DIY Punk Clothing: Features, Tutorials and Links
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Published: July 26, 2009
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If you’ve been inspired to customize your own clothes and don’t know where to start, here are some ideas:

1. The thrift store is your best friend. You’d be surprised by all the amazing things you can find there. I recently got a beautiful jacket with a corset backing for just five dollars.

2. Screen printing is a great way to put your own designs on clothes. If you’re feeling ambitious, check out this video tutorial:… you’re like me and prefer an easier, quicker approach, I’d recommend this video tutorial. (This is the method I use.)…

3. I’d recommend fabric paint over acrylic if you can afford it. It cost just a little bit more but it lasts much longer. Bleach is also great if you know how to use it. Here’s a bleaching tutorial…

4. Studs, spikes and eyelets make great accents. You can find eyelets at most craft stores. Studs and spikes are generally harder to find. If you can’t find them at stores, you can take the studs off of old belts and wrist bands and re-use them or order them online. If you live in the Bay Area, I’d recommend checking out a store called “Cheap Thrills”.  (Studs can also be replaced with decorative brads and beads. You can find both at most craft stores.) Here’s a video tutorial for putting on studs:…

5. Snap tape and grommet tape are also both great. They’re easier to apply than snaps and eyelets. (You just sew the tape on and you’re done.) It also looks cool even if it’s just for decoration.

6. If you don’t know how to sew, you can use fabric glue to apply patches. It’s pretty straightforward but this tutorial is very helpful anyway.…
7. Other things you can add include zippers, chains, buttons, patches, and iron-ons. Here’s a tutorial for making a zipper-chain shirt… and another for applying iron-ons.…

8. Save all your scraps. You never know when you might want to use them.

9. Hem patches before sewing them on. I know that doesn’t sound very “punk” but it keeps the patch from unraveling.

10. If you don’t think normal thread will be enough, you can use dental floss or embroidery thread. Dental floss is a punk rock classic but embroidery thread is super cheap and comes in a bunch of different colors.

11. Don’t be afraid to get ideas from other people. Ripping them off isn’t cool but there’s nothing wrong with sharing ideas.

12. Contrary to popular belief, it’s perfectly okay if it looks like crap.

13. Art is dead, long live vandalism.

Some helpful DIY websites:

ThreadBanger: This is probably the most well-known DIY site. It has patterns, tutorials and more.…

Punk Rock Domestics: A forum for crafty punk fans. Check out the “fashion” section for tutorials and features

Stencil Punks: Another overly touted site but if you want to make stencils but don’t know where to start, this is a great place.

Antimony and Lace: This is more goth than punk but there are some excellent tutorials and links

Lolita Handbook: For the more loli-inclined. There are fashion tips, great pictures and a few tutorials. (I personally found their lace tutorial incredibly helpful.)…

Some youtube users who make great tutorials:

Threadbanger (see above)
EverydayHardcore  (these guys also have a cooking series called “Ramen ‘Round the World”. It’s brilliant.)

That’s all for now, guys. If you’ve made anything you want to share, feel free to send me a link. I’d love to see it.

Thanks  so much for reading! Keep on rocking!


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Fox-Hawk001Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the guide! I think this will come in handy. :)

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AntlerQueenHobbyist General Artist
Thrift store IS my best friend, great post. 

I know this post is very old, but if you are still interested in this kind of stuff, we're looking for people like you to join our Da groups for people of different subcultures? You don't have to, but i really like your art, and this post. 
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ThatKidwholikesPunkHobbyist General Artist
#13! love it
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thanks tons for the feature :3
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Thanks so much for using my jacket in this -- I haven't been on my DA in forever, so I just found out now. But really, thank you!
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RevMEATZStudent Writer
awesome! I've been trolling the web for shit like this for the last few months but haven't found a lot of cheap stuff. Maybe my google-fu is weak, I usually reap good google results.
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CursedOnezProfessional Traditional Artist
luv those outfits! they're amazing!
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nytagHobbyist General Artist
Wow, all this stuff is amazing. It's always nice to see people putting meaning into their clothes...much more interesting than just buying them as is! I'm not punk, but it's definitely inspiring. :thumbsup:
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I'm not punk either. I just love DIY stuff. I'm glad you like it.
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slight-obstructionHobbyist General Artist
this is just the kind of thing i was wishing there was more of on deviantart!! thank you!
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ZinksdavidHobbyist Digital Artist
i love you for this. thanks for the help i've been wondering how to be more creative with my wardrobe now that i've stopped growing.
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theravenbardHobbyist General Artist
Awesome feature.
Thanks a ton for posting.
Shall get creating :D.
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XFadedToBlackXStudent Traditional Artist
I checked out some of the Threadbanger videos on youtube and it made me wanna do something with my clothes. Thanks a lot for sharing this, I'm glad I found out about Threadbanger!
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Yeah, Threadbanger is amazing. Thanks. :hug:
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Wow this is really helpful. ^^ Thanks for posting it.
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mariedarkStudent Traditional Artist
thanks for the feature :lol:
and thats a really cool article, by the way. i find it useful :) though you might want to look over it again because some of the links dont work because of smiley things in them :/
but overall this is great :D
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Thanks and you're welcome.

I'm not exactly sure how I'd fix the links. DA puts smilies in certain letter combinations no matter what.
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mariedarkStudent Traditional Artist
try putting spaces in between the smileys then ppl can copy & paste the link and remove the spaces :lol:
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StencilPunk link does not appear to be working. Otherwise loving the article
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Try this one [link]

Abd thanks!
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atmosblueProfessional Traditional Artist
Awesome tips. =)
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SkullFuctStudent Digital Artist
It's hard to find this sort of stuff in my town. Er, studs and stuff.

The dental floss bit is really helpful, shit keeps falling off my vest.
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