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  • There will be descriptions in some folders to help explain them better! :iconhappydeaththekidplz:
    • Any of the fandom folders won't have descriptions because I think their folder names are self explanatory. Don't be afraid to ask if you are confused about anything! 

  • Fan Art is not allowed ;;~;; This is a group for Reader Inserts and Fan Fics! All your artwork are very beautiful! But this is a group for literature TT-TT  SERIOUSLY, NO ARTWORK IS ALLOWED! IT'S A GROUP FOR STORIES NOT PICTURES!

  • (Canon characters) x (Canon Characters) Fics are not allowed! Reader Inserts are fan fics in which the readers are placed in the situation themselves! That's the whole point of the "X Reader" part of the title -3-

  • Lemons are allowed ^_^ We don't require that you have a Mature Content Filter (since we understand that there are under-aged readers that already know about this and gladly read). HOWEVER, we require a WARNING at the first few lines since I still believe in preserving innocence :iconsnugplz:. You don't need both, just either or! 

  • Please submit to the correct folder and not just the Featured folder! REALLY, please DO NOT just randomly upload to the featured folder. It's lazy and annoying. There are folders there for your show, go fill them up and show you support it! The featured folder has become a mess of just random X readers that really don't belong in there. It might sound harsh, but some people are uploading their entire 23 part series to this folder. The featured folder is for those worthy of being FEATURED, not just your random 23 part Yuri X reader saga (that would belong in the Yuri on Ice folder).
    • If you would like to upload 1 chapter, that is fine. Make sure it's what you think it your best chapter from your series.
    • Any single story is welcomed, but please, if you think it's worthy, then upload it. If not, there will be a folder for your show somewhere on that list! Please make these lists worth while, it took a long time to create and alphabetize them :iconlazycryplz:.
    • Each author is allowed 1-2 stories to be in the featured folder, so pick wisely. Upon attempting to submit to the Featured folder, you will be required to answer a question or two based about why your story deserves to be in the featured folder instead of a fandom folder.

  • We have a folder titled Other. Please note that this is for those fandoms that only have like 1 story to them, because they just aren't as popular as the others. Your story may get moved into a fandom folder in the future, if we get the space and the popularity!

  • We do not have a Yaoi or Yuri folder! So please make a good judgement on where you think your story should go! Don't hesitate to ask any of the group's team members if you are confused. :iconyayitalyplz:

  • We have a UNISEX folder! If you have a Reader Insert that's not for a specific gender, you can now send it over to Unisex! Here's a link: readerinsertsonanime.deviantar…  Any story is allowed in here, just please be sure it's gender neutral. 

  • We have a Crossover folder! Link: readerinsertsonanime.deviantar…
    • This folder is for anything that has multiple fandoms for 1 story. Even if you plan on having multiple shows in your story at some point, please upload to this folder instead of spreading your story around every fandom folder!
      • EX: One Piece X Reader X Black Butler (wow that would be interesting). Anyway, upload this to the crossover and NOT to Once Piece or Black Butler!

  • Please only submit to the NEED A NEW FOLDER-PLEASE ASK FOR IT if you are sure you need a new folder for that story! If you think that fandom will have more than 4 stories in the future, then it will get a folder. If not, it will go into the Other folder! We are running low on folder space at this moment, hopefully we can become a super group in the future and get as many folders as we want! :iconjapanpastaplz:

  • Every folder should be self-explanatory, but there will be summaries at the top of the page for each folder. So if you are confused on anything, just take a look~

  • The FanFic/Reader Insert must have at least 3RD GRADE LEVEL GRAMMAR! 
                That means:
                -Punctuation at the end of every sentence
                -Commas where they should be
                -Capitalization at the beginning of every sentence and proper nouns

        Basic grammar rules, please! 

        Of course we wouldn't deny it if it has a few errors! We don't have the time to read all of the stories, we are just trusting you, the author, to do a good job. :D
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It's okay if it's char x fem!oc, is it?
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Yes! I believe there is a folder where you can add Character X OC. You can just add it to Pokemon Fem if you would like and I can move it later :)
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Uh... I think I just may have accidently submitted something to the wrong folder... I'm sorry. Sad Cutecookies Mascot 
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Oh, I can withdraw it. God... I feel like an idiot.
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So its okay if I can...join the group?
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Absolutely! The group is not closed ^_^ Just the Featured Folder is off limits ;-;
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goodness, yes!  Go on ahead, darling >w<
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Thanks...sometimes I never get...questionable.
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Ok! I think I got it! I guese!
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yes finally a place where i can put my lemons!! T^T got haters on my tail...
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I have asked admin-San to start a lemon folder! Can you link me to some of your lemons?
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fav.me/d7zguny the part is on my tumblr.
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Heh heh, thanks for the rules, Admin-chan~
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Heh heh, thanks for the rules, Admin-chan~
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i like at the  end  at least 3rd grade grammar XD
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I know right? I was thinking that it was really quite hilarious actually, though I personally don't think I have ever read a fanfic with grammar below 3rd grade level...
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