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Big Trees in Forks, WA



If there is one thing a rain forest will get you, it's big trees.

Now the logging industry has done a number on them in recent history, but many of the protected forest areas and camp grounds still sport impressive examples of big trees. Which is useful, as I hear eagles needs them for their nests. And we have a rather large eagle population in and around the Forks area.

I'm not sure the image here quite expresses the size of these guys. But here's something to think about. If you were six feet tall, and decided to lay on that area between these two trees? A few other people could also sit with you while you were completely stretched out.

Oh, and no. These were not the biggest trees that I've ever seen here. I just had my camera out the day I found these fellows.

- Resa Challender
An Artist living in Forks, Washington
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