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20kShowdown - Ink Soaked Dictations


Annoncer: Welcome back to the Challenge for Hypnotic Supremacy, where Dust goes to settle! We're back to check on the result of our 20000 views celebration match, and my oh my, it looks as if we've had a real turnabout tonight! Wouldn't you agree Ms. Ritter? or would you prefer your nom de plume?

Quillspawn: Quillspawn will be just fine, thank you. More accurate when it comes down to it, and you could call it a turnabout... but I'd hope that all of you saw this coming. The contestants were skilled, true... but perhaps not the most observant. And as for my fellow judge, well... This is really where she belongs, isn't it?

A: In the hands of some of the sexiest mind benders alive? I daresay it does seem to agree with her... but I must ask, when last our viewers checked in you seemed to have quit a challenge ahead of you going head to head against the Queen of Bialya... Was it really that easy to resist her charms?

QS: Oh I wouldn't say it was easy! Far from it. I just didn't have to! All I had to do was wear an outfit with a convenient handle to grasp. By the time she was laying it on thick? We both wanted the same thing!

A: That's... quite ingenious actually, and I assume what you both wanted at that point involved Ms. LaSilvas here on her knees and getting a makeover?

QS: We can all agree she looks much better in black with that lovely silver skin of hers, can't we? Oh, not that both of the lovely contestants don't look all the more radiant in black too, but I'd be lying if I didn't say having her like this was quite the treat. I'm almost surprised her costume didn't have knee pads...

A: Perhaps she'd thought she wouldn't need them anymore? I heard she's gotten quite the reputation back home for working her way out of these sort of predicaments?

QS: She really should know better, mm? After a little time under Rose's shiny pretty watch, and a few stings from my Queen Bee, I think she'll forget all about that. Probably a few other things, too. I'd say this Challenge for Hypnotic Supremacy was a complete success, wouldn't you?

A: Seems so, and I'm sure our viewers would agree! But we still need to make this official... Ladies, ,gentlemen, and others, allow me to declare the very first champion of Hypnotic Supremacy, humbler of hypnotists, cultivator of roses, dictator to queens, and supreme authority over her fellow judge, QuillSpawn!

QS: It's been a pleasure! I've won awards for my writing before, but I think I'll savor this victory most of all. Well, and the three new inklings...

Bee: We're the real winners here, Quillspawn. Being reborn in ink is so much more potent than seeing the light.

Sarah: S-sooo much more... MMmMmmm potent... So thick... and so im-impossible to escape...

Rose: That's right, dear... Impossible to escape... And far too wonderful for any of us to want to...

A: And It has been our pleasure and privilege to watch you work, champion, and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say we're hoping to see you here again soon to defend you hard-won title?

QS: Ohh... You're planning another? I would be quite eager to be put to the test, as many times as it takes. So please, if anyone would like to challenge my title... feel more than free. I look forward to meeting you, and you'll remember looking forward to it too by the time the competition is over.

A: You heard the lady! The Challenge for Hypnotic Supremacy is now taking on new challenger applications! But, for now, let us all  an bid goodnight to our new championn and her three newest inklings! see you all soon!

QS: Very soon I hope. And don't worry if you'd like to meet but you lack the skills to put up a challenge. I accept willful submission, too.


Well, thus ends my 20k pageviews celebration... and right on Christmas, no less (Wasn't planning that, let me tell you ;) )... I'd like to offer my thanks to everyone who voted (all... 24 of you... hopefully we'll get a better turnout next time, eh?) and, until I feel like doing another one of these, I hope you enjoy the rest of my work. ^_^

Special thanks go to :iconmadamkistulot: for helping out with the flavor text and moral support, and for being my main sounding board for the past six months or so. You Rock!

Queen Bee is the property of DC Comics

Rose is the creation and property of :iconsolddate:

Silver-Girl and Quillspawn both belong to :iconmadamkistulot:

And for anyone who hasn't got the foggiest idea what this has all been about, I'd recommend going back to the beginning, or at least take one step back.

Oh, and for no real reason, this one is available for download at it's full resolution... not sure why anyone would want to see it at that size, but there it is anyway ^_^

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MadameAlexandra's avatar
I love Queen B's outfi.
Vyctorian's avatar
Amazing work!~
MadamKistulot's avatar
It's always been a pleasure to assist in your work! You make really beautiful things... and selfishly I do always delight in seeing my ideas given form by someone who is so good at shaping them.
solddate's avatar
Certainly wasn't the outcome I was expecting, but then isn't that what makes a great ending sometimes?

I will say I do love the designs here. I think Bee's actually wins me over the most here, though I do applaud the red accents you've kept on Rose. Very delicious all around really.
RDishon's avatar
Hmmm... I am certainly pleased that I've managed to surprise some people with this one! ^_^

And really, designing new looks for the two contestants was the most fun part of this piece.:) 
jdarksong's avatar
Heh heh... wonderful! Just wonderful. I can't say the outcome was much of a surprise... but seeing it portrayed as such was a definite treat. Madam K seems very happy with the results, and I can't blame her. Of course, I would have to point out that the actual question of who is the better mind controller between Queen Bee and Rose hasn't been settled yet, so perhaps once the ink dries, the two of them should have their contest again. And anyway, of the four of them, Sarah *IS* the heroine... and as such, she might be down and out for now, but the plucky Silver Girl has a way of pulling things out in the clutch, and who knows? For the champion's title defense, we might very well see Quilly, Queeny, and Rose all blissed out on silver sparks, kneeling at her sparkling white boots, with her (perhaps) Domina Argenti side showing again. *evil chuckle* That would be something to see.

Still, I am very happy with the entire campaign. A very well done and well illustrated contest. Loved it!!
RDishon's avatar
I'm glad you've enjoyed the event!
And yeah, it is a bit of a shame we didn't get to find out who the better mind controller was, but that's how the vote turned out, and so I just ran with it... Although voting trends seem to imply that Bee would have carried the day in the end if I hadn't left the third path open... 
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