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20,000 Pageviews Showdown - Rose Vs. Bee



Welcome, one, welcome all to my 20,000 pageview celeberation!, yes, it might not seem much to some of you, but it's taken me the better part of 9 years to get here, so I'm celebrating and that's it!

With us today are a few of the ladies who've been appearing in this gallery, and have kindly agreed to host this event for me. Ladies and gentelmen, and others, please welcome our impartial judges, straight from Midas City, Sarah "Silver Girl" LaSilvas, and Yana "QuillSpawn" Ritter!

Silver Girl smiles brightly as she holds up the microphone, dramatically outstretching a hand. "Hello, everyone, and welcome to the first... it is the first, right? Yes, the first challenge for hypnotic supremacy! We're your hostesses, and this is sure to be a really neat contest!"

Quillspawn raises an eyebrow, and reaches out to gently poke at her co-host. "Silver Girl. You didn't give someone else the pleasure of breaking you finally, did you?"

"W-what's that supposed to mean?" She blinks, visibly confused. Her smile doesn't falter for a moment, and nor does her hand lower. The very image of a professional, if a somewhat overly cheery professional.

"Oh... nothing, dear, nothing. Anyway, I suppose we should introduce the competitors, don't you think? What lovely competitors, too. Oh just a few drops of ink and I think we could write a most interesting story here..." Quillspawn's eyes hooded as she stood straighter. Her eyes glistened deep and dark. As bright as Silver Girl shined, she seemed to absorb the light into herself and allow no escape.

It might have unnerved the Silver Girl, but she quickly shook her head and smiled wider. "Since there's no champion, I guess you're both introducing and neither our champion standing? I've never done this sort of thing before... But anyway, Rose! The redhead with the pocket watch, a skilled practitioner of hypnosis when she isn't busy getting up to no good as a professional cat-burglar! Does she have another trick up her sleeve? I'm sure Batgirl would love to say so after the femme fatale embarrassed her on their last encounter!" She pauses, a hand off of the microphone as she mutters something off stage, and then raises an eyebrow disbelievingly before shaking her head. "You know, I used to go around saving the day using my pendant, so I think I'll be rooting for you! I'm sure you'll put on a great show!"

Quillspawn smirked as she gently took the microphone away from her shimmering counterpart. "And while neither has won this championship before... Our other contestant, already has so many victories under her belt. I'm not at liberty to disclose all of her accomplishments..." Her voice dripped with satisfaction as she paused, seeming to revel in her own force of personality "But the ones she's known for are so impressive you don't need to know the rest. Queen Bee is the unchallenged dictator of, Bialya, with powers said to be able to control the will of any man... and some women. Is it pheromones? Is it telepathy? Is it simply raw sex appeal? We may never know, but I have an inkling that she'll be dictating to Rose in no time at all."

Silver Girl raised an eyebrow as she took the microphone back. "Really? Inkling? That's... so... I thought I was supposed to be the one making bad jokes?"

"You are. But I couldn't let you have all the fun, dear." Quillspawn pulled away from the microphone with  a wink.

"All... right... Well! Then the rules are simple! The contestants must use their skills to make the other helplessly enthralled to them! So either we'll have Rose taking away the thorn of Queen Bee's sting, or maybe our Bee will be taking more than just pollen from our dear Rose! Or... Wait, am I reading that right on the teleprompter? I can't be reading that right."

Her darker co-host sighed, grinning as she rolled her eyes and slowly shook her head. "No, you're reading it right Sarah. They can also win by swaying the judges in their favor. We're already hardly impartial, but if they can make us as mindless, one would hope they'd have the good sense to melt their competition's will at the same time. Wouldn't want to be taken while distracted. Of course... that's such an unlikely scenario. We're here to officiate... not to partake, right Silver?"

"R-right! Judge! Keeping watch! All that good stuff!" Sarah gave a bright crooked grin as she held up her hand anew. "So, sit back, get comfortable, and... oh, I'm being told you can also place your bets here! But I'd be careful! I am still a super heroine, and you wouldn't want to be breaking the law with me around!"

Again her co-host sighed, but with more of her wry grin remaining firm. "Of course not, dear. Unless of course, they break you first!"


Queen Bee is Property of DC Comics
Rose is property of :iconsolddate:
Silver Girl and QuillSpawn are the property of :iconmadamkistulot:

Special thanks to :iconmadamkistulot: for writing most of the intro, and for being awesome.

Well, voting is officially closed, so check out how it all turned out right here!
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jdarksong's avatar
Hmmm... well, I'm a bit lost as to whom to root for, since naturally I'd be rooting for Silver Girl! *grin* Okay, I'm probably biased in this, but the intro was just brilliant. The characters are great, I think you captured the essence and allure of each of the four characters quite well. Silver Girl looks sparkly, and Quillspawn seems to almost drip into the floor at her feet. And while I'm not as big a DC fan as most, I do know Queen Bee enough to know her very haughty, smug and superior nature is shown well by the look on her face. Finally, Rose seems to walk the line between playful amusement and calm determination. All in all, a very nice pic, captures very well the mood of the contest and the personas depicted. I approve.

Oh, and put me down for $5 on the redhead. *grin* Just kidding, Sarah...