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Everyone and anyone is accepted! There are just a few important rules.

For some clearer guides, here are the:
Folder List:
A Guide For Those Who Submit:
A Guide For New Members (Mandatory):

-All readers inserts based on anime, vocaloids, and even games (such as Kingdom Hearts, Mad Father, Ib, Misao,etc.) are gladly accepted of course! And anything that is remotely close to the anime art style is welcomed too (like Voltron or Avatar)!

-This is a group for READER INSERTS and FANFICTION, NO FANART!!!!! I'M SERIOUS!!! (unless that's part of your story)

-Lemons are very much allowed ^o^ (BUT PLEASE LABEL IT AS SO)

-Even ____ x OC are allowed. Just make sure to submit your work in the proper folder, please~!

-Story does NOT have to be in second person POV

-Reader Inserts for both male and female readers are accepted. Just be aware that there are specific folders for the gender so PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU TURN IT IN TO THE CORRECT ONE~!!!

-Be nice! Just think about your comment before you post it (Pretty simple stuff ^-^)

-Please have fairly good grammar in your work! It doesn't have to be completely perfect! We wont criticize for a few misspells or missing punctuation and grammar, but please don't let it be completely not understandable!

- If you don't see a folder you need, just ask! It's as simple as that! (but make sure you check we don't have one!) HOWEVER! When you ask for a folder please give me the name of the anime and if its for FEM or MALE!
Founded 5 Years ago
Jul 26, 2013


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3,014 Members
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PLEASE READ!!! or at least the bold and italicized parts! These are some new/updated rules that are fairly quick!

For some clearer guides, here are the:
Folder List:
A Guide For Those Who Submit:
A Guide For New Members (Mandatory):

~ Who is the founder?~
Howdy! I’m the current founder, :iconlasercats6:. I’ve been a member of this group since the day i got an account on this website! While I’m not one for writing, i am a very avid X Reader...reader...huh 030
So yeah. I hope to make this group organized and safe for everyone involved! If there are ever any questions, comments, concerns, whatever→ you can always count on me to help out! I want to make sure that this club is as amazing as its always been since the first founder created it. :iconnatsugrinplz:

~"What is this group?"~

This group was created many moons ago for the simple reason of wanting people to feel welcomed and enjoy being a part of their favorite anime and hang out with their beloved characters! It’s kind-of like a giant Anime X Reader library~ ^_^

~"What is the goal?"~

Our team’s goal is to try and have every (if not most) of the anime X readers on this page from this website. While it may seem impossible, we are trying to create a library for all anime fans.

There are rules for this page, so as to not create chaos or anything! :XD: You can head on over to the “Group Info” section at the top of the group’s home page. Everything is right there for you!

Remember, this group is open to anyone who enjoys anime and anime related x readers! We work as a team and a community on this page to make sure it functions at its best!

:bulletblue: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE TRY TO SUBMIT TO THE CORRECT FOLDER. It just makes everyone's lives happier and easier!

SUBMIT TO THE CORRECT FOLDER, PLEASE!!!! It's beneficial to you, the writer, me, and readers!. We don't want your story getting lost or disturbing others when misplaced!

:bulletblue: If you are a writer submitting, I'm not saying that you can't have any mistakes on punctuation or grammar, but please try to have it with good grammar! (must be readable! but not perfect!)
As in:
-Periods at the end of sentences
-Commas where it should be
-Capitalization at the beginning of every sentence

I'm asking for 3rd grade level English~! Please don't be mad at me! It's just so people can actually understand and enjoy your work!

:bulletblue: Be nice to the other members~! This is a great opportunity to make some awesome internet friends! (Don't underestimate the value of Internet Friends ^ω^ )

- BUT MOST OF ALL!!!!! ASK YOUR FOUNDER FOR ANYTHING!!!! A NEW FOLDER? YOU GOT IT! ADVICE? WE'LL GIVE IT! NEED TO CHAT? I'M HERE! ANYTHING YOU WISH AND YOU WILL GET IT! within reason of course...I can't make you a unicorn. And please understand that I am a current college student and is pretty important and it does end up taking a lot of my social life away. If for some reason I cannot respond, any of my fellow teammates from the Co-Founder and Contributors sections are happy to help as well!

This is all from :iconbunnyboo0308:~ The original creator and me :iconlasercats6:!

So have fun and enjoy your stories! :D


Check out our AWESOME(Prussia Approves XD) Affiliates~!!!

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Group Activity
hey gang! Sorry for the inactivity from the page! School has taken a lot out of me...and I started watching Jojo so......

Anyway, just keep your eyes peeled and ears open cause we will be starting another event very VERY soon!!
I'm thinking it's going to be either another story trade like our MCP event, maybe a contest, maybe do some sort of one-shot prompts challenge! Let us know in the comments what kind of event you all would be interested in (and actually be able to do)! The theme will probably be "Halloween" and stuff like that, since October is right around the corner!

In other news:
:bulletorange: I have deleted some folders that weren't getting much activity and are NOT anime-ish related!
:bulletorange: I"ll be modifying how we will pick groups that would like to be affiliated with us
:bulletorange: Still updating summaries on every folder! I'm somewhere past the "k" section :XD:
:bulletorange: Let me know if anyone is willing to donate some of their points so we can get this group to be a super group! That way, we can have ALL THE FOLDERS WE WANT! (and then some~)

Welp that's all I got for now! If anyone has any comments, questions, concerns, opinions, whatever! Let us know!
Hope school and life is going well! ^-^
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If you would like to be a part of this awesome team, just give us a call!
You can comment on the main page below, send a note to the group, or send a note to the founder.
Anyone is welcomed, as long as you promise to do your work! ;)








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JustABrokenSpirit Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
could i possibly request a cowboy bebop folder? xx
Lasercats6 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2018
Heck yeah, would you like FEM or MALE?
JustABrokenSpirit Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
thank you so much!! would FEM be okay? 
Lasercats6 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2018
Yeah FEM sounds great! I'm going to keep it in the current folder for now because we can only have so many folders (we are almost at the max number of folders allowed for a regular group).
i require that each folder have at least 2 stories. So when we find/get another Cowboy Bebop, then the folder will be added~:iconnatsugrinplz:
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xxZyraxx Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2017
H-hi, may I talk to the owner or someone who looks after this group?
SciFiBeatlesGleek Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2017
How may I help you? :meow:
xxZyraxx Featured By Owner Edited Dec 9, 2017
^^ Hello, I'm familiar about your group and I want to submit my first ReaderxVarious Characters into you group, but I'm not sure where I could place it. It's not that I don't understand where to put it, it's just my reader insert is more...different I suppose. If I need to clear up to what I mean, please let me know.
SciFiBeatlesGleek Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2017
Ah yes if I'm understanding correctly there is a few things you can do. Is your X reader just various characters from a specific anime? If so then you can just upload it to that specific anime's folder. If your story is various anime characters from different shows in one story then you could upload it to the crossovers folder! Likewise if it's a lemon you can upload it to the lemon folder or unisex if all the characters are the same sex :D. Did that answer your question? :meow:
(1 Reply)
TaoAndThen Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2017
Is there a specific folder for yaoi/yuri fics? The rules journal mentioned one but I can't find one, and the link in that journal doesn't work.
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