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TL;DR at the bottom.

If their biological structure and social hierarchy of changelings is any similar to that of bees or ants, that's actually wrong.

Most ants or bees (colony forming co-operative hive-mind insects) you see are actually females... usually. In both bees and ants, the queen lays either fertilzed or unfertilized eggs, fertilized eggs become females and have a full-set of chromosomes, half from each parent. For bees, if the colony needs a new queen or is producing queens for spawning, these fertilized eggs are submerged in royal jelly when placed in the honeycomb by other workers (females).

The chemical composition of the royal jelly, which is what the queens eat - has hormones in it that cause them to develop into queens and not workers. In this case, they become fertile females, while regular worker bees which are infertile, due to the lack of hormones during their larval development leaves and this leaves them completely sterile. The first queen to hatch will then seek out and destroy the other developing queens, if two queens emerge at the same time, they will fight and the hive (most of which is comprised of workers) will pick a queen to side with and kill the one without backup. Hives can take hours, sometimes days to decide which queen to ultimately pick as the queen-to-bee.

In ants though, for certain species, they can have multiple queens, some colonies pushing into the double digits. Super colonies of the invasive Argentine Ant may have hundreds of thousands of queens that when introduced despite initially being a world apart, would recognize each other as friendly. When introduced some species of ant may instigate a fight with each other only to calm down later and merge together - and in some instances these two waring, now friendly ants, may not even be from the same species. In bees, two different hives don't usually fight, in-fact if a worker from another hive arrives filled to the brim with nectar and pollen, the guards may actually let them in. Otherwise they're marked as an intruder and forced out, often being stung, however bees do not usually go out of their way to attack another hive of bees. Hornets, spiders, and yes, ants are a completely different story though. Bees and Ants do not usually get along with each other.

Drone males, however, come from unfertilized eggs, they only have a half-set of chromosomes, inheritized entirely from the queen that laid the eggs to begin with. So you get this oddity where a Male Drone bee doesn't have a father and can't have sons, but does have a grand-father and can have grand-sons.

Life as a bee or ant changes greatly on the class and time of year. Queen bees and ants can live for years, and sometimes over a decade. They're fed a highly nutricious mixture of royal jelly, are constantly under guard, once again, usually by workers, never leave the hive unless it's to move it, and are kept swarmed while doing so. Food-wise for the rest in bees, the workers and drones usually eat pollen or honey, fed to them by another bee, usually a worker, that regurgitates it mouth-to-mouth.

Drones literally only exist to reproduce and usually die after successfully mating, their average expected life-time can as short as a week during spawning season. If they do not leave the hive, they are forced out by the workers as the year winds down and winter picks up, left to freeze death in the cold.

Workers can get an equally short end of the stick depending on the time of year, during the height of spring and summer, they quite literally work themselves to death collecting resources for the hive if they're a retrieval ant/bee. Exhausting themselves and wearing themselves out their bodies failing from atrophy, dying in as little as three weeks to a month. During off-seasons, a worker can expect to easily live into the six month range, and if they survive the winter, they will then go on-to work themeslves to death once spring comes around again. Brood tenders have typically longer life-spans, but will also work themselves as the queen ramps up egg production during spring/summer to compensate for the loss of population to ramp up in casualties caused by the aformentioned spring/summer cycle.


All of that complicated and fascinating science stuff to say:

Drone = Male

Worker = Female

So Ocellus would be a Worker, not a Drone.

Student Six #183

"I can hoard anything" my sides are in orbit.

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Awesome, page 140.

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Favouriting here so I remember/can find where I got to.

Student Six #103

I forgot you switched to digital, something about the grain of sheet paper and the imperfections of freehanding the pages start to finish added a load of character and charm to the art itself.

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