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Batman vs Iron-man: THE ULTIMATE BATTLE

Thanks to redditor walnutwhale for the idea :D


Well, that escalated quickly. I never thought my most popular drawing, possibly of a lifetime, would be a cheap sketch of two superheroes.
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This is exactly how it is. Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne are incredibly similar (including being wheelchair-bound for a short time). They both even have lots of gadgets they use (once is just a suit of armor, while the other's a belt). There's also Jean Paul Valley who built his own Batman Armor. The only real difference is that Tony Stark is no detective (then again, neither was Jean-Paul Valley).
I don't know where anyone got the idea that Iron Man is anything like Green Lantern. Unless anyone can remember a time when Tony Stark was an experimental pilot or an intergalactic using an energy-manipulating device. Or a time when Hal Jordan became a genius billionaire and built a super-sophisticated battlesuit for himself.
The closest Marvel equivalent to Green Lantern is Quasar.
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" if you need money that badly, might as well go for it." really? Because I was cnsidering refining this idea, though with the spiderman, and making a legit print.
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Were you the one to include Spiderman in the middle, trying to grab a little spare cash?
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haha, no, that was someone else's doing.
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Saw this on funnymama [link].
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saw this on Reddit around a month ago. :D
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heh heh heh, you two came up with a hilarious concept!
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Haha, oh this is great! ^_^ You just never know what will turn people on the most when it comes to the vast world of art.
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LOL. Battle of the billionaires.
Nice pic, simple and straightforward. I saw this making the rounds on Google+ with a 9gag logo on it, so I responded with the link to this source page.

Because screw 9gag and all the others who refuse to direct traffic to content's origin.
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Thanks, man. Even though I don't mind people sharing my pic, I don't want no 9gag putting it's logos on it. ;)
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I shall make a shirt out of this, with your blessing *-*
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Haha, ok. Now I kinda want to make a print myself and try to push it on some T-shirt website. But you're free to make yourself whatever you want :D
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Get it over at Threadless (or other community-driven Tee site) immediately, before someone swipes the thunder! Tell us where it's parked, and we'll vote for you!
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I tried to post it on Threadless but they declined with "needs additional work".Maybe if I'd know some other site :P
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Sorry about that; I sort of feel that they are a bit on the elitist-side. Hmmm, does Woot accept submissions? Or is TeeFury set up the same way? Run a Google search for T-Shirt Community and there should be a few more avenues for you.
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Thanks for advice, mate. I'll check these out.
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You are awesome <3 thaaaanks!
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3966+ people thinks this is awesome
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ROFL~ That is magnificent!!! ~:lmao:
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