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Random from Zootopia Fanfiction

Zootopia - Trying to move on - Chapter 1
Chapter one - Friends and Partners
I don't consider myself too complex. I have simple needs and goals and I am quite easy to read, or so I've been told at least. Happened on my very first day in Zootopia, in fact.
-Come on, Fluff! They are getting away!
The bunny didn't reply, as she was focused on not losing sight on the criminals they were chasing. They were drug dealers that managed to escape a raid on their hiding place.
She, being a bunny, was quite fast, but the two wolves, a cheetah and a panther seemed to be even more so. After 20 minutes of pursuit, they were still capable of giving them the slip. It was thanks to her partner's nose that they kept track on their whereabouts every time that happened.
-This way!- Guided the Fox to the street going to their right in the intersection, and 200 meters ahead there they were, climbing through the window of a storehouse.
Since I was little, I wanted to be a Police Officer. That is simple. I didn't want
:iconhawner:Hawner 42 11
CHU! (Kiss it Better)
Hey all, DLW here with a new chapter of CHU! Also, there's important info about my update log at the bottom and stuff I'm doing exclusively on Deviant Art. Thank you to all my readers, follows, fav's and reviews and for your feedback it makes writing all the more fun. Disclaimer: Zootopia and its characters are copyright Disney.
Kiss it Better
It was early morning at Saint Namela Hospital, Zootopia. The sun had begun to peek across the horizon, and the stars that once shown brightly in the empty sky had vanished one by one. Busy nurses ran to and fro to check on their patients and ensure comfort while doctors gave examinations and diagnosis. A typical start for any mammal that came in actually, this shift was rarely different.
One such doctor, an ocelot by the name of Khlaus, patrolled the halls silently as to not disturb his patients too much. With clipboard in paw and his reading glasses assisting him in the process of getting the right doses summed up for his next patient, he lead a
:icondancinglunarwolves:DancingLunarWolves 10 7
Wilde Effect Chapter 1
In the year 2148, bunny explorers on Mars discovered the remains of an anchient spacefaring civilization. In the decades that followed, the mysterious artifacts revealed startling new technologies, enabling travel to the furthest stars. The basis of this incredible technology was the force that controlled the very fabric of space and time. And also had some very strange effects on bunnies.
They called it the greatest discovery in Bunny history.
The civilizations of the galaxy called it…
Wilde Effect
    “Doctor Solus! Archangel is about to be overrun! Move out!” she said, her tone commanding as she made her way to the final barricade.
    “On… My… Way… Commander… Shepard…”
    Blinking, she glanced behind her to see the sloth running towards her. If the slow, lazy meander could be called running. To his credit, the stocky mammal had his pistol drawn and
:iconkulkum:Kulkum 87 40
Mature content
Warmth (Patreon Commission for imafoxylilringirl) :iconkulkum:Kulkum 56 18
Zootopia - Snuggles
Grey clouds and cool air veiled the sky in Zootopia. The forecast said gonna rain in a little bit. Judy’s room felt cold, but she didn’t notice it; her mind was driven away by other thoughts and the stress over the uncertain future. She leaned against the dresser, observing a picture of family. She was concerned with what Nick was going to think. Her parents were gonna come over tomorrow, and she KNEW they were not gonna like Nick. Despite their partnership with Gideon, they were still quite distrustful of foxes. Nick moved in with her, and he had a day off tomorrow. How was she going to explain to him that she basically wanted him… gone for a few days?
A knock on the door made Judy jump more than she’d want to admit. “I’m back, Carrots!” Nick said as he opened the door, carrying the groceries Judy asked him to get. Here it comes, the moment of truth. Judy was still bent over her dresser. The fox’s expression immediately turned to one of
:iconoptimuspower92:OptimusPower92 34 55
Mature content
Zootopia - Falling Together :iconoptimuspower92:OptimusPower92 17 68
Mature content
Winter of the Bear, Chapter 1.1 - Brief Respite :iconlagarderhoade:LagardeRhoade 17 26
Mature content
Zootopia's First Anniversary! :iconkulkum:Kulkum 99 14
Best Worst Day Ever!
"I swear these shifts get longer and longer."
Judy rolled her eyes in amusement at her partner's complaining. It was nothing new of course, Nick was always quick to complain when there was a lack of coffee and mountains of paper work involved. She didn't blame him a bit though of course. It wasn't anything she enjoyed either, paper work was right up there with parking duty in her opinion. An opinion Nick shared she'd learned when he and she along with him was given the task on a day when the fox had gotten especially under the Chief's skin. Did that stop him from using his snark and intentionally riling the Chief? Of course not. But it did tell him when to tone it down and back off the perpetually ticked off water buffalo. Usually he'd pick on the other officers after he'd stop bothering the Chief. But they all had a relatively good sense of humor and patience with the vulpine which meant he got bored quickly with them. Then he'd pick on her or chat with Clawhauser for a bit. He would
:iconatempharaoh:atempharaoh 20 11
Pawaiian Views
"I think we picked a good place, Carrots," Nick yelled from the bedroom of their hotel room towards the closed door leading to their behemoth of a bathroom. The pair had arrived in Pawaii just a few hours earlier and were already overwhelmed by the beauty and immensity of the island. They had done research to see what to do for their extended honeymoon thanks to their fellow officers and their friends.
Nick had the thought that Bogo had secretly supplied the second week off so that he could have another week without the fox around to mess with him. Surely it wasn't because he had made a point of emailing his superior a photo of his head while pointing out each and every trace of white hair by writing "Nick Wilde Made This" next to it. Bogo hadn't been amused and the 'special gift' of another week in the island paradise was slid under their office door the next day.
Nick smiled to himself, folding his arms behind his head  and humming to himself in delight. Best hustle yet. Anot
:iconcimar-wildehopps:Cimar-WildeHopps 21 29
Mature content
Dont be Coy with Me :iconlgarniger:lgarniger 5 7
(A V-Day Special) Crimson Dusk: Twilight Rose
The Nocturnal District, it was the first time that Nick had ever been here, but he was quite overwhelmed by what he seen. Though to be fair he hadn't been expecting a bustling city down here which he supposed he should from it's name. Supposedly only vampires knew of this area so it was Judy that brought him here, trusting him not to reveal the location to anyone who may want to use it for malicious means. It went without saying that he wouldn't do such a thing, thoughts of betrayal had long sense left his mind. Not every vampire was evil because they were vampires, Judy had taught him that. That fiery spirited vampiress had shown him the truth of his misconceptions and snatched his heart away while she was at it. It made the vulpine priest smile as he walked with her through the dark of the district.
"Mind your thoughts," she whispered to him softly.
He nodded, that was all she had to say. If she could hear his thoughts, other vampires could as well and he really didn't need to call a
:iconatempharaoh:atempharaoh 26 34
Purple Tulips: Complete
Valentine’s Day Special
    “You know you love me,” he drawled, that cocky grin spread up his muzzle regardless of the fact that he still had a little red from the pawpsicle around one eye.
    “Do I know that?” she questioned, doing her best to look confused as she cast a glance in his direction. She was gratified to see that the ever present smug was wiped off his face for a few seconds. The straight fox face was so unlike him that she knew he might even be a little concerned as he waited for her to continue. She let it linger for a breath before lips curved to form a pleased smile when she leaned towards him. “Yes. Yes, I do.”
    At the time she had secretly hoped that he couldn’t see the complete adoration on her face when she said it, even if the feeling had been dripping from every word. Having him back after so long at the Academy, seeing him in that
:iconkulkum:Kulkum 171 79
ZCOM - Chapter 00
(You might want to scroll down and read the description first...)
Into the Abyss
Two possibilities exist:
Either we are alone in the universe or we are not.
Both are equally terrifying.
- Arthur C. Clarke
The command room was quiet. Everyone tried to listen carefully to the transmissions that were coming in rapidly. Transmissions from all around the globe. The States, Brazil, Germany, Nigeria, China, Australia… The numbers were almost endless.
With a simple gesture, the officer in charge signaled that one of the transmissions had to be in the focus of attention.
“All attempts to contact the invaders thus far have failed. Their only purpose seems to be destruction and chaos. One fact is quite clear: The ministries of the world are severely outgunned. If this goes on, the end of mammalkind is near.”
The world had seen many bad and wrong things. But the enemy had always been plain. The enemy was always… us. According to what had happened during
:icontimoguenther:TimoGuenther 5 36
Crimson Dusk: Prologue
There are worse things that hide in the night than predator kind who think themselves entitled to the world. Worse things than simply the murderer or the thief to steal a life or precious belongings. Things that are told of in stories, monsters that lurk in the shadows waiting for just the right moment to strike. Fiends, thieves of the worse kind that steal a life, suck out a soul to satisfy an unholy hunger. Those monsters are the things in which one should truly fear for while the simplest of mammals can defend against the blood thirsty murderer. While one can protect their valuables from the petty thief. It takes a special sort to do in the monsters which hunt down mammals for their essence whether they be prey or predator.
There are many monsters in this world, but none quite so terrifying as the vampire. The demons can hide themselves with all sorts of unholy, black magic. Make themselves invisible to the eye, shift form into mist or even another animal. Their speed is te
:iconatempharaoh:atempharaoh 72 24
The Masked Fox Chapter 1: The New Capitan
"Capitan! My office, now!"
"Yes, Commandante!"
The Capitan scurried up the steps of the adobe fort, and even with the steps being made for much larger mammals, she still took them two at a time.
An impressive feat for a rabbit like herself.
Finally reaching the Commandante's door, she rapped smartly against the wood, pulling her hat from her head and placing it under her arm.
"Come in," the Commandante grunted from inside. The Capitan pushed open the door, walking into the office, her eyes taking a moment to adjust from the glaring sunlight outside. Shutting the door behind her, she walked up to the massive desk, with the even more enormous mammal behind it.
"Capitan Hopps, glad to see you could make it today."
The rabbit winced inwardly, but tried not to let it show on the outside. She wanted to retort that the only reason as to her prior tardiness was due to her fellow officers stealing her uniform and hanging it from the flagpole, but Commandante Bogo was not one to accept excuses,
:iconcimar-wildehopps:Cimar-WildeHopps 42 41

Random from Zootopia Fancomics

Nom Nom by Xiraxis Nom Nom :iconxiraxis:Xiraxis 13 15 How to take care of your sick vixen by AoiRemArt How to take care of your sick vixen :iconaoiremart:AoiRemArt 271 75 J: Episode 0 - 1 [ENG] by AoiRemArt J: Episode 0 - 1 [ENG] :iconaoiremart:AoiRemArt 71 9 Be Dead by KungFuFreak07 Be Dead :iconkungfufreak07:KungFuFreak07 218 32 Is it true that Jack sleeps in the nude? by AoiRemArt Is it true that Jack sleeps in the nude? :iconaoiremart:AoiRemArt 111 47 Do not disturb by Koraru-san Do not disturb :iconkoraru-san:Koraru-san 145 147 Happy International Kissing Day! by AoiRemArt Happy International Kissing Day! :iconaoiremart:AoiRemArt 208 35 The Mark Final Arc by Koraru-san The Mark Final Arc :iconkoraru-san:Koraru-san 106 158 The First Hustle by TheGorySaint The First Hustle :iconthegorysaint:TheGorySaint 64 13 Ratchet - 1 by TheWinterBunny Ratchet - 1 :iconthewinterbunny:TheWinterBunny 105 14 Powerful kick - Savageskye by Jolyn0710 Powerful kick - Savageskye :iconjolyn0710:Jolyn0710 39 6 Bank - Page 1 by TheGorySaint Bank - Page 1 :iconthegorysaint:TheGorySaint 61 5 The return of the stalker cupid by Koraru-san The return of the stalker cupid :iconkoraru-san:Koraru-san 129 177 Kevin - Zootopia Fan Comic - Commission by TheGorySaint Kevin - Zootopia Fan Comic - Commission :iconthegorysaint:TheGorySaint 34 25 Zac, what makes you think Stella likes you back? by AoiRemArt Zac, what makes you think Stella likes you back? :iconaoiremart:AoiRemArt 107 29 Uppa by Koraru-san Uppa :iconkoraru-san:Koraru-san 153 142

Random from Zootopia Fanart

207 - Did You Find Them!? by Qalcove 207 - Did You Find Them!? :iconqalcove:Qalcove 197 31 207 - The Day Nick Became a True Cop by Qalcove 207 - The Day Nick Became a True Cop :iconqalcove:Qalcove 184 69 The Rainstorm And The River (Pocahontas Crossover) by Qalcove The Rainstorm And The River (Pocahontas Crossover) :iconqalcove:Qalcove 174 46 RTZ Ep 5: Fallout (Rough Sketches) by Qalcove RTZ Ep 5: Fallout (Rough Sketches) :iconqalcove:Qalcove 77 20 Seen It All by Qalcove Seen It All :iconqalcove:Qalcove 228 42 Cadet Wilde by Qalcove Cadet Wilde :iconqalcove:Qalcove 145 58 Black and Wilde by Qalcove Black and Wilde :iconqalcove:Qalcove 156 21 Long Day by Qalcove Long Day :iconqalcove:Qalcove 275 28 Buds by Qalcove Buds :iconqalcove:Qalcove 156 26 Judy Foxxs by Qalcove Judy Foxxs :iconqalcove:Qalcove 237 65 Space Madness (COMMISSION) by Qalcove Space Madness (COMMISSION) :iconqalcove:Qalcove 79 27 Locomotion Test by Qalcove Locomotion Test :iconqalcove:Qalcove 96 25 Depretsuko by Ziegelzeig Depretsuko :iconziegelzeig:Ziegelzeig 199 109 Utopia by TheWyvernsWeaver Utopia :iconthewyvernsweaver:TheWyvernsWeaver 590 80 Swimming.  by RareWhoRoastBeast Swimming. :iconrarewhoroastbeast:RareWhoRoastBeast 131 18 The Mark chapter 16 part 2 preview by Koraru-san The Mark chapter 16 part 2 preview :iconkoraru-san:Koraru-san 106 91


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Just some crazy Zootopia fan wolf...

Likes to read and also started his own writing project.


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Tagged by: OptimusPower92 (Well, here you go...)


1. Choose one of your OCs.
2. The answers must be written in your OC's point of view.
3. Your OC can't lie.
4. Tag as many people as you want.
5. Have fun!

OC: Aliya Sari
1. What is your real name and nickname?
"My name is Aliya Sari. Just call me Aliya."

2. Ok, Aliya... What is your current age?
"I'm 19."

3. What's your favorite food?
"Hmm... There is so many tasty stuff. I think it is pancakes. You can eat pancakes with everything. :D"

4. And your favorite drink?
"I love tea. It helps you to calm down and also helps you start your day. Tea is awesome."

5. Confession time... Who's your romantic interest?
"What?!?! Blush Well... there is that red fox... blush "

6. Have you kissed anyone yet?
"Does kissing my dad on his cheeks count?"

7. Do you have a childhood sweetheart?
looks sad "No... I didn't have that many friends as a kid."

8. Who is your favorite author?
"I love Ian Feline's spy stories with Jack Savage and Skye. Skye was my hero when I was a kid. I even had that Halloween costume. My dad made it for me as a surprise."

9. What is your biggest fear?
"That giving my very best is just not good enough..."

10. Any siblings?
"No... "

11. Who is your worst enemy?
"I always tried to get along with everybody. So I don't think there is something like an enemy... But there is that arctic hare. He can be such a... Please don't tell him."

12. Who is your best friend?
"I don't have a 'best' friend. But I like my colleagues at the ZPD. Especially Officer Hopps and Officer Wilde are great."

13. What are some of your hobbies?
"I'm doing judo since I was a kid. My dad taught it to me since I was six and we used to train almost every day. It was so much fun. I kept training on my own since my dad isn't able to anymore."

14. What do you want to be when you're grown up?
"I always wanted to become that super awesome spy like Skye in the movies when I was a kid. I was so naive. As a fox, I was always told that there won't be that many options for me. In the end, I just didn't want to end as some vixen who had to work in those 'clubs' in Tundratown. When I saw Officer Wilde becoming Zootopias first fox at the ZPD, I saw a chance. A chance to be something more. He is a hero for all foxes in this city in my opinion."

15. What is your worst nightmare?
"I had this dream about dad once. I think I was four. He screamed at me. Told me he hates me because I killed my mother who was the love of his life... Aliya shakes her head. He never such a thing to me. And when I told him about the dream he said that he never would do. But that dream still haunts me from time to time, even after all those years."

16. What is your lifelong dream?
"I just wanted to be accepted. I want to be judged by my actions and not what species I am. And I wish this for all foxes in Zootopia. I share this dream with my dad. He always told me that one day, this city will be the place where anybody can truly be anything."

17. What would you do if your dream came true?
"This is a good question. :D"

18. Okay, where is your favorite place to relax?

"I like to sit on my couch, watching 'Savage Seas'."

That's my interview for Aliya... I never did something like that yet but I hope it is ok :D

BTW... Ian Feline is a reference to Ian Flemming, author of James Bond ;)

I will tag HOJ666


Check out this new wonderful artwork from OceRydia
Summermonth week #4 art #1 - Under the stars by OceRydia
It shows my OC Aliya Sari after a nice day on the beach... well maybe it wasn't that nice... It even became a bit crazy when a certain bunny stole the scarf from a certain fox.

But after all those crazy stuff, she can now enjoy the wonderful time under the stars...
And who is that fox next to her?

Well, we will find out soon in the next chapter of Savage Ways...

Thank you again, OceRydia

You are the best :dummy:
Francesca-ictbs just finished another commission for me.

Commission-Diana Comic by Francesca-ictbs

It's a little comic about my OC Diana Silverhowl from my fanfiction "Savage Ways"

Diana Silverhowl by Francesca-ictbs by ReaderNo31142

Wow... 100 watchers...

and 10k Pageviews...

even in the same week :D

Thank you so much, folks :dummy:
What is more dangerous than surfing around sharks?

Surfing around a crazy fox and bunny :D

Summermonth week #1 Art #5 - Surf Fall by OceRydia

Thank you so much for this great artwork, OceRydia :hug:
You know this little "Memories" stories and artworks of Aliya and her dad?
The artist Francesca-ictbs already did another artwork, but I was focused on finishing my new chapter so I didn't write a new short story yet.

But you can check it out here
Commission-Dad and Me by Francesca-ictbs

I had a bit trouble with my latest chapter...
It seemed that it was a bit too big for DA so I had to split it...

I had some trouble posting it but I hope all the links are ok now... :D
Wow... one year ago I posted the first chapter of my very first fanfiction...

I know... I know... there haven't been that many chapters so far...

Sorry about that...

I will try my best to increase the speed of releasing new chapters...
Or I will at least try to keep the time below a half year :D

A big thank you to all of you who read and comment me about it.
That means a lot to me :D

You are awesome, folks :dummy:

(P.S. A new chapter will be posted soon... )
Check out this new amazing comic-collaboration-thingy from Koraru-san and me :dummy:

The Incredible Stalker Cupid by Koraru-san
Hmm... I checked out my latest poll...
I guess I should keep on writing... and I'm a fool :D

(Chapter 6 is at 2k words so far... ;) )


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