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Lauren Faust Alicorn Gradient Wallpaper

Wallpaper for the fearless leader of our beloved show. I was gonna go with an all-new original design for the mane six, but decided that it would be better if I just used the main theme vector of all of them. Plus, I would've had six or seven pictures to link in the description. I liked the idea of having the mane six in the background instead of Faust's cutie mark because it's not really "official".


Not much has been happenin' around here lately, EXCEPT on Wednesday, I went driving around the mall area and bought myself an Iron Man mask and an Iron Man gauntlet thing. After I bought the mask, I went riding around with my friend with the mask on, freaking people out while rocking out with the windows down and the music full blast. It was awesome! Need to do this sorta stuff with ponies.


Comic Con Faustia by :iconibringthazelc: found here [link]

mane 6 by :iconmihaaaa: found here [link]


MLP © Hasbro, Hub Network, Lauren Faust


It's on Equestria Daily --> [link] #28 and #30
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hey,rdbrony16 do you take requests? if you do,then i was wondering if you can draw my mlp oc/ponysona a.k.a firefly solstice?also do i have to pay you points or anything?here's my mlp oc/ponysona reference sheet.
Mlp Me A.k.a Firefly Solstice All Forms Reference by twidashfan1234
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The cool thing is that i has a picture of rainbow dash drawn by her. I didn't get to meet her, it was at my school raffle. And i won! thats why i have it. 
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This is my new background
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Looks pretty awesome.
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thats purrly genious :D, i really live how this wallpaper looks /)
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(\ sorry to leave you hanging on the brohoof ^^;
Moomuu's avatar
ok dont worry :)
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It's so beautiful... *sheds manly tears of admiration*
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Hey, you should show this to Lauren!

Shes right here: :iconfyre-flye:
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That's really purrty what program do you use to make it, I usually use MS paint to make Wallpaper/Backgrounds
RDbrony16's avatar
I use gimp for everything
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can we get Tara Strong as a pony wallpaper?
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The Queen of the Bronies? I might need to make a Twilightlicious wallpaper. Already made a regular Twilight wallpaper, so we'll see how it works out.
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Nah, I would pretty much say that she's the Queen of Trolling. ^^
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She's the T to the W-I-L-I-G-H-T and ain't no other pony troll it down like her.

Doesn't sound as right when you're not saying it in first person.
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lol oh yeah. I like that tone.
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