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Wallpaper - Pony Loading Screen [1440p]

Fairly simple this time around. Which sucks. I can't stand having wallpapers under at least 1 MB, yet I couldn't think of anything else to add to this to get it up past that marker.

This is about as creative as I can get; I'm just not in creative mode right now. More in a sleep mode. :iconpunpunpunplz:.

I'm getting vibes of when I was using gimp and all of my wallpapers were fairly simple like this. Not a big fan of going back to that...

Pleased Rainbow Dash by :iconrainbowcrab:

MLP © Hasbro, Hub Network, Lauren Faust

Made with Photoshop CS6
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© 2014 - 2022 RDbrony16
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Here's an idea of how to make it go over 1 MB, try making it with rainbow colors, I mean, it is rainbow dash right?
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it should be 20%
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I showed this to my friend and sat there for like five minutes staring at it, then she yelled at me. "Why isn't it loading!" And she restarted my computer.

True story
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That would make a good prank. I can fix almost any computer problem.
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Well then, seems like I should make a .gif version.
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should have said 80% then it'd be 20% away from being cooler
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This would make a really good thing to put on a shirt.
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Pony Loading... Does that mean I will get a pony when it is done?! YAY!
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That's the plan :)
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AAAAAhhhhh NNNNNnnnnooooooo...
I had this idea too. :D

But awesome wallpaper... I love it :meow:
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IDK why Hasbro hasn't made a HD video game for consoles on MLP
FanaticTVzombie's avatar
Because, do you want to walk into game stop and have that fat, sweaty guy just stand there and breath heavy and stare at you for your purchase. It's fucking creepy!
RainbowDash420's avatar
I dont do gamestop, its a corporate rip off wet dream for kids
FanaticTVzombie's avatar
Actually, it's the only place I can buy quality games, yeah it's a ripoff but, there aren't many options.
RainbowDash420's avatar
Watever floats your boat
FanaticTVzombie's avatar
Okay rainbow dash.
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Is it suppose to throw a pony out of the screen when it hits a hundred? :XD:
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