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antics number 242

"to make an omelette, you have to break a few eggs"

the knowledge-omelette I have obtained is invaluable to me, and for this I thank you

p.s. sorry about your eggs
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He's lucky he didn't die from blood clots or go into shock like how this sort of thing usually of the worst ways to die
EnglandKirklandFTW's avatar
fite club: blows up a few buildings
seulome's avatar
    You sir (or ma'am), deserve 100 points for this pun.
question-mark-man's avatar
I know he is in intense pain, but I have to agree with Fletcher. In the third panel he appears to be clutching to something that clearly isn't there.
KenDo-RP's avatar
LUV THEM ALL :tighthug:
Rollinlol95's avatar
Poor copenicus XD
Vaxes's avatar
I lost a testicle like that. Now I only have 2.
ThatOtherCartoonist's avatar
Heh. I used to have thirteen. Then I travelled back in time and threw them at Hitler, which killed him. Though he did have time to pull a katana out of his moustache and slice one off before his face got smashed. And I lost the others one by one in a ritual of immortality - long story - until I only had the usual two left.
Vaxes's avatar
How did you come back? I've been told you can only time-travel with a high amount of gonads in your possession.
ThatOtherCartoonist's avatar
Oh, I came back to the present while I still had twelve of them, and then I went through with the immortality ritual.
Vaxes's avatar
That sounds ridiculously awesome.
ThatOtherCartoonist's avatar
XD I actually got all that from an incredibly random conversation I had with a friend a while back. It was incredibly silly.
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