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_. Please bully me ._

I just love how that outfit suits her, so I couldn't control myself and I drew it :heart: , she's Ryouna from Senran Kagura (anime ninja tits). 

Art by me :heart: 
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You seriously need help, Ryouna.

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She does actually, she needs to see a therapist

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*Karate Chops her on the head* Bonk! Go to horny jail!

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This-this is a Seran Kagura character!

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Hace falta a Ivy Valentine para la hora del castigo xD

Ivy Punishes Ryona
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She looks so cute!
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No i will not bully you
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Would the way to bully her giving her a lot of compliments?
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Adorable y realmente sexy!!
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I just love sexy half naked girls and your art style shows why i do!
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that is one major lewd face right here
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She is very cute :lovelyeyes:
Is she a masochist?
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Never played the game before but I seen enough walkthroughs to know shes a fiiiiine one! (Also, she looks quite abitt like Patti from Soul Eater)
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She's a cutie ^^''

Though why would she want to be bullied? :\
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Don't worry, in the game, she's always like that XD. 
The biggest masochist in the series.
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