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I created a Gumroad and posted all the Patreon sketch packs to be purchased for anyone who wants to support but doesn't want to go through Patreon, it's more expensive but that's the point of supporting. 
Gumroad -
New page! -…
New page -…

Also on Tapas -
All the info in one helpful image, more details on the Patreon page.


Rewardposter by Reabault

Join My Patreon, it is actually the best deal out there for the content you get back.

This month I'm attending MCM in Manchester (…) again and as always I'll be taking commissions on the weekend at a standard of £20 per character!

But did you know I also accept preorders? That way you can order the commissions from me before the event and I can get them done in advance (and on a larger scale and higher quality due to no time constraints) for you to pick up on the day!

Not only that but if you preorder you can go beyond the original £20 single character drawing limits and get something bigger! More characters, larger illustration, more stuff in it even the kind you don't want your mom to see! (disclaimer: adult only content is for adults only and if you're not one of those things I simply won't give it to you on the day)

If you're interested in getting preorders in, as early as possible is key. I can't do them the day before the event so give me at least a week's notice.

You can pay me when you pick it up on the day of the event if it's a standard £20 illustration however if it's a larger illustration that will cost more than £20, I require the payment in advance unless you're a trusted client (I know who those are).

You can contact me over Notes here or at my email 

Colour or Black and White is available.

Here's examples of the kind of things I've done in the past - 

Done at the event - B5 size.

Deathwing COPIC Commission by Reabault B. L. Opal COPIC Commission by Reabault

Preorders - A4 size.

Roxanne Copic Commission by Reabault 2B Ink Commission by Reabault

Preorders - A3 size.

Felicia COPIC Commission by Reabault
You can now read OTHRKIDZ online as it updates every week on Tapas and Webtoons.…

If you've got an account on either site, or both, please go ahead and subscribe to the comic and leave a few likes, updates come every Saturday!
The graphic novel is now available for online purchase, shipped anywhere probably -…
I got one, it's mostly for sketches and wips and other cool shit I guess -…
Hey folks letting you all know that I've revived my Patreon and turned it back around to a more general illustration and livestream project, please go ahead and take a look for yourselves -

By supporting me on there you, the Patrons, are the crucial help I need to continue making comics and releasing my illustration work free for everyone.
You'll also be able to make requests during my Sunday livestream sessions where I do in fact spend the entire session usually taking requests from patrons.
Here's the kind of work that gets done - 

Trucy by ReabaultFeena by Reabault

And those are just some of the SFW ones!
You can also get access to commission discounts as high as 25% off!
At the highest tier you can even get a free monthly commission of this quality - 

Uriko by Reabault

So if you're looking to support an artist in a really meaningful way and get fantastic rewards in the process, sign up to Patreon and throw some monthly payments my way starting from as low as $1! It will be highly appreciated.
If you're interested in getting some work done by yours truly, send me a note here on dA or an email at

Price guidelines are below, bear in mind these are guidelines, I will have the final say on the price.

 Commissions Guide 2016 (OPEN) by Reabault
Hey folks so I've officially got a new comic currently in the works, I'm well into designs and I'll soon be starting storyboarding the pages. I won't be releasing the pages in webcomic format, I'll be working on them one volume at a time and release them at once when it's finished, I'm still debating whether to release them entirely or hold them partially behind a paywall.

And with that comes a new Patreon project, this time it's monthly payments with constant updates on comic process and behind the scenes content, rewards including free finished pages, discounted books when they go into print and bi-monthly patron voted illustrations, starting as low as $1 per month! With decent rewards beginning at $10 per month, it's definitely worth checking out!

Also go ahead and check out my new twitter that's exclusively for my comic project updates and news and all that business, so if you want to keep up to date with my work but don't want to deal with my mad rants and generally buffoonery then this is the twitter to follow!
I'm allowing for one final commission slot if you grab it by tomorrow (the 30th) after that I'm closing commissions.


Hey folks, it's that time of year, you know the one.

So right now until the 25th of December you can use this coupon code to get a 20% discount on all purchases over £5, so if you were waiting to get hold of my comics now is the time to do it.

                                               XmasCouponAd by Reabault
HHStoreAd by ReabaultRDAd by ReabaultLegHHAd by Reabault


It's been a while, I don't really care to come to deviantArt and post much here, in fact I should say right away if you want more regular updates you're better off following my twitter to hear what I'm ranting at or follow my Tumblr to see every sketch and piece of work I produce because I only submit a fraction of them to other sites


After having great difficulty finding time to get to work on the new website I've decided it's probably not going to be a thing until after I'm finished Hawkheir V2, with that in mind I've decided to open an Etsy store so that anyone who's interested in my work but doesn't follow me in places where I gave instructions on how to order copies of my books, can now officially buy my comics and other illustrations!…

It's a little bare bones at the moment but hopefully it will get bigger and I'll figure out what exactly I'm supposed to write under all my policies. I won't be putting prints and the like up for sale on there, only comics and traditional works, be they illustrations or perhaps something else in future, I always wanted to try my hand at canvas painting for example.

I will no doubt attempt to make a youtube video about this but don't hold your breaths for it because I'm not really on speaking terms with videos lately.
You can back the project here -…

Otherwise to get an idea of what's up here's a video!

If you can't be bothered to watch here's a link to the webcomic portion of this project -

This has been a long project for me, 5 years (and longer) in the making, I hope it can come to a satisfying close with something real to show for it.
Thank you to the readers who stuck with it so long, this is the final stretch to make something of it.

Did you guys know about this?

Yes it's true, I made a new youtube account a while back under the new name and have been uploading a few videos to it.
So go subscribe!…

Commissions are open for a while as I had a rude financial awakening today when my credit card locked what little funds I had left and I was forced to use almost all of my spare change on groceries this week, leaving me with not entirely enough money to buy groceries next week. Whilst I will try to get the people who owe me money to pay me back at least in part, it’s not guaranteed that’ll happen before the week is over so it would be hugely appreciated if anybody would be interested in ordering some fairly cheap, high quality character illustrations.

Tragically the support from Patreon, whilst helpful, is not nearly enough to cover the cost of living so I am forced to ask for a more immediate aid that everyone can appreciate. 

Thanks very much and if you can't afford or have no personal interest in my work, please support by sharing and spreading the information as much as possible, thank you!

All art pictured above comes from my patreon and can be unlocked in full by becoming a patron over there starting from the low, low price of $0.40 per page ($6-$6.40 per month) please consider supporting me there!

Patreon Banner wip by Reabault



Hey guys so still being on vacation and currently in Australia I’ve been able to take a good break from comics, and I still won’t start releasing pages until June at which point I’m going all out again.

I recently was told about Patreon by a friend who also wanted to give this thing a test run, basically how this works is Patreon acts as a solid method for supporters of my work and especially my comic Legendaria: Hawkheir to give small donations towards allowing me to continue producing what you guys love. It’s great to be able to get things free but it’s far from fair and it cannot last especially if you want content that is to the quality that I deliver.

The fact is I don’t have any alternate income and if I truly want to continue making art and making comics full time and under my full independent control, I need to start making reasonable money, not a fortune, just enough to live on. This is hard work and the rewards are few and far between, I shan’t talk your ears off about it, the end of it is I need to earn a living one way or another, one way involves me only doing art when I have time, and one involves me doing what I love for you guys at any and all times. 

But don’t be afraid!This does not mean you now need to pay to see my work! This is not and never will be the case. I REPEAT. At no point does this mean you will be denied access to my usual public work if you do not have the means to donate!! The work I put online now will be the work I put online always for everyone as long as I can afford to continue making it. This project simply means that alongside the usual content I provide, patrons will also have access to additional content that I will be creating exclusively for them. Patrons can pay whatever they want per page, meaning every time I release a page of Hawkheir (3 times a week) patrons will be charged the amount of $ USDollars that they choose! This can $1, this can be $10, this can be $100 if you’re actually a secret millionaire fan of my work, and this amount will only be charged when I release content, this means you will not be spending a single penny if I’m not showing any work! So if I take a break, fall ill, go on hiatus, you guys lose nothing at all!! 

Are you all following so far?

Now the donations you make are entirely your own choosing, you’ll only receive rewards when donating a certain amount per page or more, the highest reward is at $10 because paying that much per page is A LOT of money, $30 a week! $120 a month!! Don’t consider paying this kind of money unless you are seriously swimming in the stuff then please strongly consider giving this kind of money kay?

The second set of rewards are earned collectively, as I reach milestones in my page-ly earnings, for example when I am earning $200 per page based on the total collective donations of each patron (100 patrons paying $2 per page/20 patrons paying $10 per page etc) the first reward will be that every single patron, no matter how much you donate, will receive a free signed copy of the book upon printing. So make sure you understand the difference between individual rewards and collective milestone rewards.

Something I want to make clear is that this reward system is not in any way a means of ranking my fans/readers/supporters and it is not a system for competition to become the biggest fan or my best friend (I do not value or want purchased friendships so don’t expect me to be your bestie just because you’re giving me cash, it won’t happen), people are encouraged to pledge what they can and not what the average/norm is, what they are comfortable with and not to aim to be the biggest patron. The only reason for a rewards system based on how much people pledge is because A. People paying for content deserve to get a reasonably proportionate reimbursement and B. When I’m earning that much I can actually afford to do additional content.


  • Nothing is changing as far as my usual content. Everything that was free is still free.
  • People can now support me financially and they will get extra stuff that wasn’t available before.
  • Pay per Page means nobody pays a single penny if I don’t produce actual content, your money will never go to waste.
  • No support means eventually no content, so I encourage all to pitch in no matter how tiny an amount if you want to keep me in business.
  • Be comfortable with your donation! If you’re not happy with the amount you’re giving it’ll sour the content you receive!

So I hope I’ve covered everything, all details of rewards and goals are located on the linked Patreon project page which is not yet launched so I don’t believe you can become a patron just yet (show your support by signing up and following the project it is free) if anybody has questions please send me a little note or what have you and I’ll answer it publicly for all to see, don’t ask me questions that are answered clearly here you dummy, thank you!!


Support me on Patreon!

Follow me on Twitter, Tumblr and Like the phenixryte23 Facebook page!

Watch me draw Live!


Please note I do not do requests.
To make a request or ask for a commission you must send me a note entitled 'Commission'. Once I have the details of what it is you want I will be able to give you a price and make a mock sketch, when you approve the sketch version you'll be expected to pay in full, no exceptions, payment's accepted via paypal, if you are not satisfied with the final product and wish to be refunded the piece will be destroyed and a portion of your money returned. You will still be expected to pay for my wasted time.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Commissions = CLOSED
Prices Guidelines

For Pinups
ARD: Protagonist 1/6 Front Sketch by Reabault Species Anatomy Sketches by Reabault
Rough Sketch : $15
Clean Sketch: $20
Ryuko Lines by Reabault Joule Honor III Fanart by Reabault
Clean Lineart: $20 
Gray Cell/Tone Shading: $25
Crosshatch Shading: $25
Cartoon Mammal Practice: Wolf by Reabault Eve by Reabault
Flat Colour: $30
Cell Shading: $40
Full Rendering: $50

Tali Hacking by Reabault MMMMM3.1: Get up. by Reabault
Additional Characters: +50% of ORIGINAL PRICE
Detailed Background: +$20
Adult Content(Sexual Content): +$20
Traditional+mail delivery: +100% of ORIGINAL PRICE

If you want more than just a pinup ask me about it and I'll give you a private pricing for what you're specifically looking for.