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"They did it! Majin Buu has been completely destroyed!" the Supreme Kai says, having watched the battle from the Elder Kai's crystal ball.

"They may have won the battle, but the Sacred World of the Kai has been wrecked!" the Elder Kai complains, surveying the devastation caused by the fight with Pure Buu and its dramatic conclusion.

"I could always go to New Namek and ask Porunga to repair the damage." Blazer suggests. "I'm actually going there next, since there's a couple of other wishes I need to make with the Dragon Balls."

"You can't just use the Dragon Balls to make wishes whenever you feel like it!" the Elder Kai scolds Blazer. "Misuse of the Dragon Balls could cause a total collapse of the cosmic order!"

"Relax, I'm not going to ask for anything that huge to happen." Blazer says with a knowing smirk. "Just trust me for once, all right?"

Blazer disappears in his usual flash of blue and orange light as the Elder Kai shakes his head in disbelief. "How could he have known in advance how the battle with Majin Buu would end?" he thinks out loud to himself.

Chapter 30-5: Triumphant Return

The battle was over. The purified evil version of Majin Buu had been completely destroyed by the Spirit Bomb. Everyone on Earth was cheering for Mr. Satan, believing him to have been the one to defeat Majin Buu in the end.

While Mr. Satan is reveling in the spotlight, Vegeta grins at Goku and Paresi despite his injuries. "Well, you two certainly took long enough. You sure you want to give all the credit to him?"

"Mr. Satan was the one to convince everyone on Earth to help." Paresi says, smirking at Vegeta. "You deserve some of the credit too; after all using the Spirit Bomb was your idea in the first place."

Vegeta smirks at Paresi. "Hmmph. Next time, I'll find a way to win by myself. Right now, you need to decide what to do about them."

Knowing what Vegeta means, Paresi looks over at Shugar, who was in the process of using her powers to heal the Good Buu. "Well, they did help us a lot during that fight. At the same time, everyone on Earth is gonna remember him as the Majin Buu that destroyed cities and killed countless people, even if he isn't a threat anymore."

"I may already have a solution for that, if you're willing to let me help out." Paresi hears the voice of Blazer speaking to her through the telepathic link. "I've got some ideas for wishes to Porunga I want to make, but I need to bring Dende with me to New Namek, since I don't speak Namekian, and I don't think they'll trust me unless he's with me. I promise you I'll bring him back to the Lookout safe and sound when I'm done."

"If Dende is willing to go with you, then I won't object." Paresi replies after giving it some thought. "You'd better bring him back safe though. Even if you are a Demon God like Piccolo thinks you are, if anything happens to Dende you're going to answer to me for it!"

"Hey Shugar, when you're done healing him, come over here and heal me too!" Vegeta shouts at Shugar.

"Right away Mister Vegeta!" Shugar says, smiling brightly as she fires the same healing wave at Vegeta as she did for Buu. While she is doing this, Mr. Satan raises an eyebrow at Shugar.

"Shugar looks... different from the last time I saw her." he thinks to himself, pretending not to have noticed the increase in her bust size. "Hmm, she must have done something with her hair... or whatever those things on her head are."

Dende takes Blazer's hand, seeing a flash of blue and orange light before finding himself standing in a familiar village on New Namek. Grand Elder Moori and several villagers all start to arrive, happy to see him again!

"Welcome back, Dende! It's so good of you to come!" Grand Elder Moori says, greeting his son joyously. "Is this man a friend of yours from Earth?"

"His name is Blazer. He was hoping to get a chance to use the Dragon Balls." Dende replies.

"I want to help some people that were affected by a recent disaster that Paresi helped to put a stop to." Blazer tells Grand Elder Moori.

"Of course! If you are a friend to Dende and an ally to Paresi, we would be more than willing to allow you to make your wishes." Grand Elder Moori replies, bowing in respect to him and Dende.

It doesn't take long for the Namekians to bring all of their Dragon Balls to Dende, who still remembered the Namekian words that must be spoken to summon Porunga. "Takkaraputo popurunga pupirittoparo!"

With Dende's help, Blazer makes his three wishes to Porunga:

His first wish is to restore all of the cities on Earth that were destroyed by the monster known as Majin Buu.

His second wish was to restore the Sacred World of the Kai to the state it was in before the final battle against Majin Buu that took place there. The Elder Kai expressed his annoyance with Blazer for making this his second wish instead of the first one.

Blazer's third wish raised a bit of suspicion among some of the Namekians, but Dende agreed to translate the wish to Porunga anyway, trusting he was doing this for a noble reason. His third wish was to alter the memories of the people of Earth! Instead of the large, chubby Majin Buu who became good when he befriended Mr. Satan, everyone on Earth would remember the Pure Buu as the Majin Buu who terrorized the Earth for Babidi, destroying cities and turning people into candy to eat them.

"Thank you Porunga." Blazer says, bowing his head in respect to the Namekian Dragon of Dreams as it disappears, the dark sky lighting up once again. "Let me know when you're ready to return to Earth Dende, and I'll bring you back to the Lookout. Paresi will likely already be there awaiting your return."

Sure enough, everyone on the Sacred World of the Kai returns to the Lookout through Goku and Paresi's use of Instant Transmission, greeted by their friends and family! Goku waves to Chi-Chi and Gohan as Goten runs up and gives him a hug. Vegeta crosses his arms and tries to look uninterested as Bulma and Trunks run up to greet him. Paresi bows respectfully to Mr. Popo, who runs up and hugs her tightly in response.

"Dad! Shugar!" Videl shouts, waving to Mr. Satan and her friend from Natade Village. Videl's eyes widen in horror when she sees Buu standing behind them waving back at her! "Whoa, what the...!"

"Hi Videl! This is my big brother, Buu!" Shugar says, smiling happily and oblivious to the look of terror on Videl's face.

"It's all right Videl, he's my friend!" Mr. Satan tells his daughter to try and calm her down. "He's gonna be stayin' at the mansion from now on!"

"Shugar come visit big brother and Mr. Satan every day!" Shugar says, smiling brightly. "Shugar gotta get back to village, let everybody know how Shugar help save the day!"

Shugar takes off from the Lookout and flies all the way back to Natade Village, where she tells Zalador and everyone else about how she met Mr. Satan, her adventure inside the body of the Evil Buu, and how she helped save both the Good Buu and the whole world. Zalador told Shugar he was proud of her, which made her very happy.

Once everyone else had left the Lookout to return to their homes, Paresi and Mr. Popo stood on the Lookout and waited for Dende to return from New Namek. When he and Blazer appear, Dende runs up and hugs Paresi tightly. "You did it Paresi! You saved everyone again!" he tells her.

"I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you Dende." Paresi says, returning the hug. Once Dende and Mr. Popo have gone into the palace, she turns to look at Blazer. "So, who are you really? Did you really know how all of this would play out since the Tenkaichi Budokai?"

"Well, things didn't play out *exactly* as I thought they would." Blazer replies, his voice hinting that he might have known a bit more than he was letting on. "Tell you what; how about the next time we meet, I tell you who I really am?"

Paresi smirks at Blazer. "Next time? Does that mean I'm gonna end up seeing you again? I'm gonna have to fight somebody even more dangerous than Majin Buu, and you already know about it, don't you?"

Blazer grins nervously, scratching the back of his head. "I'd get us both in trouble if I told you. I gotta go for now. Take care Paresi!" he says, disappearing in a flash of blue and orange light as he is known to do. Paresi shook her head, but still kept a calm smile. For now, Earth was finally safe once again.

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"What's going on? Why is nobody else on Earth helping Goku, Vegeta, and Paresi?" the Supreme Kai asks Blazer. "They're the only ones who can defeat Majin Buu before it's too late!"

Blazer nods. "That's true, but you have to look at it from the point of view of Average Joe from Earth. If a bunch of unfamiliar voices in the sky suddenly told you to give them all of your energy, would you do it?"

"That's besides the point! If Goku can't convince the Earthlings to help him, then it's over; Majin Buu will destroy the entire universe!" the Elder Kai shouts at Blazer. "That's what you wanted to see happen, isn't it Mr. Paragon of Destruction? This is all your fault!"

"Maybe Goku isn't the one who needs to convince them." Blazer replies, a knowing smirk on his face. "Have faith, Elder Kai. This works out just fine, I assure you..."

Chapter 30-4: The Super Spirit Bomb!

"Everyone please! We need your energy! Don't you care if you live or die?" everyone on Earth hears Goku's plea, their voices echoing across the Sacred World of the Kai.

"Who is this guy? I almost believe him."
"It's a scam!"
"Who do they think they are, talking to us from the sky?"
"Just ignore the voices and they'll go away."

Seeing Pure Buu knock away Vegeta, Paresi, and Shugar before mercilessly pummeling Good Buu while he's still out cold, Mr. Satan finally speaks up! "What are you all doing? Hurry up and help us! Are you really going to refuse me? Your champion, Mr. Satan?" he shouts. The voices change their tone when they hear him.

"That voice... that was Mr. Satan!"
"The World Champion! He must be one of the warriors!"
"I'd know that voice anywhere!"
"Why didn't he say something sooner?"

"I couldn't talk before because I'm the one fighting Majin Buu right now!" Mr. Satan shouts. "Hurry, and lend me your energy! Raise your hands to the sky so I can win!"

Goku looks at Mr. Satan with a look of surprise on his face as the Spirit Bomb suddenly starts to rapidly grow larger and larger! "I don't believe it! That actually worked!"

Mr. Satan grins. "It's nothing personal Goku, but they wouldn't have done it unless they thought it was for me." he says.

"Don't worry about it; the important thing right now is beating Majin Buu. Good job!" Goku compliments the World Champion. The voices of the Earthlings can be heard as they start to finally cooperate, giving their energy to Goku's Spirit Bomb.

"Everyone raise your hands for the World Champion!"
"You can do it, Mr. Satan!"
"Take my energy, Mr. Satan!"
"Three cheers for the World Champion!"

"In just a matter of moments, the Spirit Bomb has grown to a tremendous size thanks to the energy from Earth. "It's ready!" Goku shouts.

"Whoa-ho-ho!" Mr. Satan shouts in awe of the massive glowing orb of power as Goku rises up into the air.

"Everyone move away! Paresi! Vegeta!" Goku shouts to his fellow saiyans. Paresi quickly grabs Vegeta by the arm and uses Instant Transmission to teleport herself and the saiyan prince over to where Mr. Satan was, safely out of the way of the attack that was to come.

"Shugar, grab your brother and come over here!" Mr. Satan shouts. Shugar nods and picks up Good Buu, but Pure Buu digs his arms into the ground and grabs her by the legs to keep her from escaping!

"Hey! Let go!" Shugar shouts, struggling to free her legs from Pure Buu's grip while also carrying the Good Buu in her arms. "Shugar can't move!"

"Eh heh heh heh heh!" Pure Buu chuckles wickedly.

"What are you waiting for? Kakarot, throw it now!" Vegeta shouts.

"No, you can't!" Mr. Satan pleads. "He's using Shugar and her brother as a shield! You'll hit them instead!"

"I'll get them out of the way!" Paresi says, using Instant Transmission to teleport behind Pure Buu, and in an act of sheer desperation, kicks him as hard as she still can in the groin! Even she didn't know if this would work or not, even as Pure Buu howls in pain, releasing Shugar and falling to his knees, clutching himself where he was hit while screaming! Shugar quickly flies over to where Mr. Satan and the others are while still carrying Good Buu while Paresi uses Instant Transmission to teleport back. "We're clear! Do it, Kakarot; it's now or never!"

"TAKE THIS!" Goku screams, throwing the Spirit Bomb at Pure Buu! The evil Majin recovers from Paresi's cheap shot and fires a huge pink Kamehameha at the Spirit Bomb, roaring in rage when his attack has no effect against it!

Pure Buu grabs the Spirit Bomb with his hands to catch it as it threatens to overtake him completely. The others notice that the Spirit Bomb has stopped moving! Both Pure Buu and Goku are now struggling against each other to push the Spirit Bomb!

"Kakarot, what's wrong?" Paresi asks.

"Stop dragging your feet and finish him off already!" Vegeta shouts.

"It's no use... I've used up too much power!" Goku says, sweat pouring from his forehead. "Paresi and I put everything we had into in that Kamehameha we fired at Buu while we were in Super Saiyan 3. I've got nothing left!

"No, there's got to be some way to... I've got it!" Paresi says, having thought of a plan. "Dende, can you hear me? Shenron can still grant one more wish, right?"

Dende nods. "Yes, we only used one of two wishes so far, the one to bring everyone back to life like you said."

"I want to use the second wish now!" Paresi tells Dende. "Use it to restore Kakarot and myself to full strength!"

"Okay!" Dende replies, speaking Paresi's second wish to Shenron. The dragon's eyes glow red as it grants this wish before disappearing.

Feeling all of her lost strength return, Paresi flies up to join Goku's side. "We're both back to full power; we can finish this now!" she tells him as she transforms and uses her own strength in Super Saiyan form to help push the Spirit Bomb back down at Pure Buu.

"Thanks, Paresi!" Goku says, also transforming into a Super Saiyan. With a fierce warcry, Goku and Paresi push the Spirit Bomb down with enough force that it engulfs Pure Buu entirely! With a scream of pain and shock, the Pure Buu is completely destroyed by the Spirit Bomb; not a single trace of him remains to regenerate. "You were unbelievable! I hope you can come back as a good person someday, and then we can fight again, just the two of us." Goku says as the Spirit Bomb explodes, leaving a tremendous crater where Pure Buu used to be.

The Sacred World of the Kai is silent for a moment as everyone takes in what just happened. "Did you do it? Is it really over?" Mr. Satan is the first to ask, breaking the tense silence.

"His ki is completely gone. It's over, we did it!" Paresi says, taking a deep breath. "We defeated the greatest threat to the entire universe; I almost can't believe it myself! To think, it wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for you, Mr. Satan. I guess bringing you here wasn't a mistake after all. You do the honors and tell everyone; you've earned it."

"HA HA, we did it!" Mr. Satan shouts, raising his fist into the air in triumph. "People of Earth, Majin Buu has just died! I've won, thanks to each and every one of you!"

The people of Earth can be heard erupting into cheering on the Sacred World of the Kai as they chant Mr. Satan's name. Over on the Lookout, Videl shakes her head in embarrassment. "Oh dad... at least I know you're okay."
Chapter 30-4: The Super Spirit Bomb
Thanks to some help from Mr. Satan, Goku has gathered enough energy to use the Spirit Bomb! Can it really destroy the evil purified Majin Buu, even as he tries everything he can think of to counterattack?

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The evil Pure Majin Buu jumps down into the water after Vegeta, but is knocked out of the water a moment later as the saiyan prince flies up and strikes Pure Buu with a vicious open palm strike! Unfortunately, Pure Buu just grins at Vegeta and throws a hard punch into his head which knocks him out of his Super Saiyan form in a single blow!

Although he was now unconscious, Vegeta remains on his feet, even as Pure Buu starts to pummel him mercilessly! With a laugh, Pure Buu aims his palms at Vegeta and gathers energy to finish him off with a Vanishing Ball!

Just before he fires his Vanishing Ball, another one hits Pure Buu from above, knocking him to the ground as Vegeta falls onto his back. Looking up, Pure Buu spots Shugar floating in the air above him. "You're a big bully! Shugar not gonna let you hurt Mr. Satan or anybody else ever!" she shouts. Pure Buu merely sneers at Shugar before flying up to stare her down face to face.

"Let's get out of here for now." Blazer suggests to Shin, Kibito, and the Elder Kai. "We're just going to be in the way if we stick around."

"Hey, what about me?" Mr. Satan asks just as Blazer and the Kais disappear, leaving him behind! "I'm not supposed to be here either! Uh, right?"

Chapter 30-3: Desperate Measures

Paresi shakes her head in frustration over how easily Vegeta is defeated. "Even if he is the prince, I still have to wonder why he never listens to me!" she comments. "His pride won't mean anything at all if Majin Buu destroys the entire universe!"

While Pure Buu is trading punches to the face with Shugar, Paresi hears a familiar voice ask her. "So, if that girl doesn't beat Buu, which one of us should fight him next? Should we play Rock, Paper, Scissors for it?"

Paresi whirls around, seeing a now alive Goku standing next to her. "Kakarot! How long have you just been sitting here watching? Why aren't you helping?"

"I was just waiting for my turn to fight, that's all." Goku replies, scratching the back of his head and grinning sheepishly. "So, should we play Rock, Paper, Scissors now while that girl is fighting Buu?"

"No, I've got a better idea." Paresi says, watching as Pure Buu starts to gain the advantage against Shugar in their fight, knocking her into the air with a handstand kick before flying up, grabbing her, and slamming her down into the ground with a spinning Izuna Drop before hitting her with a pink Kamehameha. "We're going to use Fusion right now!"

Goku nods and takes position with Paresi to perform the Fusion technique with her, but as soon as they are about to start, Pure Buu stomps on the ground, his foot tunneling underneath Paresi and bursting out to kick her in the jaw, knocking her out of position! "Ah ah ah!" Pure Buu taunts, waving one of his fingers in a "tsk tsk" manner at Paresi and Goku.

"Damn it, he's not gonna let us!" Paresi says, gritting her teeth as the fight between Shugar and Pure Buu continues. "We'll just have to do what we can separately!"

Shugar flies at the Pure Buu and lands a hard punch to his face, but the Pure Buu shrugs off her attack and kicks her away. Both Shugar and Pure Buu fire a pink Kamehameha at each other, with Pure Buu quickly winning the brief beam struggle and knocking her to the ground. Goku and Paresi power up to Super Saiyan 3 and attack Pure Buu next, Paresi striking him with a ki enhanced backflip kick and Goku uppercutting him high into the air. "We'll show you how to do a real Kamehameha!" Goku shouts, he and Paresi both firing the genuine version of the destructive ki wave up at Pure Buu, pouring as much of their power in Super Saiyan 3 as they can in an attempt to destroy him once and for all!

The combined ki attack looks to split apart and fly in opposite directions of each other as Pure Buu is able to backhand Paresi's Super Kamehameha at the cost of one of his arms and kick away Goku's Super Kamehameha at the cost of both of his legs. The missing limbs regenerate immediately, Pure Buu pointing and laughing at Goku and Paresi!

"Not even our combined power with Super Saiyan 3 worked!" Paresi says, becoming even more upset as Pure Buu begins to shake his hips and taunt the two saiyans below him. "His ki didn't even drop slightly; we haven't done any damage to him at all! We've got to hit him with an attack powerful enough to destroy him completely in one hit, or it won't be of any use!"

Shugar charges at Pure Buu and throws a kick that gets easily blocked before being slammed into the ground hard enough to bounce her back up! Pure Buu flies toward Shugar and hits her again with a spinning kick that knocks her head over heels through a nearby boulder, then flies up, chuckling as he raises an arm over his head and creates a massive Vanishing Ball! "HAHA HAHA HAHA!" he laughs as he throws the ball down at Shugar!

"No you don't!" Shugar says, actually catching the ball and flying back up into the air in an attempt to throw it back at Pure Buu, but the evil Majin roars and screams at Shugar before drawing back his hands and firing a Super Kamehameha, blasting her and the Vanishing Ball over the horizon and out of sight!

"Oh no, Shugar!" Mr. Satan shouts, his jaw dropping as he sees what he thinks was Shugar getting destroyed by Pure Buu, who then turns and grins at him! Before he can attack however, the Pure Buu is hit in the back by a ki blast fired by the Good Buu!

"Buu hate you! You no hurt Mr. Satan and Shugar!" Good Buu shouts angrily at Pure Buu. The two Buus charge at each other, the Good Buu landing the first blow with a headbutt to Pure Buu! Still angry, Good Buu starts punching Pure Buu in the face, then headbutts him, claps both hands against his head, and kicks him into the air before firing a Kamehameha. Pure Buu dodges the Kamehameha and rushes at Good Buu, the two exchanging blows at high speed.

"I used up almost everything firing that Kamehameha." Paresi tells Goku. "I'm at a loss as to what we can still do. Any ideas?"

"I may have an idea." Paresi and Goku hear a badly injured Vegeta say, having regained consciousness. Pure Buu is already starting to gain the upper hand against Good Buu, smacking him to the ground after a barrage of punches and kicks before hitting him with a pink Kamehameha.

"Buu, are you all right? Do you think you're strong enough to beat him?" Mr. Satan is quick to ask, but Good Buu shakes his head.

"This is bad. Buu don't think he can win!" Good Buu replies as he gets back up. "Even if Buu fight with Shugar, we not gonna be able to beat him, but Buu gonna keep fighting!"

"Shugar fight too!" Shugar shouts as she rejoins the battle, but even with the two of them working together, Pure Buu still has the upper hand! Laughing with maniacal glee, Pure Buu is able to dodge and block the attacks of the other two Majins while hitting them back with various punches, kicks, ki blasts, and even biting one of Shugar's arms!

"The ki of Shugar and the good Majin Buu is shrinking, but the evil Buu is just as strong as ever!" Paresi says with a look of frustration on her face. "If you've got a plan Vegeta, now is the time to tell us about it!"

"You already used the Dragon Balls to bring everyone back who was killed by Majin Buu and myself right?" Vegeta asks, to which Paresi nods in confirmation. "Paresi, you've spent your whole life helping save the Earth from danger, so now it's their turn to help you. Contact the Earthlings and tell them to give their energy to Kakarot for the Spirit Bomb!"

"The attack Kakarot used against Freeza?" Paresi asks, thinking for a moment. "Of course! There wasn't enough energy to gather on Namek, which is why it didn't beat Freeza. If all the Namekians had been alive at the time, it would have obliterated him!"

"The Spirit Bomb? That's your plan?" Goku asks, looking skeptical even as Pure Buu easily dodges Good Buu's and Shugar's attempts to turn him into candy. Pure Buu then grabs Shugar by one of her legs and swings her like a club into the head of the Good Buu repeatedly! "Even if everyone on Earth gave me a little of their energy, it still wouldn't be strong enough!"

"That's why we are going to ask for a lot of everyone's energy! As much as possible!" Vegeta retorts.

"That might work! We can use the other wish on the Dragon Balls to open a telepathic link with everyone on Earth if we can just contact Dende." Paresi suggests.

"I've got this one covered Paresi!" she hears King Kai tell her through telepathy. "Go ahead, everyone on Earth should be able to hear you and the others now."

"People of Earth, listen to me very carefully! We are a small group of warriors in the process of fighting Majin Buu at this very moment, but we need your help!" Vegeta shouts, his voice reaching every single person on Earth at once. "We need as much of your energy as you can offer us so that we can defeat Majin Buu once and for all!"

"Everyone, please raise your hands up into the sky! Hurry!" Goku shouts.

Back on Earth, Bulma hears Vegeta's voice and is overjoyed. "That really was Vegeta! That means the wish worked!"

"I heard dad's voice too! They're both alive again, and they're helping Paresi!" Gohan replies as well.

"I know what Goku has in mind; he's gonna use the Spirit Bomb!" Krillin says, raising his arms along with everyone on the Lookout. "Here Goku, take as much as you can, from all of us!"

Paresi watches as Good Buu and Shugar continue to fight with Pure Buu, gritting her teeth knowing it was only a matter of time before they were both defeated. "How's the Spirit Bomb coming along?" she asks.

"It's working! Whoa, this must be all the energy from Gohan and the others. It's huge!" Goku comments as the Spirit Ball starts to form. It was already bigger than the one he had thrown at Freeza back on Namek!

"Something's wrong. It should be getting bigger. What's going on?" Vegeta asks, but he gets his answer as he starts to hear the echoed voices of people from Earth itself...

"Anybody else hear those strange voices? What's up with that?"
"It must be some sort of mass hypnosis!"
"That guy sounds just like the one who blew up the Tenkaichi Budokai arena."
"This has got to be some kind of trick."
"How do we know he isn't helping Buu?"
"No way, I'm not giving anyone my energy!"

"These are the people Paresi spent her whole life trying to protect?! What the hell's wrong with them? Don't they even care what happens to their own world?" Vegeta shouts, becoming angry.

"What's taking so long? Nobody is giving me any energy!" Goku replies, looking worried.

"Paresi, you're the Earth's protector. You should try asking them yourself!" King Kai suggests.

"We're running out of time! Please, we're trying to save you all from being destroyed by Majin Buu along with the entire planet! Share your energy with us, I beg of you!" Paresi shouts. Some people on Earth recognize her voice; people from Jingle Village like Eighter and Suno, Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, the people of the Karinga Tribe, Launch, and even #17. They all listen and raise their hands, but when the Spirit Bomb only gets a tiny bit larger, Vegeta starts to get even angrier.

"You've wasted your whole life Paresi! These fools are hardly worth saving at all if this is how they're going to repay you!" Vegeta tells her.

Looking over at the battle, Goku, Paresi, and Vegeta can see that Pure Buu has already managed to knock out Good Buu completely, and is currently pummeling Shugar from all sides! "Damn it, we need more time!" Paresi shouts, she and Vegeta powering up and transforming into Super Saiyans. "

"Kakarot, we'll try to buy you as much time as we can, but you have to convince the Earthlings to help you!" Vegeta tells Goku as he joins Paresi in flying over to attack Pure Buu, dodging Shugar as she is kicked at the saiyans! Shugar ends up landing with a flop on top of the unconscious Good Buu, which helps to cushion her fall.

"Oooouh, HUHUHU AHHU!" Pure Buu shouts, pounding his chest as Paresi and Vegeta attack him together, firing their strongest ki waves at him; Vegeta with his Final Flash, and Paresi with a Super Kamehameha. In their weakened states however, these attacks do nothing to Pure Buu who continues to laugh and dance to celebrate his impending victory as both Paresi and Vegeta lose their Super Saiyan forms and power down!

"Everyone please! We need your energy! Don't you care if you live or die?" Goku shouts in desperation. When the Spirit Bomb still doesn't get any bigger or stronger, despair starts to set in...
Chapter 30-3: Desperate Measures
Paresi's fight against the purified evil Majin Buu continues, but even with Goku, Vegeta, Shugar, and even the Good Buu helping her, Pure Buu seems to be invincible! Only one attack can possibly save the universe now...
Ask Blazer Question From KingoftheDragons1 #13
Blazer is seen by most people as a good guy who uses his powers to help others. Brick sees Blazer as "That jerk that always ruins my fun!"

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"Everyone split up! Find the Dragon Balls and bring them to the Lookout!"

With everyone working together, it doesn't take very long to gather the seven Dragon Balls and bring them to the Lookout. Dende is the one to summon Shenron and make the wish Paresi requested before she disappeared with Majin Buu and Mr. Satan. "Many people on Earth were killed by those who bore the mark of a Majin. With the exception of the wizard Babidi, I wish for all of those people to return to life!"

"It shall be done." the voice of Shenron booms as his eyes turn red. Immediately, Chi-Chi reappears back on the Lookout, no longer a smashed egg. All across the planet Earth, people who were blown up or turned into chocolate candy and devoured by Majin Buu start to reappear alive and well. Back at the Tenkaichi Budokai arena, the people who were killed when Majin Vegeta blasted the audience in his attempts to get Paresi to fight him were also brought back to life! From a crater in the desert wastes, Vegeta himself also reappears, no longer bearing the Majin mark on his forehead.

"I... I've come back to life... again!" Vegeta comments, looking down at his hands. "Does this mean Paresi has slain Majin Buu?"

"Not yet." Vegeta whirls around when he hears the voice of the Paragon of Destruction speaking to him. "She's going to need your help though. I can bring you to where they are right now."

"Oh I'll go with you, but I'm not interested in helping Paresi!" Vegeta says without hesitation, grabbing hold of one of Blazer's arms. "Take me to Majin Buu! I owe him some payback for everything he's done!"

Blazer nods, then he and Vegeta disappear in a flash of blue and orange light.

Chapter 30-2: Fight for the Universe!

Shin, Kibito, and the Elder Kai watch from a distance as Paresi appears on the Sacred World of the Kai via Instant Transmission, still pinning the purified Majin Buu down. "All right Gohan, finish him off!" she shouts, turning her head to see that the person that was holding onto her was... "Mr. Satan?"

With a roar, Pure Buu kicks Paresi and Mr. Satan off of him and gets back up, pounding his chest with his fists and hollering like a feral animal. "What are you gonna do to get Shugar out of Majin Buu? She doesn't deserve to be destroyed along with him!" Mr. Satan argues.

"Where the hell is Gohan?" Paresi asks, becoming annoyed. Did she really just bring the wrong person with her to finish the battle against Majin Buu?

"Calm down lady, Gohan's right over-" Mr. Satan starts to answer, turning and pointing at a nearby waterfall. "-what the? How did we get here, and where's everybody else?"

"Damn it, Gohan must be back on Earth with everybody else!" Paresi shouts angrily. How could she have made such a terrible mistake? What could Mr. Satan possibly do to help her?

"Back on Earth? What are you talking about?" Mr. Satan asks, looking confused. "You're talkin' like we're not on Earth anymore, but that wouldn't make any sense. If this isn't Earth, then where do you think we are?"

"This is the hallowed planet of the Kai!" the Elder Kai speaks up. "Who are you, and why did Paresi bring you here instead of Gohan?"

"A mistake, I assure you." Paresi answers. "I can't go back for him now; I'd be leaving you here at Majin Buu's mercy, and he doesn't have any left!"

"The what? What's a Kai?" Mr. Satan asks, looking in confusion at the Elder Kai Shin, and Kibito. "Are you guys some kind of elves or somethin'?"

Pure Buu starts to laugh as he rushes to attack Paresi, punching her twice in the face and once in the chest before she dodges the next one by jumping over Buu. She tries to knock him away from her with a punch, but Buu easily counterattacks with an uppercut, then throws a cross punch that Paresi jumps straight up to dodge, countering with a high kick to Buu's face that knocks him into a nearby lake, taking the opportunity to transform back to Super Saiyan 3 before he emerges from the water.

"We are Supreme Kais, the illustrious overseers of the universe, you disrespectful whelp!" the Elder Kai shouts at Mr. Satan. "Who does this guy think he is, talking to us like that? The nerve!"

"If you're so great, how come you guys didn't stop Majin Buu?" Mr. Satan argues. Thinking for a moment to himself, a goofy grin forms on his face. "Wait, I think I know what's going on. This is some kind of a dream! Yeah, that's gotta be it! There's no such thing as purple elf gods or pink monsters! I must have fell and hit my head after winning the 25th Tenkaichi Budokai, and have been having this bizarre nightmare ever since! Okay, so if this is all just a dream, I should be able to take control of what's goin' on!"

His confidence returning, Mr. Satan runs over to the lake just as Pure Buu headbutts Paresi and knocks her into the water. "What is that fool trying to do now?" the Elder Kai asks, clearly annoyed by the World Champion's antics.

"Hey! Come over here and fight me, will ya?" Mr. Satan taunts, getting Buu's attention. "Yeah, I'm talking to you! You man enough to fight the World Champion, or are you too afraid of the great Mr. Satan, you wimp?"

Pure Buu growls in annoyance and rushes at Mr. Satan, throwing a kick that the World Champion... actually manages to block! "Ehh?" Buu grunts in confusion as Mr. Satan throws his strongest possible punch into his face!

"I knew it! I'm the greatest!" Mr. Satan shouts, weaving like a boxer before punching Buu a few more times, then kicks him in one of his knees, then once in the jaw, a Dynamite Kick to the head, and ending the combo with a karate chop to Buu's chest with all his might! "Looks like you're not so hot after all!" he says, clutching the hand he just delivered his karate chop with and blowing on it. "Man this is one hell of a dream. It even feels real!"

Mr. Satan grins and resumes his fighting stance as Pure Buu gets back up, the look of anger and annoyance on his face changing back into a sinister grin as he suddenly hocks and spits to the side. The small pink blob he spits on the ground rapidly grows in size to reveal the Good Buu lying unconscious next to Shugar! "Huh? Are we outside now? What this place?" Shugar asks.

"Shugar! Buu!" Mr. Satan shouts, surprised and happy to see them again. His happiness is short lived however, as the Pure Buu starts to laugh maniacally at Mr. Satan as he approaches! Suddenly, two people appear in front of Mr. Satan out of thin air! "Whoa, did I bring those guys here as part of the dream?"

"There you are, Majin Buu!" Vegeta says, grinning at the now confused looking Majin as Blazer goes and stands with the Supreme Kai, Kibito, and the Elder Kai. "I've come back for Round Two!"

"Prince Vegeta?" Paresi says, having emerged from the lake no longer in her Super Saiyan 3 form. "Guess this means the wish did bring you back to life as I had hoped. Good, I could really use your help here."

Vegeta grins at Paresi. "My help? This battle will decide the fate of the universe!" he says, chuckling as he powers up to Super Saiyan 2, glaring right at Pure Buu. "I'm going to pay this freak back for what happened on Earth, and like any true saiyan, I will do it on my own!"

"This isn't the time for this Vegeta! He's too strong for you to fight him alone!" Paresi argues, but Vegeta ignores her and takes his fighting stance. "Are you listening to me?"

"You stay right there Paresi. Don't you dare get in my way!" Vegeta shouts. He fires a volley of ki blasts at Pure Buu to start the fight, but his target easily evades them and slams into the prince headfirst, then slaps him with both hands at the same time, knocks him into the air with a backflip kick with both feet, then stretches his arm to grab Vegeta and slam him into the shallow end of the lake as hard as possible.

"AH HA HA HAHA HA!" Pure Buu laughs, pounding his chest with his fists. Still confident he can win the fight himself, Mr. Satan goes for another of his Dynamite Kicks, but Pure Buu smacks him high into the air easily, still laughing.

"OW OW OW! How can a dream hurt this much, unless...!" Mr. Satan says as he falls toward the ground, only for Blazer to catch him and set him down next to the Supreme Kai. "...this isn't really a dream, is it? What's gonna happen if that crazy Buu wins?"

Blazer smirks at Mr. Satan. "Don't worry about it. The others have got this, even if it's gonna take them a while to figure out what to do." he tells him. "I'd tell them what they have to do, but I get the feeling I may have already done too much."

"That's right you have!" the Elder Kai scolds Blazer. "You'd better have a good reason for getting involved! What were you thinking coming here? Who are you?!"

"I had to drop off Vegeta. Believe it or not, he's supposed to be here." Blazer answers, smiling confidently. "If you've got a problem with what I've done, you can always take it up with my superiors; they're the ones who sent me in the first place. I'm the Paragon of Destruction, by the way."

For some reason, hearing this causes the Elder Kai to back down, looking away from Blazer as though he were now afraid of him! "Elder Kai, what's wrong? Who is he? What's a Paragon of Destruction?" the Supreme Kai asks.

"Now isn't the best time. I'll explain later." the Elder Kai replies, dodging the question. "Let's just focus on defeating Majin Buu for the time being..."
Chapter 30-2: Fight For the Universe
Paresi continues the battle against the purified Majin Buu on the Sacred World of the Kai, but accidentally brought Mr. Satan with her instead of Gohan! Can the World Champion possibly do anything to help her against the greatest threat to the universe?
As the title of this journal says, Dragon Ball RC will continue starting in September, covering the second half of the Majin Buu saga! How differently will things play out with Paresi, Shugar, and a certain variation of Blazer being around when Majin Buu goes berserk and splits into Good and Evil versions of himself?
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