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...isn't complete until we have our TWINKLE LIGHT PARADE.  Sponsored by JT Sweet Stuff.

I took a ton of photos, but none of them came out good enough to post to Deviant Art, but I still posted an entry on LiveJournal with them.

So, if you're curious?  You can see them HERE.

I really need to get back to taking pictures.  

If you're curious about what else I'm up to these days?  I have a webcomic up on my website.  

It's one I did in the 90s -- WANDERING STAR -- and can be found HERE.

Have a great New Year!

-- Teresa
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My name is Teresa Challender, and I am an artist living in Forks, Washington.

And being a resident of Forks, I could not help but become aware of the Twilight fandom, and our little town of Forks sudden supernatural fame.

So, along those lines, I've moved my smaller Forks photo gallery off my main site, and transfered it here, so I could add as many photos as I desire.

I'll be arranging these into separate mini-galleries as I slowly upload stuff -- I have a dial-up, 28k connection.  So it may take me awhile to get everything I currently have up.  And new photos will be uploaded as I take them.

Oh, and I should mention, my main art gallery is here:

And you can find more Forks stuff, as in Forks links, and even an area map up on my my official website, Resa Fantasy Arts!

Thanks for stopping by!

-- Resa
...who hopes you will enjoy this gallery.

And yes, if you'd like to use one of these images for some Twilight themed photo manipulation or art, feel free.  But please, link back to this gallery, and let me know!  I'd be delighted to see what you've come up with.