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Ponyville Secret Agent

Well, I haven't had many ideas for pony wallpapers lately, so I decided to revert back to my old style of wallpapers. Not to be intruding on :iconevilimpala-ss:'s art, but I just love doing this. Cars and ponies, best combination ever! I think I would possibly get a custom pony paint job on my car if it was my decision.

You know, Rainbow Dash would make an awesome cop, but I'm pretty sure that she would be on the other side of the law. Ooo, it would be hilarious if Rainbow was the driver in Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit. Ahhahaha....I've been playing way too much PS3 lately.



- NASCAR NASCAR NASCAR NASCAR NASCAR NASCAR NASCAR (I swear to Celestia, I'm not a redneck.)


2010 Ford Stealth Police Interceptor Concept found on here [link]

Agent Rainbow Dash by :iconrainbowcrab: found here [link]


MLP © Hasbro, Hub Network, Lauren Faust

Stealth Police Interceptor Concept © Ford Motor Company


Made with Gimp

Layers used: 3


EDIT: Took out "in the news" event due to a flaw.
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Pinkie pie (don't smile and bad news) plz Last time I should have killed you. This time... I will not kil you. Yet...
Rainbow Dash Hair Adjusting Your mistake, then :gun: revamp Glitchy Pie sneeze 
Dash facehoof What?
Pinkie pie (except it does!) plz That is an exact replica of your gun. But with confetti
Rainbow Dash Crying icon Why not just take the gun?
Pinkie pie (special pancake) plz Then there would be no confetti
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I Clearly prefer more the Crown Victoria, That car, plus a 356 BHP engine? It's awesome.

This one? Only boasts 312 BHP. That doesn't even come CLOSE.
Sil-Forty's avatar
Taurus is too slow for Dashie.
Rainbow2-0's avatar
I have one!

Koenigsegg CCXR Edition Interceptor (From NFS Hot Pursuit)
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aww yeaaah! EPIC!!
Chevrolet-Evilimpala's avatar
i hate ford but i like this picture
RDbrony16's avatar
yeah, I'm not a huge fan or Ford either. But, this was really the only undercover cop car that I could find.
Chevrolet-Evilimpala's avatar
its hard to found police dodge viper on real life.. if you play NFS hot pursuit use viper police :D now you have 20% cooler police car
RDbrony16's avatar
But I have no idea how to download pics from NFS to my computer D:
Chevrolet-Evilimpala's avatar
you need screen capture
RDbrony16's avatar
damn it. my friend has one, but it doesn't work anymore. maybe i'll try and save up for one soon.
Chevrolet-Evilimpala's avatar
why did't you have a GT5
RDbrony16's avatar
it wasn't included in the group of games that my friend gave me. i am now tempted to buy it. can make custom paint jobs for the cars on it?
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Um, I'm just asking this out of curiosity, nothing is official, but if I were to make prints available for some of my wallpapers, would you buy them? If you guys wouldn't, I won't make prints available. Again, this is just out of curiosity, nothing is official.

I think you have to get a license from Hasbro to sell any prints of your MLP:FiM fan art, including your wallpapers...
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...dang it. Yeah, now that I really think about it, I probably can't because of so many copyrights. Damn it. Well, taking out of description now.
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YEAH a Taurus
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