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Intoxicating Love by Resa

By RC-ForksWA
A Twilight Print by Resa Challender!

I originally posted this on my main gallery here:
-- along with the original pencil and a set of Jasper bookmarks.

I hope to have these printed up and for sale soon. Watch here or on my regular website for more information:



- - -

And it shouldn't have to be said, but ...
And No, you MAY NOT color my work and display as your own. This is considered very rude.

I sometimes will make an exception -- IF ASKED -- and allow it for a contest IF I am listed as the creator of the original drawing/line work. Thank you ahead of time.
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enteringmymind's avatar
this is really cool! Is that suppose to be Jacob looming in the background? Just curious.
Yup, that would be Jacob.

He's a bit more intimidating in this picture than in the books, but I thought it was a nice reminder of just how powerful Jacob was as a werewolf. Jacob almost always seemed so sweet and fluffy, but he was one of the few creatures who could challenge the "cold ones".
enteringmymind's avatar
whoa I never thought about Jacob that way, but now that I think about it you are totally right! Love the piece!:D
jask8ergirl's avatar
it's really wonderfull!!!
Aw! Thank you!!
ofeliq's avatar
He looks like the real one!
(((thank you!!)))
ofeliq's avatar
You`re welcome! :)
Midnighterdes8's avatar
:D I've featured this peace of art here [link] :glomp:

I really love the line work, it really plays with the eye.
Thank you! Thank you so much!
Midnighterdes8's avatar
Your Very Welcome :D
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