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Linkin Park : HTBM

this is my entry for Linkin Park CD Cover Contest: [link]

the concept idea is "Hybrid Theory By Myself".

so, I decided using periodic table as reference for making connection among Linkin Park members with their album masterpiece, Hybrid Theory.

as we know that periodic table contains metals information.
so, I think we need put Linkin Park into that table too. why? because Linkin Park is the greatest Nu-Metal bands ever. ahahaha... :dance:

and then I make acronyms from their full names just to fits the periodic table size. and also adding their birth date as periodic-value.

here is the details:
HT - Hybrid Theory (October 24, 2000)
CcB - Chester Charles Bennington (March 20, 1976)
BpD - Bradford Phillip Delson (December 1, 1977)
JH - Joseph Hahn (March 15, 1977)
MkS - Michael Kenji Shinoda (February 11, 1977
RgB - Robert Gregory Bourdon (January 20, 1979)
DmF - David Michael Farrell (February 8, 1977)

why I'm covering their eyes? because, as I remember first time I heard their music, I really blind about who they are, where they come from, I just feel their music is keep me moving forward. I'm feel so energetic since that day. :strong:

okay, it's enough! all about my theories are just for fun hehehehe... =p

Hybrid Theory By Myself.

image source: googling :)
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Dude, that is too awesome! Love this!