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Top 10 Best Samurai Jack Moments
After I watched Samurai Jack series (Season 1 -5) on KimCartoon (Which is back from February), I thought it's time to give some of my thoughts on the best moments on each episode. So join Jack as he guide you through 10 best Samurai Jack moments. Enjoy!

10.) Chicken Jack - You think it's easy being a Chicken (Rooster actually)? Nah. Jack was captured by a man named Cacciatore, the boss of an underground animal fighting ring known as the Creature Combat Club. Jack is thrown into the arena and forced to fight several creatures including a Beetle Bot (a robot beetle similar to Aku's Beetle drones) Mechanical Snake, Arachnid Cyclops, Mutant Earthworm, and finally a giant rat known as The Finisher. After defeating them all, Jack becomes the main attraction of the Creature Combat Club. Defeating multiple opponents, such as a Mechanical Centipede, before finally being shown standing on a mountain of creatures while Cacciatore collects all of the money.

Cacciatore is enjoying a feast to himself while Jack is left famished. Cruel man isn't he?

9.) Jack vs. the Five Hunters - A small hunting party of Imakandi have been sent by Aku to capture Jack. As they claim him that he was not worth the effort. As they say that Aku will have his prize, Jack wakes up and declares that "I will not be delivered to Aku like some animal!" Later on, Aku appears before the Imakandi to congratulate them on their success of caprturing Jack. The Imakandi acknowledge that Jack has led them on a most fantastic chase. However, they believe that such a creature deserves to run free. They escape from the clutches of Aku with Jack.

Jack comes to later, right back where the Imakandi had found him. He quickly sits up looking around for the hunters, but only finds a small torch with a blue flame. As he examines it, the flame takes the form of an Imakandi. It tells Jack that although Jack was their prey, they will let him go because of how long he was able to elude them, and as such deserves to be free. The flame goes out and Jack continues his journey.

8.) Jack Under the Sea - After finding the spot in the story where the fisherman last heard about the machine, Jack dives down to search underwater. While running out of air he finds a Jelly-Whale and gets swallowed into his jelly mass, providing oxygen for him to breath. While admiring the scenery he sees the city and calls for the whale to turn, and when accidentally stepping on a nerve, the whale complies, much like the pedals on a car.

When reaching the city, Jack meets up with the Triseraquins, a race of sea monkey-like people who are the keepers of the time machine. Their leader Guiness invites him to dinner to show their friendship. While Jack scarfs down the dinner of sushi, they each talk about their origin stories: how the Triceraquin's home is now under the sea, and how Jack came to be in their time.  In the end, Jack gladly accepts a bag of sushi fish from the dinner prior for payment and heads off, in search of a way home.

7.) XCVIII - The episode begins with a flashback to 50 years ago, as Jack explains to Ashi how he lost his sword in the first place. One of my favorite parts in this episode is while Ashi beats up a massive army of orc-like warriors as well as fighting her own mother, High Priestess, Jack, who's in the spiritual realm, soon finds himself facing the supreme deities Odin, Ra and Vishnu. Like his father before him, all three gods deem him worthy, restore from his bearded appearance to his original appearance and return his signature weapon, now more powerful than before after being infused with the purity and strength of his own spirit. Afterwards, Jack informs Ashi it's time to confront Aku for the last time! WOOHOO! IT'S TIME!! (Sorry, I got little excited for that part)

6.) The Birth of Evil, Part 1 and 2 - As a prequel to Season One's Episode One, This epic story tells how Aku came to exist, and how he came to be in conflict with Jack's father before Jack was born. Okay, like I mentioned from Season Five's Episode Seven. Odin's white horse (named Sleipnir) comes and frees Jack's Father, taking him to a high mountain where he meets Ra, Vishnu, and Odin. The three gods explain what Aku is and take the pure spirit from him, which the gods, in the form of three monks, forge into an enchanted sword. After battling Aku, He returns to his wife after hearing a baby cry and holds his newborn son. He then tells his wife they must have a plan in case Aku ever returns.

5) Jack Learns to Jump Good - This perhaps one of my favorite episodes of the show, because, My favorite moment of this episode is at the very end, Jack battles and defeats more of Aku's beetle drones and approaches the time portal once more. As before, Aku appears and lifts the portal up into the air, but Jack simply leaps up with his sword drawn. A stunned Aku exclaims "You can fly!?", but Jack simply answers "No, jump good." as he prepares to fight.
Man, I wish I can do that. But in real life, I can't.

4.) The Beginning - Ok, this great episode that has started it all. This episode is about Aku who devastates Jack's homeland, forcing him to travel around the world to train as a samurai. When he returns as an adult and attempts to defeat Aku, the wizard sends him to the future.

Here's a fun fact: Episode I: The Beginning, Episode II: The Samurai Called Jack and Episode III: The First Fight are made up as a The Premiere Movie. After the show's end from 2017, A remastered version of the film will has premiered in U.S. theaters for an exclusive one-night event. The screening took place on Monday, October 16, presented the fully-remastered premiere movie from the first season. In addition to a high-definition restoration of these early episodes, the screening includes video commentary from creator Genndy Tartakovsky on the beginning of Samurai Jack and what the show means to him.

Man, I wished I could've gone seen that. And the other thing is, they need to do that again for two days. But moving on.

3.) Jack Remembers the Past - Jack returns to his birthplace and reminisces about his childhood. One of the strongest part in this episode is a flashback of young Jack playing in a field of reeds hunting a grasshopper, mimicking how it hops away from him. He runs into a young girl who is at the same game, chasing her own grasshopper. They combine their efforts and begin to chase a grasshopper before Jack falls into a puddle. Seeing his distress, the girl jumps into the puddle as well.

The girl and Jack continue their pursuit, before the grasshopper at last spreads its wings and flies away. Seeing this makes the girl distraught, Jack makes an origami grasshopper for her, which upon receiving, she kisses Jack on the cheek in appreciation. This may very well have been Jack’s first kiss.

2.) CI - Alrighty, people. This is a long awaited series finale episode that is worth waiting. So my second strongest part in this episode is right Jack's return, Aku's defeat and Ashi's passing. A depressed Jack mourns in the forest over her. Suddenly, Jack sees a ladybug, which likely reminded him of Ashi. Jack realizes that even though she's gone, he's grateful for the memories he has of her and his mood improves, knowing that there's hope for love as well and realizes that without her sacrifice, he would have never saved the universe and the future from Aku. That female character had really meant a lot me. So Jack lets the ladybug fly away and smiles as the clouds part, revealing the beautiful forest below that will never again be decimated by Aku, showing that the future will be bright.

It was sad but it was a incredibly happy moment, Jack is finally back home in the past where he belong.

Ok, aside from Ashi's passing, Drum roll please, because the best moment ever of all is...

1.) Jack and the Scotsman II - Oh my god, this is the best episode ever to watch since when I was a child. At the Castle of Boon, They finally reach the tower where the Scotsman's wife is being kept, only for Jack to learn that she is even more abrasive than her husband; Nevertheless, this seems to please the Scotman, who smiles at her rude remarks about himself and Jack. As they try to sneak her out, the trio are cornered by the demon horde. Though the two warriors fight bravely, they are vastly outnumbered, and on the verge of defeat.

However, when the head Celtic Demon refers to the Scotsman's wife as "the fat one". Oh god, I was like, "OMG, My childhood moment is coming in 3... 2... 1..." So taking offense, she grows infuriated, sending her into a frenzied rage and destroying the entire horde with her bare hands while Jack and the Scotsman stare in awe. Also I always loved her scottish battle cries. Jack then commends her for her intense fighting skill and superhuman strength, and she politely remarks that he's not as bad as she at first thought (though he could use a bit of haggis to fatten him up). As the three begin to leave, Jack realizes that the main doorway is too small for the Scotsman's wife, indirectly implying that she is fat and forcing him to flee as she furiously chases him in another fit of rage, with the Scotsman calling after her not to squash his best friend.

As a reminder don't call any abrasive girls fat, because if you do, you'll end up like the demon horde.

Made by Danny Joyner
Samurai Jack (c) Genndy Tartakovsky/Cartoon Network
Meme (c) mariostrikermurphy.deviantart.… by :iconmariostrikermurphy:
No More Hatred on Cartoon Network
Attention all of you Cartoon Network fans, I wanted you guys to know the reason why I had did this: Cartoon Network is not a failure, Because some of us have enjoy shows like Teen Titans Go, DC Superhero Girls (2019) and the upcoming ThunderCats Roar. But some of you haters put so much hatred on those. This hatred on the network needs to stop. I know Cartoon Network did a good job on those shows and reboots, but there's no need to start a riot. NO NEED!

Made by Danny Joyner
My Opinion on Spongebob's Winning at KCA
Do you think Spongebob's winning at Kids Choice Awards would cause more hatred on our favorite squared sea sponge? I think not, because some spongebob haters are going too far! So take it from him...

Made by Danny Joyner
Spongebob Squarepants (c) Stephen Hillenburg/Nickelodeon
She's Mary Poppins Y'all!
Do you think Rainbow Quartz is some kind of show off? I think Yondu and Mary Poppins thought so.

Art (c) Danny Joyner
Rainbow Quartz 2.0 (c) Rebecca Sugar/Cartoon Network
Mary Poppins (c) Disney
Yondu (c) Marvel
Their Reaction on TLK (2019) Trailer and TV Spot
Carl, Shake, Frylock and Meatwad had watched the teaser trailer (That happened back from November) and a new TV Spot of the live action Lion King (That happened from last month during the oscars). See if any of you can think what they're saying and what's their reaction and put it in the comments below.

Here's the link to these videos:……

Art (c) Danny Joyner
Carl Brutananadilewski (c) Dave Willia & Matt Maiellaro/Williams Street
Me and my St. Patrick Gals
Here's my late Saint Patrick's pic featuring Me, Lord Dominator, Disgust, Rottytops, Desiree, Poision Ivy and Shego.

Art (c) Danny Joyner
Lord Dominator (c) Craig McCracken/Disney
Disgust (c) Disney/Pixar Animation Studios
Rottytops (c) WayForward Technologies/Capcom
Desiree (c) Butch Hartman/Nickelodeon
Posion Ivy (c) DC Comics
Shego (c) Mark McCorkle/Disney
Steven and the 123 Slaughter Me Street Crew
For :iconbeny2000: 

This is a long awaited pic for you.

Art (c) Danny Joyner
Steven Universe (c) Rebecca Sugar/Cartoon Network
123 Slaughter Me Street (c) Impulse Game Studios, LLC
You Think You Got Rid Me?!
Well you didn't! You didn't!!!!


I always thought that Toy R Us was closed forever, but, When I heard that the Toys R Us is coming back, I was happy at first and still, Amazon has nothing to do with the shutdown of Toys R Us, it's just some people to buy things online, incase that they don't look for it in stores. Anyways, in this sequel to the first picture where Melman (Playing Geoffrey) is going beserk and on the rampage because he can't let it go about Amazon.

Here's the first that I mentioned:…

And here's a link where I got this idea:…

Art (c) Danny Joyner
Melman (c) Dreamworks Animation
Jimmy Kimmel (c) Jackhole Productions/Touchstone Television/ABC Studios
Is Ugly Isn't It
Oh my god, Imagined how Patrick Star holding Spongebob high while standing on Pride Rock. A little lion king reference, get it?

Art (c) Danny Joyner
Spongebob and Patrick (c) Stephen Hillenburg/Nickelodeon
The Lion King (c) Disney
We ain't creepy stalkers for nothing!
Yep, that's right, they're talking to you haters of Spongebob and Uncle Grandpa out there (Some of you)! This is guys are coolest and funniest to me!

Art (c) Danny Joyner
Spongebob (c) Stephen Hillenburg/Nickelodeon
Uncle Grandpa (c) Peter Browngardt/Cartoon Network
Pool Party for a Birthday Boy
For :icondimensions101: as an early birthday gift.

Birthday Cake Me and My Birthday Cake  Boo Shuddering Letter: H Shuddering Letter: A Shuddering Letter: P Shuddering Letter: P Shuddering Letter: Y   Shuddering Letter: B Shuddering Letter: I Shuddering Letter: R Shuddering Letter: T Shuddering Letter: H Shuddering Letter: D Shuddering Letter: A Shuddering Letter: Y    Frozen Fever - Wow! Anna's Surprise Icon Birthday cake  icon birthday cake 

Art (c) Danny Joyner
Kitty Katswell (c) Butch Hartman/Nickelodeon
Tulip (c) Warner Bros. Animation
Stella (c) Dreamworks Animation 
Vix (c) ToonBox
Trystin (c) :icondimensions101: 
So which voice actress should be perfect for my lovely female OC, Tabitha?

Filename by RDJ1995
Screencap Redraw #5- I'm Honored...
Here's my fifth screencap redraw of a scene from one of my favorite episodes Samurai Jack where he and the Scotsmen are about face the wrath of demon horde.

Art (c) Danny Joyner
Samurai Jack (c) Genndy Tartakovsky/Cartoon Network
Running on Water
Just in the Frozen 2 Teaser Trailer, Here's Elsa running on water to face the waves from the upcoming Frozen 2. I'm excited to see it in November.

Art (c) Danny Joyner
Elsa (c) Disney
Elsa and Anna's New Look
Here's Elsa and Anna's new look in my style for the upcoming Frozen 2. I'm excited to see it in November.

Art (c) Danny Joyner
Elsa and Anna (c) Disney
It's been a one year since I got fired from Office Pride. But, I just wanted to tell you all that the reason why I got fired is I broken the rules and I learned from that experience. Let's skip ahead okay? It's very hard to except the fact like one time when pinkiepiexshadow007 has manipulated me to defend him which would result me to turn on you guys. And other thing is has :icontrackerforce: has blocked me for sending a wrong message. It was dumb but I only send one person. But a single day has passed without thinking of my past mistakes. :( (Sad) 

I also had a thought in my head: what if I find a new job yet? What's gonna happen to me? Who I am?
Hope you'll understand this.Hurtfull Comments 


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Hi, I'm Richard Daniel Joyner, but some of the people called me Danny Joyner. I'am autistic guy, and I'm very excited to be on this site! I'am also a graphic artist which means I do make art on paper (drawing, tracing and etc.)and on computer. I'am a G rated, PG rated, and PG 13 rated boy. Also, here's some reminders to all of you: First, I don't do naked stuff and second of all, OTHER REFERENCES & LOGO'S ARE COPYRIGHTED © & TRADEMARKED ™ TO THEIR RESPECTIVE OWNER, PRODUCTION, COMPANY & STUDIO and third, THE PHOTOSHOOTS, GIFs AND SCREENSHOTS AREN'T MINE OR ANYBODY ELSE EXCEPT THE RIGHTFUL OWNERS OR THEMSELVES.

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