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MyWay: Darth Vader

I always like the "Alternate" takes that you get on comic book characters over the years, like the ultimates where you still had spider-man,x-men, Iron man etc but in slightly different forms.

I find it interesting as to what people can come up with using the same base Idea.

So for fun Ive done the same:

Ultimate Star-wars: Starting with Ultimate Darth Vader!

As I said this is just for the hell of it, but
If People like it I'll do more.
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Cool concept. i like the hands, and with the bald head showing it reminds me of like Darth malak... or maybe KOTOR in General Overall i love it :D
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You should do a redesign of Han Solo!
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Yeah,still deciding which character I should do next...I'll put up a poll
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Pretty good. (Personally, the way he became a quadruple amputee in the prequel trilogy, is worthy of the comment "DUMBASS!" If I had an opportunity to remake the series, Vader's injuries would be caused when Obi-Wan lured him within the blast radius of a F*** HUGE BOMB. Obi-Wan himself would be sporting burns and a limp afterwards, to show he wasn't left unscathed by his efforts to eliminate Vader, a goal for which he was willing to sacrifice himself.)
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But in my head-cannon, Revenge of the Jedi came after The Empire Strikes Back, and Gary Kurtz was in charge after George Lucas left Star Wars.
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Ultimate Star Wars you say? I can dig it.
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I too am a big fan of drawing and writing about alternate versions of many classic characters, though I have yet to touch Star Wars. Your alternate Darth Vader looks completely bad ass! Love that you can still see some of his head, and the mask that you included there still looks like the original Vader, so it isn't that hard to see who that is suppose to be. Very cool indeed!
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OMG thats COOOL!!!!

but put on his helmet would be better :XD:
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'Impressive... Most impressive...'

I like this version a lot, save for ONE thing: his gauntlets. They just don't work for me, sorry.
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i see what you did there.
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don't mention it. your vader was sweet. i like how you kept the original fear-inducing mask.
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My Vader? I never did a Vader... I DID do a close-masked Batman, but...
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my bad, wrong person :P
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Two words:Most Impressive.
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One word:thanks :)
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This would make an awesome alternate costume in a video game. You should really do concept art for Lucasarts.
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Dude, if you had a way for me to get in front of the other 300 000 guys who want to do concept art for Lucasarts , You'd be my best friend.
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