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LOZ - Restoration Cover 2

Legend of Zelda: Restoration  VOLUME 2

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This will be cover number II for my Legend of Zelda: Restoration doujinshi cover.  Since covers are supposed to be nicer than the content inside a comicbook (albeit, my comic is a DeviantArt ONLY readable/viewable comic) then I decided on a friend's recommendation to create a cover that was more Brian Froud-like in nature.  Well, Froud's work is incredibly delicate, and I felt that a very delicate photomanipulation was well-in-order in the stead of a hand-drawn cover.
1) This was NOT an easy photomanipulation to make!
2) I had lots of fun designing and placing every piece of stock in my picture in order to make it look like a professional book cover.
3) Does it have anything to do with the story?  Probably not in a tell-tale way, but I liked the way it looked, and the lady pictured would be the RL rendition of Old School Zelda (animated) with her strawberry-blonde hair.
4) I was going to wait until I hit page 100 to upload this, but since I'm down making my comics this weekend, I figured it would be a good weekend to make something else.

Legend of Zelda: Restoration was written and drawn by me: Aiijuin Graphics.  Legend of Zelda and it's characters/idea/concept belongs to Nintendo.

Dedicated to :iconsilvermoon822:
This is probably not what you wanted, Darian - but I hope it will suffice for now, Honey!

STOCK USED IN THIS PHOTOMANIPULATION ---------------------------->  

Hair Stocks PNG 07
Hair Stocks PNG 07

Gems Downloadable Stock 4 & Stock 3
Gems (downloadable stock) - 4
Gems (downloadable stock) - 3

Princess Stock 2
Princess Stock 2

Crown Tiara Gems
Crown Tiara Gems Lyotta

Stock PNG heavy vines
STOCK PNG heavy vines

Elf Ears PSD
Elf Ears PSD

Peacock Royal Butterfly PNG
Peacock Royal Butterfly PNG

The other stock used in this cover was legally downloaded and
purchased 'commercial-use licensed PNG stock' on &

Link to Cover 1: Legend of Zelda: Restoration Cover
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