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Sowwie that I have been absent . . . Life happened ,

If u wunna add meh/The SciFi Ruby . . . Add Meh On Discord - 

Discord - "RedzTheUltraKard#3648" , ( Discord by Re-BackBattlez) ,

Skype - "Captain Thunder - Dash" , ( Skype by Re-BackBattlez) ,
The Electro Ruby.

Full Name - Thea Alexis Gagnon.
Title(Mr./Mrs./Lord/Lady/Sir/) - Lady.
Race/species - Human/Tusker.
Orientation/Sexual preference - Bisexual.
Date Of Birth - May 11th, 50xx.

Contacts? - No.

Glasses? - Yes, but only wears them to weaken her vision.

Body abnormalities(Cleft lip etc.) - N.A.
Extra extremities(Another arm, tail, horns etc.) - None.

Hair color(s) - Pink.
Hair length - Floor Length.
Hair style - Combed Down.

Skin/fur color(s) - Pale
Complexion - ??
Scars - Parts Of Her Body Are Metallic.

Birthmarks(and what they are/were) - N.A.
Tattoos(what they are and where) - N.A.
Piercings(what they are and where) - N.A.

Mental state - Insane.

(optional)In depth personality - N.A.

Most prominent personality trait - Their DETERMINATION.

Best traits of their personality - Their Will.

Worst traits of their personality - She occasionally rushes into battle without a plan.


Alignment(good, evil, etc.) - Good.
Marital status(Single, married, dating, etc.) - Single.
Occupation - A leader of battle.

Good habits - 
~ Her ability to find out details & use them against others.

~ Good Listener.
~ Good Observer.

Bad habits - Her Eating Habits.


Abilities(As in powers) - 
~ Teleportation.
~ Supernatural Accuracy.
~ Electrokinesis.

Special skills(Not meaning powers) - 
~ Lockpicking.
~ Able to repair broken weapons and make them better.

Hobbies - 
~ Painting.
~ Eating Cake.
~ Inflating Herself.
~ Weapons Smithing.
~ Clothes Making.


Weapons - 
~ Staff - Using her trusty iron Staff, she can channel her powers and cast spells, or just use it like a javelin with supernatural accuracy.

~ Magic Paintbrush - A pencil similar to SpongeBob's magic pencil and Mickey Mouse's magic paintbrush... Ruby can paint things to life and paint anything she needs. In case she needs to destroy it, she can use paint thinner to erase it. The Paintbrush, however, is bound by the user's creativity.

~ Elemental Swords -…

~ Gauntlet - This left-handed gauntlet is Cabernet in color. This gauntlet could absorb & throw back anything at double the impact/force and also tear anything with ease. Both her and Helia Quinn Love share one. 

~ Right-Hand Ruby Arm - Using Her Right Arm, She Can Pick Up Objects Of Any Size Or Shape With Ease.

~ Phantom Ruby - Using the Phantom Ruby in her staff, she can warp reality, Break, bend and Possibly destroy reality altogether, at will.

~ Universal Whistle - Using Her Universal Whistle, She Can Call The Other Versions Of Herself If She Needed To.

~ Pocket Dimension - She Can Hop Inside Her Phantom Ruby, Where She Can Store Infinite Items Or Just Travel To Other Universes As She Pleases... ... ... Also She Can Trap And Erase People Inside Her Phantom Ruby.

Backstory - She was born into, at the time, a hundred Thousand years war. She was forced to fight in the army at age 5 as a trooper, soldier at age 10 and commander at age 15. 

She was a simple battle person, like anybody else, but one fateful day, during The Battle of Alternia, she was struck with lightning. 

She was rushed to the medical tent and operated on, where an amythest was implanted imto her chest, originally dubbed "The Static Amythest".

During The Course Of three years, her hair turned into a vivid ruby color And she had mastered her newly discovered electrokinesis. 

She fled from her villiage to escape the war, and began to travel. During her Travel, she tried to find a gem similar to the amythest she has, her amythest was the only thing keeping her alive, acting as a magic respirator of sorts. 

But legend has it she found a Cave of wonders by complete accident, where it was filled with gems of all kinds, size and shape, and treasures long gone, worth a fortune and yet to be. 

But To Excavate The Treasures And Gems, The Static Amythest Had To Fight A Golem Standing 9 Feet Tall And Made Of Hardened/Super Charged Rubies And Iron. 

Using Her Staff (Originally Carved Out Of Makujin Trees, Trees Planted At The Beginning Of Time), She Had To Fight For Hours. 

She Eventually Won, But At A Cost. She Replaced Parts Of Her Arms, Legs And Chest (The Leather Parts You See Are Actually Iron, Because She Had To Plate the Iron Parts Over What Was Missing So She Wouldn't Bleed Out. Her Right Arm Was Reconstructed Using The Golemn's Ruby Parts.
She Excavated The Treasures Herself And Returned The Treasures. 

But When She Came Back, Her People Couldn't Believe Her Eyes... She Had Became Part Human, Part Iron, Part Ruby. Then Currently Dubbed The Electro Ruby.

She Carved The Last Of Her Iron Over Her Wood Staff, And Placed A Placed A Phantom Ruby To Help Channel Her Powers, And To Send A Reminder Of What's To Come...
Sowwie that I have been absent . . . Life happened ,

If u wunna add meh/The SciFi Ruby . . . Add Meh On Discord - 

Discord - "RedzTheUltraKard#3648" , ( Discord by Re-BackBattlez) ,

Skype - "Captain Thunder - Dash" , ( Skype by Re-BackBattlez) ,


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The Electro Ruby.
United States
You Know Meh, 😝.


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