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The art of running

By ReachFarHigh
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Was playin' some Silent Hill during last week so I had to draw some fanart since it's been forever since I did so. I missed these guys~
The backgrounds and angles are just so horrible I'm no good at those things...sadly.

Alex is not included cause I haven't played Homecoming so I couldn't make a running joke about him :U

Also I dedicate this to :iconphosa: cause I messed up her computer.. seriously, sooo sorry ;___________;

Edit 20110703: Added Alex~


Harry, James, Heather & Henry (c) Konami
Travis & Harry2.0 (c) Konami and Climax Studios
Alex (c) Konami & Double Helix
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Ooooh, wonderful job on this. :D Curious question, will you add Murphy Pendleton to this? O: If there's a thing of running for him amongst the art of running? o3o
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Thank you very much! :>
Well, if I do draw him he'd end up on his own cause it is an almost four year old drawing and I don't go back and "fix" drawings as old as that.
I have been thinking about what he'd be on the running scale and I kinda have an idea but.. I'm lazy?
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Ahhh, I see. ;o; I would've said maybe you could redraw the entire thing to add Murphy alongside the gang but I suppose it'd be annoying to do that. xD Hmmm... I guess "Rain Running" or perhaps he'd be running from those ghost police cars since those spawn the annoying screamers... e.e No idea but yeah. :D
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I've been considering it haha (the floor panels on James' square has been bothering me for years ugh) but right now I have so many ideas spinning around in my head so it's not a priority lol. Maybe one day...
The idea I had for Murphy was "Running after things [you accidently threw away]" but I was having trouble with it cause it sounded so long-winded but seeing it written down it's not actually as bad as my head made it seem lol.
Also I'd totally forgotten about those police cars haha.
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Heee! :D Would love to see that sometime should you ever get to it. C8

Oh mai! Running after everything! O: Man I watched Lotus Prince's LP on Downpour, it was annoying how one keeps losing weapons 'n those enemies... They combo! D: 'n those police cars I kept seeing him run into kept spawning those stupid screamers... :D... Though I hate those ceiling 'weeping bat' monsters I think they're called... e_e

"Running after things." :D I like the sound of that!
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It is tempting to work on it, but as mentioned I have so many big projects on my mind that I need to finish before that, and I'm too lazy to get to them lol.

I think the reason I forgot about the police cars was because as soon as I heard one I was like; "Welp, better get off the street!"
I do hate the bats tho, I really don't like those caves, probably because they're so narrow and then the bats show up and makes it worse haha.
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Heeee, all the ideas and projects! C8

I will never... EVER... Play that game... :D... I felt bad for Lotus Prince when he had to go through all of that. I don't like the screamer though, the one that has those long claws 'n the screeches that stun you... e_e 'n get on your back and combo like mad... *Shudder.* Those scare me the most...
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I've only played 1/2/3 and 4, but yeah, that sounds abut right :)
I loved the 2 best, but James was kinda frustrating for running sequences. I kept thinking "You're built like a fracking marine, move that tight $%£ already" XD
Heather runs funny, but she walks like a man, so I guess it balances things out ^^
ReachFarHigh's avatar
Idk how it is these days but back in the day there was a joke in the fandom (or at least with the people I knew lol) that James loved cookies and junk food cause of his slow running.
I'm kinda disappointed that I couldn't come up with something better than "girly running" for Heather but it's too late now hah.
Chrysalid-of-Ink's avatar
This is painfully accurate. TTwTT
ReachFarHigh's avatar
They have some special ways of getting from point A top point B haha.
Chrysalid-of-Ink's avatar
Aside from running into random objects and the enemies on your ass the entire way. ;A;
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and wheres Murphy?
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Running gets you nowhere in Origins!

And Downpour wasn't out when I drew that picture.
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At least Harry made some improvements in Shattered Memories. XD
ReachFarHigh's avatar
No walls can stop him now!
Nice, I love that for each of them, also Shattered Memories was amazing and I really liked the idea of no real combat in the game.
ReachFarHigh's avatar
Thank you very much!
Even tho I do enjoy Shattered Memories, it does get kind of annoying after running in circles for a while. But I guess the rest sorta makes up for that lol.
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XD very funny and cute!

I haven´t played SH1 so I don´t know his art of running...

SH 0: after the 2nd walktrough I don´t run anymore (every monster will meet my teslarifle and moongloves)

SH 2: why is James running soo slow? (maybe just too lazy)

SH 3: yeah Heather runs like a girl but she´s fast (faster as James anyway)

SH 4: stupid ghosts.... there must be more of anti ghost stuff in the game

SH H: Alex is the only one who can play football with the chairs and only one who can open the doors with running

SH SM: poor Harry doesn´t get any weapon... I always wonder why the monsters are always hugging him (he´s fast)

SH D: Murphy shouldn´t  scream but run

ReachFarHigh's avatar
Haha thank you!
Well the running is pretty standard PS1 running, clunky and stiff lol. Origins was too shitty for me to finish it, maybe one day.
And yea the reason Heather is a "girly" runner is cause I couldn't think of any other way to call her running. And as for Harry 2.0 the monsters are suppose to be like.. heavy memories or whatever and they just..pull you down I guess haha.
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In Origins I ran without light mostly soo you can attack first <?xml:namespace prefix = da />Stabbed in the back!

(except when you are outside, that were just run like crazy)  

Maybe the monster are some fans who wants a hug from their idol. Glomp! 


Still a great idea with your pic!Clap 

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Speaking as someone who has achieved a ten star rank in all the silent hills (you can only get ten stars in the first four games but i mastered the other games as well) this picture could not be more accurate, Great job it still has me laughing hysterically!
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Thanks, glad you liked it lol.
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I love this! X3 is really funny and awesome XDD
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