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Chapter 1: Downsizing

It looked like any other warehouse on the Gotham waterfront, old and worn, covered in shadows and cracks.  It was beyond dark, the security lights lining the lot were either busted or dead, the dual lights hanging over the bay door were out, and even the moon was hidden behind a thick veil of clouds.

Black Canary frowned as she studied the warehouse through a pair of high powered binoculars from a roof across the way, looking and listening for any signs of life or distress.  "I don't like this.  Something feels off."

"Eyes up," Huntress said from behind her friend.  "Three o'clock high."

Black Canary slowly pulled her binoculars away from her face and looked up to see three figures approaching their position by air, two flying and one being carried.  "What is it about stealth that makes it so hard for flyers to learn?"

Wonder Woman paused long enough to let the figure she was carting, Zatanna, drop to the roof before touching down herself.  Just behind her, Supergirl landed with a flourish.  "We got your message and came as soon as we could, Canary," said Wonder Woman.

Canary and Huntress exchanged a meaningful look.  "Our message?" Canary asked the Amazon.  "We got a message saying you wanted us to meet you here."

The five ladies studied each other for a pregnant second before Zatanna voiced what they were all thinking.  "Trap."

Huntress was already gathering up her and Canary's surveillance gear.  "Let's go."

"Go?" Supergirl asked in disbelief.  "Why?"

"Because it's a trap," Huntress said flatly, "or did you miss that part?"

"So what if it is?  I mean, I get if you non-powereds are scared, but we're frickin' Supergirl and Wonder Woman.  So unless they've got Darkseid and Doomsday hidden away in there, we'll be fine," Supergirl said as she strutted to the roof's edge.  "In fact, why don't you girls hang back?  Me and Di will take care of this."

"One of these days that arrogance is going to land you flat on your face.  Or worse," replied Huntress.

"Both of you bring it down a notch," Canary said.  "If this is a trap—and it is—it's highly likely they already know we're here, so I doubt they'd just let us walk away."  She turned to face Wonder Woman.  "What do you think?"

"I think you are likely correct.  Leaving may no longer be an option.  We should proceed, cautiously.  Between the five of us, we should be able to handle whatever our mystery hosts plan to throw at us."

Zatanna nodded her agreement.  "It's settled.  We go in together."

"I still say me and Di could handle it alone, but whatever.  Let's just get this over with."  

The five heroes split into teams.  Canary and Zatanna approached the warehouse from the back.  Wonder Woman and Huntress approached from the side.  Each team taking care to remain as silent and vigilant as possible.  Supergirl had other plans.  She marched right up to the front bay doors, ripped them open, and waltzed straight inside.  

The interior of the warehouse was even more bleak than the exterior, the darkness hanging thick and oppressive.  But a thorough sweep of the area with both keen observation and super senses revealed nothing save a poorly lit warehouse.  

"There's nothing here," Supergirl whined.  "What a rip."

"Maybe it was a prank?" offered Zatanna.  "Hal or Wally?"

Wonder Woman shook her head.  "I doubt it.  Even those two are smart enough to know better than to fake a distress message."

"You sure about that?" Canary asked.  

"For their sake," Huntress growled, "they better be."  

Supergirl flopped down on one of the empty crates in the center of the main room and leaned her face on a bored hand.  "So what now?  If this is j—"

A ring of red light flared to life, surrounding the women.  It strobed and flickered, growing brighter, more intense.  The quick flashes and brightness disoriented the heroes.  They tried to leap into action, to assess their situation and respond, but their bodies refused to obey them, leaving them rooted to the floor like statues.  

Canary closed her eyes against the light show, managing to move her body enough to shield her eyelids with her arms, but a growing sense of nausea in the pit of her stomach told her they were in more danger than just blinding lights.  Her stomach knotted up and seemed to fold in on itself.  She swore she felt her arms and legs tightening, like they were spasming.  Finally she lost control of her balance and fell back, landing hard on the concrete floor she yelped and opened her eyes.  The ceiling seemed to be rising, the walls pulling away from her.  Crates and shadows were growing larger, looming like monsters.

Then she noticed her uniform.  It hung off her, drooping off her shoulders, her chest no longer holding up the fabric where it should, and her feet were roughly where her knees should have been in her pants.  Her boots lay useless on the ground, not even touching her feet, while her gloves slipped easily off her hands.  

In desperation, she looked around to her friends and saw them in much the same situation as her.  Huntress had almost disappeared into her costume, her mask falling away from a face that looked nothing like the Helena Bertinelli she'd long known.  Pudgy little legs flailed out from the bottom of Zatanna's modified stage uniform, kicking free of the fishnet stockings.  Diana—or at least what looked to be a child version of Diana—sat in a pair of star-spangled panties that looked ridiculously oversized for her.  Without the proper assets to hold it in place, the Amazon princess's top was lying in a pile around her lap.  Meanwhile a blond girl, barely a toddler, swam in a large skirt and a halter top.  She was crying bloody murder at the top of her lungs.  

Canary opened her mouth to say something.  Maybe to comfort the bawling blond, or maybe to scream herself, but before she could, the strobing light stopped flashing, becoming instead constant and overwhelmingly bright as a high-pitched ringing filled the air.  She covered her ears with her hands and began to cry deep, lustful wails that shook her whole body.  And then her world went black.
Standard Issue Warning: The above story and subsequent chapters contain age regression, diapers and a dollop of humiliation. As always, if you do not like these green eggs and ham, do not eat them Sam-I-am. Do not read then throw a fit. Do not be a silly git. Just move along and let it be. So others can enjoy-ee. (Fine, so I cheated a bit on that last one. Itís not as if Iím a doctor or anything.)

The idea for this story came about from an adorable series of regressed DC character pictures by :iconar-kayn: (who taught me how to finally make these icon, link things). If you havenít yet, go check them out. Like right now. Seriously. This storyíll still be here later, go look at the pretty pictures, and while youíre there browse through the rest of Ar-Kaynís gallery.

On to the cast list.

Our heroes are Black Canary (Dinah Lance), Huntress (Helena Bertinelli), Wonder Woman (Diana), Zatanna (Exactly as it says on the tin), and Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) Ė all of whom belong to DC.

For an antagonist I chose a rather obscure X-Men villain (because picking an appropriate DC character for this bit would evidently make too much sense), an android named Nanny, who had a tendency to show up and regress our favorite mutants and obviously belongs to Marvel. Now that I think on it, between two characters named Nanny and Mojoís antics (and that one time Rachel went spare and changed Kitty Prydeís clothes into a diaper and bonnet), the X-Men spent quite a bit of time getting babied.

Oh, and: I did get permission from :iconar-kayn: before posting the story (and yes, now I'm just showing off with the icon, link things).
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