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Notepad++ HTML Editing mode ::CONCEPT::

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Well, I'm learning HTML and thus, using Notepad++ as my default editor for its advanced HTML support. But the UI is really outdated and looks (but isn't) hard to use.

:bulletgreen: Used easier to use Ribbon UI which allows less cluttered and more usable UI.
:bulletgreen: Moved help button to its usual position
:bulletgreen: Removed Windows (It is a really useless menu, there is nothing in it absent in the Tabbar)
:bulletgreen: Merged Encoding and language
:bulletgreen: Used obsidian as default theme
:bulletgreen: Used a lot of #829d17 green
:bulletgreen: Metrotized, no, Modernised the UI
:bulletgreen: Changed logo to cleaner version

Edit: To everyone commenting, no, I do not currently use Notepad++ for html/CSS. This concept dates back to when I just started to learn html (thus the html 1 code). If you want a good looking and feature-filled editor, try Brackets out! It is really good (and free, at that :p).
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im loving it...
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how to download this best NP theme ?
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....... very nice !!!
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Incredible. Completely matches Win8/10 design with an amazing color pattern, just love it. It seems NP++ got stuck at WinXP in visuals and it's far more complex than any other text editor - internally, I mean.
I hope they get the idea for next releases, and they put something new on the UI part, because I don't think this application is missing any tools.
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Glad you like it :D It was made based on Win 8 'Modern' design.
And yes, I really hope they improve the UI. The win 98 ui is actually the reason I've moved over to brackets now (which I heartily recommended, esp for web development). But still, almost nothing comes close to NP++'s editor options
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how edit this  theme
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I'm not sure what you mean by that. If you mean as how you could get this theme for Notepad++, this is a concept and is only an idea about
how notepad++ could look. However, you can get the theme for the text, see the comment below.
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if you want advanced html support go with sublime text or webstorm
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I currently use, and highly recommend, Brackets for html/CSS/JS or almost anything that can be run in a browser. Fast, simple and has most of ST's features (Not to mention tons of plugins and live-previews).
I used NP++ (an awesome editor, BTW) while starting to learn html/css and still use it for other stuff, mainly plain-text editing.
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Great work brother. Ribbon isn't my choice of interface style, but this is looking great, clean and right. The current tabs and buttons on Notepad++ are so ugly I ended up disabling the toolbar (not the tabs though). It's my only issue with Notepad++, and I use it for years. If the devs switched to your style it would make me VERY glad.

In case you're curious about another app with a very decent Modern style (even with its own live tile in the Start menu/screen), check Code Writer. Much simpler than your model, but still has most of everything. Problem there is that development and bug-fixing is on the slow and some of its best features don't work on web languages. I used it for quite a while for its looks before switching back to Notepad++ when I needed work done FAST.
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Thanks :D!
You're right, notepad is too ugly at times, but its usefulness more than compensates for that.
I mostly used Notepad++ for HTML and CSS, and am now using (and highly recommend) Brackets.
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I tried Brackets when I read your comment and quickly had to stop using it for it not being able to work with non-UTF8 files. :-\ It looks good and shows a lot of promise though.
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dang, i want that version :P
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This concept is beautiful. Looks very professional and functional. I am amazed.  :o :D
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Brackets looks a lot like this kind of UI. You should check it out. I love using it. I learned HTML and CSS using only it.
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Also a learner :) ,just started with CSS
I actually use brackets all the time now! A really good editor, and I can't imagine not using live-previews
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Awesome! Yeah, live preview is so nice :D And it has such a simple yet functional UI. 
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Ooooooooooooh ! Another excellent thing that I wanted for a long time!

Yeah notepad++ is old fashioned, it's really a shame for an app' this powerfull… Hope to see the GUI like this one day ; )
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Thank you :D!
Let's hope they (notepad++ devs) get something like this done soon...
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I found something that have a metro like ui and is a notepad++ like editor: www.addictivetips.com/windows-…

Need to see what is it exaclty ^^'

Edit: and this too superuser.com/questions/540104…
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Well, I'd prefer a darker interface, but syncpad(?) looks good
And I'll surely be trying out the second link, thanks for sharing!
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Me too, Dark is really better ; ), and I tested the Syncplicity notepad, it's cool and there is interesting features, but not easy to use, I think that it's more for Tacil devices… Really hard to write with it sometimes, and notepad++ is 1000 time more powerfull than it ^^
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