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WIP the X-Pendables blkwht

All lines and inks are done by the talented

colors and layout by me

This is not the finished piece just the work in progress.

I wanted to take the theme of the expendables movie and combine it with the X-men. 

Who else from mr.Guile's gallery of mutants should we add to the roster?

9 spots total from the first film poster, six spots filled with Nightcrawler as my 7th.
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Tell me which ones you want and I'll deliver, my friend! ;)
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You're the artist and I'd hate to make requests. However, if your up for the challenge, I would love to see:


Old Man Logan


as a villain for another X-Pendables mash up a similar pose like Cable, but Stryfe, Cable's clone.

anyway, these are only suggestions and some of them can be used for X-Pendables 2 and/or 3.

Keep posting that killer line art so us amateurs have some strong lines to color on!
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As soon as I am free enough, let's do that!
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As a side note, I am trying to use the more statuesque poses of the x-characters, in keeping with the theme of the expendables movie poster, like a line up.  As always, thank you again for posting great work to practice coloring!
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Ok for your choice of Nightcrawler and Storm. I'll now do a Colossus and Bishop, and finish with Sabretooth instead of Wolverine!
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and Bishop too!
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he would make a good addition both as a member and/or villain I like how the characters in the x world flop and transition over time, take for instance magneto.  oldest villain from the start, currently great asset and teacher in the present books.
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It's an honor for me! I'll probably have to change the stand up pose for Nightcrawler.
I want to put a Colossus too!
RCarter's avatar…

here is my updated version of the x-pendables with storm and nightcrawler

full color version will be posted in the near future.
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sounds good!
I've already colored a Nightcrawler,…

I figured since I had magneto hovering off the ground what better way to show Nightcrawler, then the bamf.

I was going to finish the Storm that you've got with the rain cloud and post as another colored wip in a few days. 

My thoughts in choices were, Apocalypse as the 1st villain, Madelyene Pryor/Black Queen and Mr Sinister as the 2nd post villains and Stryfe as the 3rd villain.  And since wolverine is dead, currently in the comics, I was thinking Old Man Logan and Sabretooth were two of the best choices as replacements. 

If you want to keep adding characters, villains and heroes that you'd like to join the ranks of these X-pendables, thats great.  Then i got something new to color every week.
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