more comics

which i will put here on deviantart and also on my INTERNET WEBSITE at anticscomic dot com
so yeah i set up a 'webcomic' website at ANTICSCOMIC DOT COM

its pretty sparse, but its functional (you can add me to your RSS-checker-dealies and so forth!)

you can access this exciting new website by clicking the link below