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Gazimon's Digivolution Line
I adore Gazimon and I always felt that it was unfair that Gazimon didn't get a dedicated evolutionary line, and I commissioned the excellent Ozy to correct that oversight.
Because Gazimon's name comes from "The sound of eating" he decided to continue the trend with more onomatopoeia, and then from there a bone theme.

Crunchmon: A ringleader for rowdy Gazimon and other hooligan type Digimon. Crunchmon loves to intimidate weaker Digimon and push them around to fuel his own ego. As a self-styled "Boss" he will never abide a slight against any of his underlings. With his Bone Breaker tackle or his Cleaving Claws swipe attack, he is more than capable of enforcing his imaginary authority.

SkullCrunchmon: An evil overlord type who loves creepy decor and lurking in all concealing shadows. A SkullCrunchmon enjoys frightening anyone who comes into his territory, and reveals in the sound of terrified screams and panicked Digimon running away as fast as they can. His Cranium Crack attack allows him to back up his implied threats, and his Fearful Phrenology ability lets him learn more about any intruders he spies on.

Marrowmon: A true master of fear, this Mega level Digimon is unmatched when it comes to intimidation tactics and scaring his foes. His body is adorned with multiple working eyes that help keep him aware of his surroundings so he can keep the advantage of awareness, while using shadows to conceal his own presence. His Utter Ossuary attack utilizes the oversized skull and claw on his left paw to tear through most forms of defense and put his foes on the retreat, while his Fossil Fire paralyzes his enemies and leaves them trembling with terror before him. While he revels in the fear he causes, his allies benefit from his Source of Blood ability, which restores the health of those around him.

Made for me by :icondragga:
The Goddess Triumphant
Kikanuti, the Grandmother of Goblins, was a fertility goddess.
She possessed the portfolios of Life, Water, Protection, and Wisdom.
She treasured all goblins as her beloved grandchildren, and delighted in each of them.
She was content to be a quiet presence in the goblin pantheon, remaining in the background while the more ambitious goblin deities pursued their own agendas and plans for their mortal worshipers. 
Kikanuti remained a reliable advisor and a source of wisdom; her clerics were respected by all goblin leaders for being level-headed and sensible.
This might have remained the case for all time, until the terrible disaster that befell the gods when an alliance of qlippoth lords wreaked havoc on the divine realms, determined to destroy as many gods and mortal souls as possible. While the good-aligned gods managed to protect their faithful, many gods of all alignments fell in battle, their immortality ended in horrible violence.
When the qlippoth lords were finally routed by the combined leadership of Sarenrae and Asmodeus, the goblin pantheon was one of the many that had been decimated by the onslaught.

Maglubiyet, the goblin god of war, seized this opportunity to try and take control of the pantheon, and sought to drive goblinkind into endless war and depravity.
He did not count on the fury of the grieving Grandmother of Goblins, already bloodied and enraged by the loss of her children, who challenged him to a lethal duel and used her trickery and cunning to best and then slay him.

The Goblin pantheon was much reduced, and Kikanuti's duel with Maglubiyet convinced the few remaining that they should pursue their goals separately, leaving Kikanuti in control of Maglubiyet's holdings and an empty pantheon.

She sadly resigned herself to her loneliness, and ruled her worshipers with solemn wisdom for years before she was approached by Drethic, the mother goddess of the orcs. She was a living cautionary tale why one did not allow a war god to take control of one's pantheon, and she had heard of Kikanuti's success in her diefic duel. Sympathetic to Drethic's cause, Kikanuti used the resources of Maglubiyet's realm to arm Drethic, allowing her to grow strong enough to conquer her own pantheon and defeat her vile husband.

After that, all might have been well, but twice had Kikanuti caused the downfall of a war god, and now Gorum had taken notice. Gorum, uncontested god of war and battle, challanged her to a duel.
With grim resignation, she prepared for the most harrowing battle of her life, and devised what she hoped would be a cunning battle plan, and bid goodbye to her holy realm for the time being.

Her faithful steam cherubs and the cleansed, the faithful souls of her deceased followers, only had faith to sustain them for the longest night of their endless lives.

But in the morning light of Nirvana, their faith was yet again rewarded.
Kikanuti was bloody, but triumphant.

Art by :icondoctor-awesome:
Strange Allies
I have been fascinated by Gregory Horror Show for years.
I love the (4?) seasons, and enjoy the game.
And many of the characters interest me, because the whole world has a lot of ambiguity as to who they all are, and where they came from.
Gregory claims that his hotel is a place where Lost Souls who are consumed with doubt and despair come to be trapped, like cockroaches to a roach motel.
But the residents can be former humans or toys or disembodied souls, a collection of individuals who create the "Chaos" that Gregory treasures so much.

Out of all the many characters, my favorite by far is the mysterious Neko Zombie. According to his backstory, he was part of a family who were feuding with Gregory's family, and apparently the Gregorys triumphed. Now Neko Zombie exists as a wretched prisoner, stitched up and starved, whining for food and unaware of his surroundings.
...Or so Gregory thinks. In truth, Neko Zombie works hard to help the Guests and gives them advice to escape from Gregory House. He's the single most reliable and helpful character in the series, and the fact that he rejects sympathy or his own chance at salvation just makes him all the more pitiful.
(I love him so much)

Angel Dog/Devil Dog is another character who actively defies Gregory and helps the Guests to suit her own whims. That last part is important, because she makes no secret about the fact that she can be good or evil depending on her mood, which no assurance that she's be consistent or reliable. Despite her sinister suggestions, she still helps the Guest at various times with miraculous escapes from their current predicament, and her ominous warnings go unfulfilled.
(She gets on this list because she never actually does anything malicious, whatever she says)

Art created by :icondecoytheskeletalboy:
Rest Easy
I love Gregory Horror Show.
The two minute long individual episodes, the comedy mixed with the existential horror, the plotting, the pacing...
I really enjoy it.
The only minor qualm I have is that the character designs are so simplified.
So I wanted my very creative artist friend to redesign five (And a half) characters from the show, in particular the ones who try to genuinely help the hapless Guest.

Here we have Sleepy Sheepy, a creature who wants everyone to sleep peacefully through the night, but his curse makes him speak people's dreams out loud while he sleeps, tormenting them with their own nightmares while they're still awake.
(Ultimately he hurts more than he helps, but I give him points for trying)

Next to him are the duo Inko the Parrot and Kinko the Safe. They are firmly on the side of the First Guest, because Kinko had a dream where he and the Guest were best friends; as such Kinko keeps "Something Important" inside himself on behalf of the Guest, and Inko functions as an alarm system to alert him of potential danger.
(Why they go through so much trouble, including defying the sinister Gregory himself, is unknown, but I'll always remember them for their loyalty.)

All art drawn by :icondecoytheskeletalboy:
Will continue to post the clean art I've commissioned to fill up this page.
Hope you guys enjoy!
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