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[DL][GMOD/SFM] Poetic Thrill and Mythic Wish

So after a lot of blood, sweat and tears, here are the models of the ponysonas of me and my sister. THESE ARE FOR GARRY'S MOD ONLY (separate models compatible with SFM are not out of the question). One of my Steam friends did a test of the models in SFM and they work just fine, so no need for separate models.

The Mythic Wish model could not have been possible without Glaber's Pony Resize Project. Check it out if you want to make a filly OC.

Poetic Thrill's shirt and Mythic Wish's bow are both bodygroups, so they can be removed.

Current bugs (I have no idea how to fix these):
  • Poetic Thrill shows a blank thumbnail in the spawn menu. The model still spawns, though.
  • Jigglebones on Mythic Wish do not work.

You will require the base overhaul pony models for the shared textures, such as the glasses on Poetic Thrill.

Steam Workshop downloads here:

Also, to The1996Hedgehog: since you are using Poetic Thrill for Sonic Execution, would you kindly use Mythic Wish as well?

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