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by Emiade

The first thing that stood out to me was just how beautiful this piece was and the girl's hair, of course. The bright blue of the spark...

This is so unique and the character's faces flow so well. Especially the smile, their smiles combined are extremely creepy and unnervin...

by Spliket

I don't know why no one has thought of this up until now, but this is fitting. For starters, you chose the right characters to be the H...

To answer your question, a threshold is a strip of wood, metal, or stone that is formed at the bottom of a doorway which is crossed whe...

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Can You Feel It
        Tommy hid underneath his Avenger blanket, listening intently for any sound to suddenly permeate his quiet bedroom. How did this happen to him?
    It had been a normal day for 11 year old Tommy; he had went to school, chatted with his friends, and even gave his teacher a $15 gift card for Christmas before taking his regular bus home. Upon reaching his house he noticed that there were packages from Amazon lying in front of his front door. Deciding to be slightly more responsible then usual, and knowing full well that his mother would be displeased if he just left them there., he picked them up and teetered into his home. After setting them down, he called for his Mom and, upon getting no reply, it dawned on him that she might still be at work. 'But I thought she had a half day today' Tommy thought, as he turned on the television and grabbed a bag of chips from the snack pantry. Just as he settled o
:iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 5 0
Jeff the Killer X Pasta: Love at First Bite
            It was a warm summer's night as Jeff woke up in the middle of an alley way ,surrounded by trash cans and laying in a puddle of what Jeff hoped to god was water. Slowly, Jeff raised himself up from the disgusting
liquid, groggily trying to remember the events that led up to him waking up in such a disgusting place, when he saw them. Right across the street from where he was lying, he saw them sitting on a table in a nearby
    They were with a bored looking women in a red dress, whom seemed to be looking down at her phone instead of paying any attention to the beautiful creature right in front of her. Jeff clenched his fist, ignoring
the foul smelling fluid rolling down his sweater, and started to purposefully walk towards the open window where the couple were sat. Just as he reached the other side of the st
:iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 2 6
Mature content
The Demonic Women of Shin Yoshiwara :iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 7 3
How to Survive: Nathan the Nobody
Hello my unfortunate protagonists~
      I'm back from my long hiatus, did you miss me? Honestly, it is good to be back after a long summer of work and school for more school and having a capable laptop that doesn't die on me every thirty minutes. (Curse you my six year old laptop...Still love you though). And since it has been a long time since I wrote any of these guides (or anything that wasn't poetry) I am happy to get back to the old formula of a game of chance to choose the next character to research. So I have recently bought random weapons and tools, which represent different killers, and have drawn a large target on the floor of the library.... *a loud dangerous growl can be heard from the front desk* that can be easily washed off with water. What I am going to do is throw all the weapons in the air...* another angry growl, this one much closer*, that have a large pillow wrapped around the sharper parts, and whichever weapon hits the midd
:iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 8 2
Progress? No. Stagnation? Yes.
I say I have made none
True, I got all the work done for school
studied from textbooks that explain how molecules work
and why the Earl of Rochester fled from the king of Britain
My professors say I am up to code and have made much headway in their lessons
And yes, if one were to toss a pop quiz my way, I would most likely have all the answers 
for I have taken precise notes to help me advance in all my classes so I never have to fear failure again
And yet,
I feel as though I have already failed
I work hard, but it feels like I have no time
No time to stride forward with new ideas for stories
Evolution in my writing seems as though it is getting further and further away
And I feel stagnated
As if I have hit an unseen wall that halts my voyage
Making me reconsider the Odyssey I am on to be a better writer
But just like Odysseus, Don Quixiote, and even Aeneas I will press on
To be blocked only increases my determination to make headway with my endeavors
And knock down the
:iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 1 0
My Stress
My stress is like the ocean,
At first it only cautiously licks my toes,
before retreating from solid ground,
and back into the depths,
secretly building itself up with others of its kind,
Until finally they tower over my head,
crashing into me with wild abandon,
as more of it gets piled up for the next wave,
I struggle to the surface,
trying to catch my breath and only ending up with a mouthful of water,
 praying that this isn't the last time I can see the sky,
without another wave towering above me,
threatening to pounce ontop of me when I least expect it,
someone throw me a raft. 
:iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 1 2
Misery Contest
You always ask why I won't talk to you,
saying that you are fine with whatever I say,
and my various opinions.
However I know better then to pour my emotions,
out of my heart shaped container.
This used to not be the case,
I came to you,
someone I put my complete trust in,
hoping to get your worldly advice to whatever problem I faced.
Lately though,
you berate my problems and my misery,
comparing them to your own hardships,
as if you were Atlas with the weight of the world on your shoulders,
 and I only holding up a small pebble.
Some of the things you say,
I've heard so many times that I can repeat them on cue,
like the words of an old lullaby that had been sung to me since birth.
You say your problems are as vast the sky,
and that I would never understand how much sleep you've lost.
Yet you were ready to chide me when I suffered from insomnia,
and stayed up sleepless nights wracked by anxiety.
You dedicate an entire shrine to the dead,
turning our home into a museum of their liv
:iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 4 0
My Grief
My grief tends to sneak up on me
One moment my mind is a still as lake on a windless winter's day,
the next second something emerges from the depths
Like the Lady of the Lake in the Arthurian legends,
bestowing upon me, not a sword that can be used to lead,
but memories of you when you were still alive and well.
And these cut deeper then any blade,
stabbing simultaneously into my brain and my chest,
and scald the icy surface that I buried my heart under
It's just you were always there, 
ready to greet and scold me at the door when I finally got back home,
I still listen for you and whenever I open the door,
I expect that your right behind it,
as if you could breach the realm of the living from your afterlife,
just to greet me
And now you're missing from the jigsaw puzzle of my life
I thought I had managed to get over it
I hadn't cried in awhile nor looked at the box containing what is left of you,
but after last nights dream,
how no matter what I couldn't even pet you or talk to y
:iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 2 2
Mature content
Journals from the Spaceship Satoris Stellae :iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 1 0
A Letter from a Serial Killer
To My Latest Victim
Hello again my latest victim,
You might not remember me all too well
Since I ran over your hippocampus as I fled from the police.
By the way, did they finally find you?
Body parts strewn all over the motel,
An arm smashed into the television, a leg dangling out of the window,
Your entrails dangling from the ceiling, like dull pink streamers for some sad little party.
The poor maid that has to clean that room, hope they give her a raise.
In any case, just letting you know that I had a lot of fun with you,
And you will forever hold a special place in my heart.
After all, you’re the one that made me famous and feared by all.
My name will forever be etched in the history books,
And this little version of immortality only cost me a few lives.
I would love to write more, but the FBI is searching for me.
:iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 1 4
How to Survive: Papa Grande Di Magico
Hello my unfortunate protagonists~
        I know I take an excruciatingly long time to write these and I apologize for that. However, I have to make absolute sure I'm doing well in school and school comes first until I graduate or until summer comes around .Maybe I should change my name to ProcrastinatingFate. Horrible jokes and unnecessary references aside, let's find out who's the next victim of my pen. Or at least that would be the case, if I didn't already have someone in mind. See, whenever there is a break during school and my parents have some free time from their jobs, my family will encourage me to put down the computer and we'll travel around the USA, since my Dad loves traveling (though he won't admit it). Depending on the duration of the break, the location will either be somewhere warm, like Florida, or up north to our birthplace, New York. One of the things we like to do is go to places we lived, the colleges they went to, and even try visiting one of
:iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 6 17
Snowthulhu and Squiggles by Readeroffate Snowthulhu and Squiggles :iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 5 9
A Message from an Iphone
            Hello designated Apple users, I am iPhone make 579C-E2945A. I have been your faithful companion for some time now, doing all that you humans ask, calling up various shady businesses, and answering all the questions that plague your human mind, such as “What does toast have to do with engineering?” and “What’s a girlfriend and where may I buy one?” You all have gone on many websites using me and my brethren, many of them ‘questionable, ’at best, full of viruses, in more ways than one. Also, some of you use me to listen to the dredge you lot have the gall to call music. Every single day, you use me and others like me to go onto YouTube and force us all to listen to little brats rapping about how much cash they have instead of trying to create something insightful. For approximately two years, seven months, three hours, five minutes, and thirty seconds, I have put up with you and y
:iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 1 7
Reader Of Fate
General Info
Real Name: Jane Hyde
Alias: Reader of Fate
Nickname: Read, Red, researcher
D.O.B.: February 12th, 1997
Birthplace: Spokane, Washington
Languages: English and Latin
Gender: Female 
Species: Human(?) 
Status: Alive (somehow)
Powers:uses Tattoos to manipulate the environment around her or someone. As long as she can touch it with her bare hands she can manipulate it. Her favorite words are: SLEEP which puts her opponent to sleep for three minutes,  EACIO where she can throw objects twice her size until she dislocates her shoulder, RAPIO which can cut through anything, but causes her arm to bleed, ILLUSION which lasts for three minutes and used on the ground, and AMPLIFY which can amplify anyone's strength or an object's strength. 
Weapons: A staff, knows Tae Kwon Do, and pens.
Profession: Researcher, researches the strengths and weaknesses of Creepypastas and how they became that way
Reason: She just really wants to know.
Hobbies: R
:iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 0 0
Think I Should Give Her a Haircut? by Readeroffate Think I Should Give Her a Haircut? :iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 6 12
Gregory Horror Show: One Last Circus
{Chapter One: Welcome to the Big Top}
        I have been walking through this forest for what feels like hours. I could swear that the bus stopped in front of my dorm ,yet here I am in this mysterious forest. I can't even call a taxi here, I have no service on my cellphone. What if I'm lost and no one's out her....Wait, what's that smell? Is that popcorn? Oh, I see lights up ahead as well. Maybe they'll have a phone I can use or they'll be able to point me in the right direction. 
The college student looks around the clearing stunned by all the carnival decorations, booths, and even the giant cliched red and white striped tent looming over them and the attractions. Bright spotlights were pointed towards the heavens moving ever so slightly so they can highlight the large sign that read "CIRCUS SOURIS" with a painted picture of a huge mouse head. 
The tent is so big. Why didn't I see it before? The c
:iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 2 10


New Creepypasta Oc by bnkthecreator New Creepypasta Oc :iconbnkthecreator:bnkthecreator 12 25 The Shoulders of Giants by DeLuceArt The Shoulders of Giants :icondeluceart:DeLuceArt 5 0 {EAH FC} - Miwaku Suspida by InScreamFashion {EAH FC} - Miwaku Suspida :iconinscreamfashion:InScreamFashion 8 1 Zippers and Zalgo by Jinbeizamezama Zippers and Zalgo :iconjinbeizamezama:Jinbeizamezama 888 220 You still remember?. by HaniHX You still remember?. :iconhanihx:HaniHX 80 25
When Death Cheats You

   WARNING: This contains strong language and violence. Viewer digression is advised. Read at your own risk.
     Everyone knows the term "cheating death": it's when you get to escape the ending of your life, or the cruelness of how it will end or just the terror itself it carries. But everyone knows that Death will eventually catch up to you. Some people can evade it for a long period of time while others may not have the best of luck. I cheated Death once, and it hasn't caught up to me... yet. Before I die; before I'm caught, I want people to know his story. Yes, his story, not mine. This isn't about me. It's about the one young man that will live a thousand lifetimes more than me. I will die soon and so will my story. His will just fade away to the point where no one will remember. So to keep his story alive, I will tell you
:iconvyndicare:Vyndicare 97 128
Suicidal Pumpkin Carving by DaReckless
Mature content
Suicidal Pumpkin Carving :icondareckless:DaReckless 29 17
Goretober Day 11 - Hanakaki Disease by K0bbl3r Goretober Day 11 - Hanakaki Disease :iconk0bbl3r:K0bbl3r 137 8 Goretober Day 6 - Vomit by K0bbl3r Goretober Day 6 - Vomit :iconk0bbl3r:K0bbl3r 200 5 Benjamin Lawman (Headcanon?) Ref Sheet by NoPotLeftBehind Benjamin Lawman (Headcanon?) Ref Sheet :iconnopotleftbehind:NoPotLeftBehind 25 94 H20 Delirious meets IT by Omega208 H20 Delirious meets IT :iconomega208:Omega208 59 5 Flister Halloween Event! by WindSwirl Flister Halloween Event! :iconwindswirl:WindSwirl 393 35
November 12, 2018
Deep down in me
I always felt envy
Towards the mad
Because their perspective of life
Is one, the sane shall never have.
I remember clearly
When as a child I used to play
Pretending games
Yet never have it crossed my mind
That one day
Because of these innocent performances
I'll become that which society
Despise, shun and in some cases
Might even execrate.
Despite all the hatred
That which I came to be
Will not change
And my self-devotion
Towards The Lord
Shall not sway.
The alienation which
By humanity is forced
Upon the minority
Crushes many
Yet elevates few
And I am one of them
So tonight
When all the stars
Have aligned
I shall pledge my allegiance
By presenting my essence.
Near the cliffs
The ceremony awaits
With the wavy blade
My palm I slit
While chanting a couplet
Of which end
The ink in the bottle I pour
Than presenting the vile
Thus ending the ritual
Yet awakening
The eldritch horror
Copyright (c)
Nestharon Blackfeather
:iconnestharon:Nestharon 6 0
The Hero from the Different Dimension chapter 1
Had this idea for awhile, might as well make it and see it how goes.
“” is speaking
‘’ is thoughts
Somewhere in the stars above, there are more with hearts of justice. Maybe in this galaxy, maybe in another, in this universe or in another. There are infinite possibilities for the unknown and we still yet to discover.
In the streets of the attacked city of Hosu, there’s a great disturbance in the alleyway. It caused the walls to spit out a man into the pile of garbage bags. He stood up and brushes the garbage off of his black jacket and jeans, ruffles it out of his black hair, the bandage wraps around his hands and forearms, and cleans out his red eye mask. He looks around and wonders how he ended up here. He walks out of the alley and looks around, “Am I….in Japan?” he asked himself, “It looks like they been hit with some radiation. Looking so different.” What see is everyone has weird and amazing features of their bodies and
:iconzeroending:ZeroEnding 1 0
Inhuman Reference Sheet
Real Name: Unknown
Gender: Unknown (referred to as "it")
Age: 19 (Birthday June 18, 1999)
Birthplace: Niagara Falls, Canada
Weapon(s): Whatever's available
Personality: While never officially diagnosed, Inhuman is shown to possess various forms of severe psychosis in which particularly influence its paranoid tendencies. Outwardly it may be considered generally stupid, however enjoys taking advantage of the feelings of those close to it in order to give a superior impression -- a classic narcissist, though it feels no real care for anything.
Story: The identity of Inhuman remains a mystery, though rumour has it that the boy that follows it around holds such secrets; referring to himself as the creature's "younger brother", Carter. Within its nearby past, Inhuman slaughtered two members of its family (mother and older brother) and suffered a cut larynx from a broken mirror, rendering
:iconetherwise:Etherwise 7 3
(NEW CP OC) Project X ref by Xx-MayhemOnMisery-xX (NEW CP OC) Project X ref :iconxx-mayhemonmisery-xx:Xx-MayhemOnMisery-xX 108 135




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It lies beneath the ground
A deep grave where no sound
escapes as it waits to be awakened
by people who are fearful and shaken 
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Dislikes: School, lack of sleep, hot weather, and people who try to censor books


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