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The Rocket and the Kid
"But why me? Why am I on babysitting duty?"
"Because you are very small and soft and cuddly, friend Rocket."
"I am a murderous cyborg abomination!"
"Also that, yes."
Gamora jabbed her sword in the space between Rocket and Drax, already impatient to get moving.
"Enough. Rocket, he likes you, and right now we're trying to keep him calm. So just suck it up until we get back with the cure, all right?"
Despite his protests, Gamora stalked out of the ship closely followed by Drax, Kraglin and Mantis, with Groot trailing behind them and giving Rocket an amused smirk before he too strolled off the ship, the door closing with a very resounding "Clang!".
Rocket's shoulders slumped, and he debated with himself about whether or not to spite them all by ignoring the last member of their crew and just going to sulk in the engine room. But no, the kid would probably just seek him out, whining and crying the whole time. Better just to get this over with. Grumbling to himself the whole time, he stomped to the bedroom where the kid was cowering.
Rocket opened the door gingerly, to be met with the startled gaze of the younger Peter Quill, who had evidently been lurking near the door. He gasped and retreated to the bed, peering anxiously at Rocket while trying to partly hide behind the furniture.
But while Rocket could bluster and fuss to the rest of the galaxy, his heart went out to frightened, helpless creatures. So he sighed and crossed the room, and crouched behind the other side of the bed.
"Hey. Kid. What are we hiding from?" He asked, his chin resting on the bed.
After several moments, the de-aged Peter Quill slowly rose up from his side of the bed and sat down on the quilt.
"I dunno... those creepy pirate guys?" Peter tried to sound nonchalant, but it was clear that he was afraid that the Ravagers really were going to burst into the room at any moment.
When the bio-chemical weapon had struck their fearless leader, it had apparently regressed him mentally and physically, until he believed that it had been mere weeks since he was abducted by Yondu and his crew, and he had reacted with fear and confusion to see the Guardians of the Galaxy when he woke up.
Now while the rest of the team was out fighting for the cure, Rocket was given the more difficult task of trying to keep their friend calm until they returned. He felt out of his depth here, but it wouldn't be the first time he'd bluffed his way through a difficult situation. Rocket crawled up on the bed and lay down, looking as relaxed as he could. Peter crept closer to him, and slowly laid down next to him.
"No creepy pirate guys here, baby boo. Just your friends." Rocket told him, his arms behind his head as he looked at the ceiling.
This seemed to excite Peter, but not for the reason Rocket had expected.
"We're friends?" The small human asked him, his voice squeaky with delight.
Rocket had only moments to regret his poor choice of words before Peter's arms encircled him and pulled him into a tight hug.
"Gak-" Said Rocket.
Peter, for his part, was more than happy to be distracted from his grief and fear by having a cute new talking raccoon friend, and he clung to him somewhat desperately, both metaphorically and literally.
"This is so cool! You are so cool, this is amazing, you're like a real life cartoon! Are we superheroes? Oh man, are there more talking animals? That big tree guy is my friend too, right? We fly around and save people, don't we?" This continued on for quite some time, though Rocket at least managed to get Peter to loosen his hold, and the human kept babbling until the lack of sleep and the general stress of his situation caught up with him.
Gradually, Peter fell asleep and began to snore, with Rocket twisting uncomfortably away from him until he gave up and resigned himself to his discomfort. He tried to push him away, but stopped when it seemed like Peter would actually awaken. Several minutes of laying there, he looked around and checked for a camera before he slowly put his arm over the human's shoulder and pulled him close.
"Yeah, we're heroes, Star Lord..." He muttered, and was rewarded when Peter smiled in his sleep.

This was made by
As a gift from my good friend :icontfamonk:
Thank you again!
King of Goblins
King Billy the Beloved, aka King Billy the Blessed, aka the Goblin King, seen here with his Air Admiral, Flap.
Our hapless human hero was mystically summoned to the Goblin capital of Beneath by the magic of the Goblin Crown, in order to serve as their King in their time of need. Despite his apprehension, he is much adored by his people for his sincere affection and endless wisom, the latter of which is owed to the fact that his smart phone still works and gives him access to all the information humans have ever put online. Thanks to this resource and his own gentle charisma, he has already given the Goblins gifts such as water treatment, crop rotation, medicine and more.
By his side is his jaded but dutiful friend Flap, who first met and escorted Billy to his throne and decided to stick around to keep an eye on the timid young man. He proceeded to move up the ranks in the goblin air forces by a mixture of luck and exasperated reluctant leadership until he was head of his own Bat Squadron and eventually winning major battles for the Goblins.

Art made by the excellent :iconkamechuu:
Concept and characters inspired by the book The Goblin Crown by Robert Hewitt Wolfe
An Afternoon Stroll
"...So that was when I knew they were going to give him a redemption arc. I mean, it'd be silly to include all that foreshadowing and not bring him back as a good guy, right? Hirokazu said it couldn't happen, but I called it." Takato told Impmon proudly.
Impmon was mystified by the surreal sensation that came from hearing stories based on his own world, which was a secret known to only about half a dozen people for a while, about which the writers of "Digimon" had apparently just guessed with stunning accuracy.
It did sound a little self-congratulatory on the part of the humans, what with how the human characters had been super virtuous warriors who's Digimon obeyed them without question.
On the other hand, he had only been half-listening while the human excitedly babbled about the show. It was the least he could do after the human had found him hungry and tired, and proceeded to offer him some pocket bread as well as a piggy-back ride. Impmon had grumbled and given some token resistance before he grudgingly accepted the offer.
It hadn't taken the human long to fill the silence by talking about his favorite topic, and they were already through the first season, and speeding through the second.
Impmon found he wasn't as annoyed as he expected, and the human's hoodie felt comfortable, and his grip was steady. Thanks to the food, the sunlight no longer seemed like such a nuisance, and Impmon privately admitted that it felt nice to just relax and listen to Takato chatter.
It had turned out to be a beautiful day.

Commissioned from and created by… and posted with permission.
Gallantmon the Proud
I can never get enough of this character.
My beloved duke in shining armor, seen here looking a little more self-assured than usual.
And wearing less of that shining armor!
I hope you all enjoy this gift of beefcake.

Art created by
Will continue to post the clean art I've commissioned to fill up this page.
Hope you guys enjoy!
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