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:bulletred: Finally, this mini comic ties in directly to my "Legend of Zelda: Restoration" comic, and is based on the character design/story arcs with Old School Link & Old School Zelda from the original animated 80s toon "Legend of Zelda" - and also from the Valiant Comic of the same name.  This mini-comic takes place before OoT Link arrives, but there is not set exact time of when this happens.  It's merely to to show a few things going on in the mind of OS Link.

:bulletblack:  "Legend of Zelda," Link, Zelda, and the other characters used within this comic are properties of Nintendo & Nintendo of America.  I own nothing, but my story and the CGI characters whom I have designed in DAZStudio Pro 4.8.

=========> DA CREDITS <=============
Special Thank Yous to these DA Members, whom without their hard work, trust, and effort, it would not have been possible to produce these pages today! :blowkiss:

Archways Hall Scene II
Archways Hall Scene III

Gems (downloadable stock) - 2

Mysterious HAIR STOCK
Romantic Curls HAIR STOCK
Queen Of Lions - HAIR STOCK

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