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I have been working the past week on time-lapse photography projects. I have completed 2 clips so far, one was just a spur of the moment thing. I went out in my backyard, saw that one of my water lilies was about to open so I decided to try time lapse... Well I kind of fell in love with this art form... unfortunately I cant really share videos here on deviant art so I thought I would share them with my followers on DA via journal. On Friday I went out and did another one this time of a landscape, so If you like my landscape photos I hope you will like the time-lapse.

Water Lily Opening time-lapse:…
this one was around an hour and a half of shooting of intervals of 20 seconds.

Sawnee Mountain time-lapse:…
After work I went out to Sawnee Mountain to do this one. I was there about 5 and half hours with exposure intervals of 37 seconds.

I hope you enjoy these short time-lapse videos of mine! Write me a comment below if you have done any time lapse of your own I would enjoy seeing it. Thank You for reading

Ben Thomas.