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Hello everyone! It's been a hot minute again, hasn't it? Well, in case you were curious, I am quite alright and still making stuff. Through most of 2020 and the early months of 2021 I've hit a major slump and only managed to work at a very slow pace, but stuff is getting done nonetheless! In fact, expect a new pictures drop within the next 24-48 hours, unless you're one of those kind souls who follows me on Patreon, who saw everything already lol But yeah, I'm really sorry if I made someone worry. Needless to say it's been a stressful year or so for a lot of people, and I'm not even close to be one of the folks who got the worst end of the deal. Even so, more or less mid-May of last year I've got hit with a massive art-block and I'm only managing to get properly out of it only now. I'm not sure exactly of the reasons why, probably I just stretched myself too thin, ontop of all the Covid and non-art job-related stresses. So what's next? Well first of all I still need to finish a
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Yes, so for starters... FUCK YOU 2020!!! Okay, now that that's out of the way... phew, it's been a mess since the very last moment, at least for me. Broken PC, mother in surgery, brother with Covid... yeah... fuuuuunnnnnn! :p But things have been steadily getting better and I'm almost finished with a new bunch of pictures so... look forward to that. Doing a bit of an overview tho, 2020 has been quite literally my worst year in terms of art produced, went through a massive burnout during summer that literally hit me out of nowhere, and now I have a huge backlog of stuff to finish both for my Patrons and for everyone else. I'm slowly but steadily getting trhough everything, but it won't be a fast process, I'm afraid. To everyone still bearing with me and my b.s. I thank you as always, may the new year be better for all of us, and bring copious amonts of sexy and weird art xD
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Why yes, it's me. I wasn't dead or anything lol How is summer treating you all? Hope you're being well, and responsible, because there's a lot of morons ignoring quarantine procedures around here, and whenever I'm out to go to work I'd really like to punch someone in the face xP Anyway, you "probably" noticed there hasn't been new art posted around here for a while, and the reason is pretty simple... I've hit a big artblock/burnout period, and haven't managed to get anything done up until almost mid-July. Had to pause Patreon for my first time ever and everything. I'm doing better now, and I'm working on a new batch of pictures, wich will include a few non-Patreon commissions as well, and another of the encasement sequences I've been taking when the emergency started. So look forward to that. As always I want to thank everyone for the patience and the support, and I hope at least SOME of you see this message... Eclipse kinda sucks balls and I forget to check the journal entries
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