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from the archives :iconlisaatdal:

Images cannot be used without permission.Thank you.

Copyright Doug Winsor 2007- 2009
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Powerful image. It has the same feeling and impact found in the images by the great Robert Capa. Different subject matter to be sure, but the impact and "interestingness" is certainly apparent.
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earth+sky+woman, I like it a lot...I am easy, ....old song Keith Carradine, movie Nashville

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I will give my opinion only because you ask. It is not my style of art. I would rather see color and maybe more skin or even no skin, even clothed for the portrait. It is a nice photo being it is in black and white. the weeds look brilliant even in black and white, the texture the clarity. The sky and clouds are brilliant in the background. It my be the model to me that throws the portrait off. I would rather have seen a straight dark hair lighter skin woman with arms out stretched and a little more skin showing through the grass. I am not a artist and it is still a great portrait for someone who would want to hang it. It is just not my style. But nice for those who like it.