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'please step on me for my tardiness ..:iconlazycryplz:

you also can check my twitter (mainly use to upload wip comms) to see what i'm doing~

kindly remind me for anything not mentioned!
credit arcanium Byebi

this scenery throw me into hell


Aug 13, 2018
11:19 am
Aug 13, 2018
9:40 am
Aug 13, 2018
1:06 am
Aug 12, 2018
11:39 pm
Aug 12, 2018
10:18 am



hi, sorry for no activity.. 
my right hand (fingers) been having problem since
beginning of the month from cellulitis and been told to not use it.

it's been some days after medication pills and almost healed fully so i'll be drawing again soon!
hi! check out this qt adopt~
9 deviants said [OC] Ena by raenidays
1 deviant said thank you!
flatsale noelatte theme?
37 deviants said Wagashi (traditional japanese dessert, oriental theme)
25 deviants said Latte (Coffe/Milk, BW dominant pallete, royalty theme)
21 deviants said Botany (plant/flower, casual mori theme)
16 deviants said Animal Parade (animal species, festive theme)
W072018 auction adoptable (closed)
Update #4 : sorry for the AB coming off few mins early
i fell asleep and woke up from alarm thinking i already posted it late ;;
im not sure how many people affected but ill try to make something up!

im sorry once again orz (this is like 2nd consecutive mistake i made for adopt AB thingy )

Update #3: AB posted
reply to either bidding chain or my post directly for AB.

W42 AB1: 500 AB2: 600
W43 AB1: 400 AB2: 500
W44 AB: 900
W45 AB1: 500 AB2: 600

Extra milestone
450: front/back sketch
600: artwork (bust/waist up) depicting both eyes visible (other eye made according to request)
700: previous extras upgraded to sketchpage

Update #2: i received some notes asking about edit
i thought to break them down here too
Minor Edit Guideline : WishboneHi,
i've received several questions asking whether if i provide/allow
minor edit. The answer is mostly yes, however, note that:
1. editing service only applies to the first owner
who bought the design directly from me
2. edit related to the wishbone trait specifically:
(ex: asking for removal of tail, adding/changing mimi parts, changes of eyes)
the edited trait will be final version. as such, you will receive the edited files only.
for wishbone type (white & black):
i won't allow change of the color in official design, but any white wishbone
can turn black since all black type were formerly white.
3. edit related to design in general:
(ex: changing of certain color including skin,hair,etc)
i'll provide the files for both versions
4. edit related to gender:
owner may decide the gender, however,
i won't be providing edits such as enlarging/removing breast, etc,
that would require work of changing body proportions.
5. extras for designs with edit:

Update #1:
added countdown for ending time and as well as
changing the timezone from GMT+8 to GMT+7 because i mistook
my own timezone.

Added AB schedule too. i have unstable net so i will be unable to
give precise time for this one orz
thank you!

it's been a while! (actually more than a year? since last time of wb ) sweats;;;;;
im touched people still interested with them ;_;... last poll result is oriental so i made batch
with it but mixes with other theme little since it's fantasy.  hope you guys like it!

there will be no more adopt for this month, next one i probably will put some noelattes
(ota maybe? since i have few old sketches but probably during end of august..)

Adopt info
CS: Wishbone
They are genetically modified humans, forcefully altered by unknown organism living inside their body
as a 'last resort' to keep them alive in their dying moment. 
This results in the organism effectively assimilating into the human host, 
leading them to develop singularities in both to their body and mind.

ended up 'not so' human being anymore, they gained abnormalities of physical and mental qualities.
that can be either blessing or curse for themselves.

their signature appearance is that they grown out some 'bone-like' structure on the outer body,
and have odd eyes.

the creature alongside them called sin, is a product of their mind and may be able to
become real as they become more singular overtime.

the owner will received more info about the cs alongside designs
after auction concluded too. im still in the process of setting them up 
but the backbone info will be up in few days.

'New World Order' batch (just little backstory i have while designing them xD..)
wishbones of distant culture.. that had not knowing what they actually are
but realized they're different from others, believing they are
a product of evolution as a new type human.

They purposely cover their other eyes with glittering, pretty color of butterflies.
rumor said that their other eyes will bring curse to those who gazed into them
as it's such a gruesome sight.

Bid info
SB: 99$
min incr 5$

time: Monday, 23rd July 2018 11:00 pm

snipe bid: extended end time by 30 min each
for bid made in the last 30 minutes of auction.

Time: Sunday, 22nd July within 11:30 am -  12:00 pm (30 min mark, noon) 

upon AB the following adopt will receive additional extra:
for bid reaching 450$ will get front/back sketch.
*these extras is not premade and so they'll take time to complete
-more will be added when AB announced.

note that even tho the AB is earlier than end time,
i probably can only gives the files around end of auction time
because of irl stuff.

Winner will received all the files associated with the design
listed here:

Bid here for

*) Paypal only
*) Buyer claimed the design, get the full res image un-watermarked (which is after the payment is made)
*) Winner required to send within 3 days of notification, tell me firsthand if need more time
*) feel free to ask any question
*) feel free to minor alter/change for your own liking
*) i accept payment plan, but please tell me in advance
*) Regarding voucher:
    i allow people to obtain my design via voucher!
    however if it's via voucher, the said design will be labeled as trade and will not allowed to be resold.
    in case of the said design being vouchered, then the money involved should not be more than the initial price!
*) Thank you for reading and support as always~ <3


closed species info:


CLOSED-open journal only
CLOSED-open journal only
do not ask me for artbook project
do not ask me for game development project

Stamp - Tablet User by firstfear Stamp - Paint Tool Sai User by firstfear
HKRK circle


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