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This is so unique and the character's faces flow so well. Especially the smile, their smiles combined are extremely creepy and unnervin...

by Spliket

I don't know why no one has thought of this up until now, but this is fitting. For starters, you chose the right characters to be the H...

To answer your question, a threshold is a strip of wood, metal, or stone that is formed at the bottom of a doorway which is crossed whe...

This is wonderful, beautiful, and is a well painted masterpiece. This goes along great with the story of the "Little Prince". Not only ...

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A Letter from a Serial Killer
To My Latest Victim
Hello again my latest victim,
You might not remember me all too well
Since I ran over your hippocampus as I fled from the police.
By the way, did they finally find you?
Body parts strewn all over the motel,
An arm smashed into the television, a leg dangling out of the window,
Your entrails dangling from the ceiling, like dull pink streamers for some sad little party.
The poor maid that has to clean that room, hope they give her a raise.
In any case, just letting you know that I had a lot of fun with you,
And you will forever hold a special place in my heart.
After all, you’re the one that made me famous and feared by all.
My name will forever be etched in the history books,
And this little version of immortality only cost me a few lives.
I would love to write more, but the FBI is searching for me.
:iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 1 2
How to Survive: Papa Grande Di Magico
Hello my unfortunate protagonists~
        I know I take an excruciatingly long time to write these and I apologize for that. However, I have to make absolute sure I'm doing well in school and school comes first until I graduate or until summer comes around .Maybe I should change my name to ProcrastinatingFate. Horrible jokes and unnecessary references aside, let's find out who's the next victim of my pen. Or at least that would be the case, if I didn't already have someone in mind. See, whenever there is a break during school and my parents have some free time from their jobs, my family will encourage me to put down the computer and we'll travel around the USA, since my Dad loves traveling (though he won't admit it). Depending on the duration of the break, the location will either be somewhere warm, like Florida, or up north to our birthplace, New York. One of the things we like to do is go to places we lived, the colleges they went to, and even try visiting one of
:iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 6 17
Snowthulhu and Squiggles by Readeroffate Snowthulhu and Squiggles :iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 4 9
A Message from an Iphone
            Hello designated Apple users, I am iPhone make 579C-E2945A. I have been your faithful companion for some time now, doing all that you humans ask, calling up various shady businesses, and answering all the questions that plague your human mind, such as “What does toast have to do with engineering?” and “What’s a girlfriend and where may I buy one?” You all have gone on many websites using me and my brethren, many of them ‘questionable, ’at best, full of viruses, in more ways than one. Also, some of you use me to listen to the dredge you lot have the gall to call music. Every single day, you use me and others like me to go onto YouTube and force us all to listen to little brats rapping about how much cash they have instead of trying to create something insightful. For approximately two years, seven months, three hours, five minutes, and thirty seconds, I have put up with you and y
:iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 1 7
Reader Of Fate
General Info
Real Name: Jane Hyde
Alias: Reader of Fate
Nickname: Read, Red, researcher
D.O.B.: February 12th, 1997
Birthplace: Spokane, Washington
Languages: English and Latin
Gender: Female 
Species: Human(?) 
Status: Alive (somehow)
Powers:uses Tattoos to manipulate the environment around her or someone. As long as she can touch it with her bare hands she can manipulate it. Her favorite words are: SLEEP which puts her opponent to sleep for three minutes,  EACIO where she can throw objects twice her size until she dislocates her shoulder, RAPIO which can cut through anything, but causes her arm to bleed, ILLUSION which lasts for three minutes and used on the ground, and AMPLIFY which can amplify anyone's strength or an object's strength. 
Weapons: A staff, knows Tae Kwon Do, and pens.
Profession: Researcher, researches the strengths and weaknesses of Creepypastas and how they became that way
Reason: She just really wants to know.
Hobbies: R
:iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 0 0
Think I Should Give Her a Haircut? by Readeroffate Think I Should Give Her a Haircut? :iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 6 12
Gregory Horror Show: One Last Circus
{Chapter One: Welcome to the Big Top}
        I have been walking through this forest for what feels like hours. I could swear that the bus stopped in front of my dorm ,yet here I am in this mysterious forest. I can't even call a taxi here, I have no service on my cellphone. What if I'm lost and no one's out her....Wait, what's that smell? Is that popcorn? Oh, I see lights up ahead as well. Maybe they'll have a phone I can use or they'll be able to point me in the right direction. 
The college student looks around the clearing stunned by all the carnival decorations, booths, and even the giant cliched red and white striped tent looming over them and the attractions. Bright spotlights were pointed towards the heavens moving ever so slightly so they can highlight the large sign that read "CIRCUS SOURIS" with a painted picture of a huge mouse head. 
The tent is so big. Why didn't I see it before? The c
:iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 2 10
New Look for the New Year by Readeroffate New Look for the New Year :iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 11 0
The Floor is Lava
        "The floor is lava"~ Oh what an innocent phrase, what an innocent game. A game's whose rules are so simple that anyone can play it at any time and at any age. The rules are quite simple, avoid touching the floor in the room or area where the game is being held and traverse the room using the furniture, books, ugly but priceless antiques, or even the corpses of the losers to make it to safety. The best part about this game is one does not need any tools nor a ton of players. Just a good buddy or two and some furniture will do the trick, the only thing one really needs is a sense of imagination. The game can last for minutes or even hours depending on how intense it gets and how long the players can last before touching the cool floor with their bare feet. However, playing a game for that long can sometimes cause mental stress, as you are convincing your mind to avoid the ground as much as possible. This was the case for one patient ,suffering from
:iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 3 6
Pingu the Elderitch Abomination and Squiggles by Readeroffate Pingu the Elderitch Abomination and Squiggles :iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 9 0 Magical Squiggles by Readeroffate Magical Squiggles :iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 7 0 Topography by Readeroffate Topography :iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 6 0
Mature content
How to Survive: Clockwork :iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 2 0
The Gummy Bear Massacre by Readeroffate The Gummy Bear Massacre :iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 9 0
All a Dream
A young woman wakes up in her room, startled out of her slumber by the recurring nightmare that for some reason had been popping up more than usual. She takes in a few deep breaths to quell both her rapidly beating heart and to stifle any screams that she might release. As she does this, she takes a look around her room to let her memorabilia and objects that she has collected over the years calm her down. For some odd reason, while she remembers that this is her room in her house and that she lives with her family, and ,due to how sleepy she is, she does not remember her name. Give this teen a name. You chose: DUMB TWIT-FACE. She stares in your general direction, shaking her head slowly to show her disgust since her face is a bit of a blank slate. 'Wow, you didn't use fantasy name generator to come up with that?" She says in a sarcastic tone, then softly apologizes for her behavior. "I'm sorry, but could you please try again?"  Jane Hyde. Sh
:iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 0 1
How to Survive: Madame Musicmouth and SEVENMOUTH
Greetings my unfortunate protagonists~
    Well it has been... A week? Two weeks? A century like Rory in "Doctor Who"? Nah, that only happens in sci-fi, fantasy, and fan-fictions. Either way, between the interrogations, a few of them asking me to join them with promises of higher enlightenment, and a couple of sessions where I was a punching bag for some Cherubs. It was not too bad, they never aimed for the face because they had orders to not damage my eyes or my brain. The reason they did that was because I insulted their leader by saying she looks like the main heroine from "A Monster in Paris". (Apparently she hates the movie with a burning passion without any known reason. That or it's because I said the heroine in the movie pulled off the dress better than Madame Musicmouth did). I guess someone finally wants ,me for my smarts, sadly it is not an individual that I want to have any connection with. Although, I will admit their leader is quite a persuasive, but I am no fro
:iconreaderoffate:Readeroffate 7 4


Note Taker ref by BabyB01 Note Taker ref :iconbabyb01:BabyB01 9 5 The Collector by John-Gallows The Collector :iconjohn-gallows:John-Gallows 8 8 020 by Kiramera 020 :iconkiramera:Kiramera 35 2 Ask Silent Scream 5 by Isabel212002 Ask Silent Scream 5 :iconisabel212002:Isabel212002 4 4
How to Horror: Motives for murder
How to Horror: Motives for murder  
Any copyrighted content used in this review is  used under the "Fair Use" law for commentary and Criticism. The following is simply a louse suggest on how to use horror themes and is by no way a guide line which must be followed at all costs, there are always variables! 
Find more reviews, ideas and my less edited though on my Tumblr,emthereviewer

This tutorial talks about fetiches and real life murder cases, triggers ahead

This how to had been a long time comings. I always notice, with new OCs, is that they either have no good motive for killing or they are 'insane'. Not only is insanity not an illness, but instead a compilation of different factors leading to the diagnosis, but it's also
:iconemthereviewer:emthereviewer 70 8
How to Horror: OC reference templates
How to Horror: OC reference templates
Any copyrighted content used in this review is  used under the "Fair Use" law for commentary and Criticism. The following is simply a louse suggest on how to use horror themes and is by no way a guide line which must be followed at all costs, there are always variables! 

This How to isn't rearly a tutorial but more a nice little template for all to enjoy and use when making OCs. A lot of the time, when reviewing charters, I find it pretty hard to get though the references provided, the written side atlas. Laying out a reference in a way to make it easy digestible is a hard task but nothing that can't be mastered. Most of the time reference sheets are drowned in an excess of information that adds nothing to the charter, or huge chunks of seem to be missing.
Below I'll provide a few free to use written templates for a range of horror
:iconemthereviewer:emthereviewer 96 9
Tetris Skies by Scarlet-Ajani Tetris Skies :iconscarlet-ajani:Scarlet-Ajani 34 7 [SV/Horror]The Jaded Surgeon Reference Sheet by L0ra2 [SV/Horror]The Jaded Surgeon Reference Sheet :iconl0ra2:L0ra2 30 12 [Gift/Fanart] The Hanged Girl Animation/GIF by L0ra2 [Gift/Fanart] The Hanged Girl Animation/GIF :iconl0ra2:L0ra2 112 32 :Horror OC: Lola by MikuParanormal :Horror OC: Lola :iconmikuparanormal:MikuParanormal 49 13 Lady Pezel (Horror Oc) by ScarletSnowWolf Lady Pezel (Horror Oc) :iconscarletsnowwolf:ScarletSnowWolf 17 15 The Twins (Ref.) by MoonBabu The Twins (Ref.) :iconmoonbabu:MoonBabu 7 0 Nevic by DlVER Nevic :icondlver:DlVER 261 97 Creepypasta: Nathan the Nobody NEW Ref sheet by IvyDarkRose Creepypasta: Nathan the Nobody NEW Ref sheet :iconivydarkrose:IvyDarkRose 620 459 Between cannibals by Chocolatechilla
Mature content
Between cannibals :iconchocolatechilla:Chocolatechilla 66 6
He was the sun
He was warm, yet far
He kept my world going
I was told to keep my distance for he would hurt me
I was told to not become Icarus
For those who fly too close to the sun will burn
But I didn’t listen
And now I am called Icarus
The fool who loved the sun
I flew too close and now I am scorned
And yet I still seek the sun’s warmth
Even after my wings have melted
I no longer care if I am called Icarus
Because I am the fool who loves the sun
:iconredcake1:redcake1 4 2




Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


I got tagged by :icongoth-clown:.

Soooo here are the rules:
1) You have to post the rules.
2) Answer the questions and make 12 new ones.
3) Choose 12 people.
4) Tag those peeps.
5) Tag backs are allowed.

With that settled, onto the questions~
Here are Goth-Clown's questions:

1) What's your opinion on Made-up species?
If they're well thought out and/or have a creative design then I think they're great.

2) Do you like rubber duckies? Pixel: Duck .: COM: Bullet Duck:. Pixel: Duck 
Yeah I guess.

3) Biggest fear?
Being locked in a room with porcelain dolls surrounding me. Seriously, I always feel like they're sentient and will rip out my eyes the moment I look away.

4) Do you like Emus? Or Emo Emus. XD
Yes I like emus, I rooted for them in the Great Emu war. As for Emo Emus, I like them too. 

5) Favorite joke?
How do people make new friends? Asking for a friend.

6) Pet Peeve?
Either people chewing their ice or loudly gossiping right next to me. 

7) What's your favorite video game?
DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE! I guess it's either "Hat in Time" or "Space Funeral" due to the soundtrack and characters. Possibly "Fortuna" with it's large universe.

8) What would your idea of a perfect world be?
FREE BOOKS ALL AROUND!!! Less guns and more hugs would be a recipe for a perfect world.

9) Favorite DA artist?
That's a tough one. I have so many for different reasons. I guess every artist I watch, because they all have great styles to their artwork.

10) Have you ever written a book?
 onion sad no

11) Invisibility or Super Strength?
Definitely invisibility because I can mess with people  

12) Who is worse? The bully or the bystander?
The bully because they're the ones who really mess you up, while the bystander just doesn't know how to help. Either way, if it gets to the point where no one does anything about the bully then . I'm kidding, you can't do that unless they throw the first punch, then it's fair game.

Sliding away from that, here are my questions.

1) If you could have any animal as a pet, what would it be?

2) What's your favorite book?

3) What song are you listening to right now?

4) Motorcycle or car?

5) Favorite horror movie?

6) Least favorite joke?

7) Favorite mythology.

8) Tea, coffee, or hot chocolate?

9) What is your favorite thing to do on rainy days?

10) What is the worst game you've ever played?

11) If you could live in any fictional world, which one would it be? (EX. the Harry Potter Universe)

12) Do you think lammergeiers are cool?

Protagonists I'm tagging:
:icondeusjet:  :iconzalgorisingprod:  :iconcl0k1:  :iconlenoxav:  :iconmysticalsorcery::icongoth-clown::iconnopotleftbehind::iconyo-go123-k::iconmilk-bug::iconsketchysquiggles::iconhrwilliams::iconpoisonpeas:
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  • Reading: Understanding Feae
  • Drinking: Tears
Hey, I need help with a story I'm working on. Anyone willing to read it? 
This is so unique and the character's faces flow so well. Especially the smile, their smiles combined are extremely creepy and unnerving, so good job. The ambiance in this photo is great, the lack of background makes people focus more on their menacing mugs. It's well drawn and the shading is perfect. The texture of this painting is pretty cool, since it shows minute details in the painting, like the blood on Jack. Honestly, this is amazing and you are a very talented artist. Please keep up the good work and I look forward to see what else you have in store for us.


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Birthday: February 12, 19**
Psychological problems: General anxiety problems
Likes: Books, pet cthulhu (Squiggles), writing, school, video games, and heavy metal music
Dislikes: School, lack of sleep, hot weather, and people who try to censor books


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I am a writer working on a rewrite of Sonic.exe titled “The Other Sonic.” And was curious as to whether or not you’d be willing to do some art for it when I release it. Sonic’s appearance remains largely unchanged, save for his fur and quills being more unkempt and his eyes are orange instead of the traditional red. I also toned the blood down. I would immensely appreciate it if you could do this for me.
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