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Jessie murch
sister real name Jessie Murch
Last name stands for mother. uses Remove. characters. hunches
Bottle partner: Hume murch
Mystic weapon: a magic staff with a orange crystal wand
Power: innocence
Age 119 but looks 40
Jessie aperients: a woman in a nun uniform
Hume aperients: has a bottle body four bottle necks as lims, wears green boots has human hands, a nun hat and a magic staff.
Ability: Hume has its staff to use it’s full potential the power is to give people innocents and use it against others people she use this power to manipulate to join her with happiness.
Power range d (99 meters with it’s magic range)
Power e (a normal human strength)
Speed d (20 miles)
Durability E
Position: C
Weakness: it doesn’t work with people that had no peace or as a stronger well power
:iconrbskullhead:rbskullhead 4 6
Bottle stands
Battle stats
Fight range
E: hand to hand
D: has a sword or a shield.
C: has a wipe or has something attach to something .
B: a gun or something that goes as far as a bullet.
A: lazier or can go far.
E: a human to superhuman (1,155 pounds or less)
D: a trailer jack (up to 7,500 lbs. or less )
C: a tow truck (39,690 pounds or less )
B: a crane (1200 metric tons or less )
A: planet to stars
E: runner (10-15 miles per hour or less)
D: bike (25 mph or less)
C: car (300 mph or less)
B: rocket (18,000 mph or less )
A: light
E: human to superhuman (only bone and muscle)
D: shield ( has one defense that goes one one piece of the body)
C: thin armer ( it covers the hole body but can’ to many hits)
B: armer
A: g.t.a.a (can go solid attack but won’t be damaged )
E: attack blindly and can’t scents people or bottle energy. ( 5 mi)
D: can see but only can sense fate energy as a normal human (30 mi)
C: can see people and bottles energy as far as a sup
:iconrbskullhead:rbskullhead 2 0
Boge bottle partner
boge parole
Bottle partner: Par par parole
Par par name stands for Parts Are Removed or Parts Are Rehealed
Mood: crude
Par par power nightmare
Class b
boge age 6
Last name stands for People. Are Rationalization. Of. Losing. Everything
boge aperients extremely skinny wears a green tank top with cut out in the right side and back and one strap on the right side.
And green shorts with cuts on them.
Par par aperients: troll face that has putty ears, a bold head, a wine bottle 4 long bottlenecks as arms and legs , fingers with long nails witch is 4 inches long and bare feet, the clothes it wears is skin like a caveman.
Ability: boge walks around and looks for his prey if he finds someone he talks out his bottle and activate par par to follow then, no one can see par par except boge when the person go home and goes to bed that’s when par par Ability really shines it goes into the person a person dreams and and take them to a dream world where they can lose their life par par can take m
:iconrbskullhead:rbskullhead 2 6
Coian shine
Coian shine
Hatch 49
Has a bottle body when he change
is part snake and part human, he is shiner and Medusa he is the 49 out of 100 that was hach out of his egg, the finish of the bottle is replaced with a four hook to stand up and when he move he folds in  the hooks into one , the hands is a fishing line and a hook for hands
he ether slider around or us his arms he can do anything with his arms he also have a snake head he is poisonous that’s the fishing line and the hook has on it he can grow up to 50 feet tall in beast form and his fishing line can range super far  his stats
Fight range: e
Power: b
Speed: D
Durability: A (the string and the hook)
Precision: c
:iconrbskullhead:rbskullhead 3 9
Buwle shine
Buwle shine
Hatch 38
Power: bowler
He has a bottle body with a bowling pin neck head and crown
Gender boy
Weakness: lifting and throwing heavy bowling balls and he can’t be in buff mode for very long or it will strain his body making him unable to move.
Buwle has a upside down wine bottle body, has a bowling pin neck head and crown as its head, he as a human face with snake eyes he he has four moves bowl strike witch is move he summen his energy weight bowling ball target the opponent and then strike them, the second move allow them to glide in the air like thors hammer the bowling ball tites around his finger as he begins to throw and then disappear when his in the air, his third move is is the 12 pin strike the 12 bowling pin attack his opponent 13 pin attack the move allow him to make 12 clones of himself they have the same durability same weakness same move sets
Fight range: B
Power: D (B in buff mode)
Speed: C ( E in buff mode)
Durability: E (C in buff mode)
:iconrbskullhead:rbskullhead 5 2
Cell shine power
Cell snake real snell shine
Power: cell phone
Moud: secretly
He can summon any wireless type of house phone as long it has a screen
When he sumen his cell phone he can do two things with it he can Private call  witch is a move to talk one to one that he teleport them a phone earpiece to there ear and no one else can hear it unless he put it on speaker, his second move is is phone transform  when he text number into his phone and it can change into anything his, phone stats are
Power range: b
Speed: a
Defense: c
Power: b
Precision: A
Weakness: has limited battery power
:iconrbskullhead:rbskullhead 4 4
Skull and his step family by rbskullhead Skull and his step family :iconrbskullhead:rbskullhead 6 6
My states
Sorry I’m not on right now my aunt took my Cromebook away
:iconrbskullhead:rbskullhead 2 2
my best of weiss by rbskullhead my best of weiss :iconrbskullhead:rbskullhead 2 28
avid back story part 1
Hi im The key maker real name avid younger brother of the famous oson by three years me and my family are key makers and we live on a small island named mauketiaro population 100 and that's only humans  Square Miles 1,045 I was pretty much the runt of the litter to my parents eyes i barely exist to them the only way they see me if i jump or talk into a backpack speaker with a mic  . let me tell you what i have its call dwarfism my height is only 2 feet tall and a bad voice box the loudest i can go up to 30 guinness but my normal voice is -9 guinness my family is average height my mom 5’4 dad 5’8 oson 5’7 and have a good voice box i also have different hair color witch is silver unlike my family black hair i can only make one type of key which is a wind up keys unlike oson  who made keys like house keys, car keys, And Keys to the city. And ocon always rub it in his little brother face when he comes home. I didn’t have a better time at my school yea
:iconrbskullhead:rbskullhead 0 0
tape frog by rbskullhead tape frog :iconrbskullhead:rbskullhead 1 0 icmet fountain by rbskullhead icmet fountain :iconrbskullhead:rbskullhead 0 22 James The Boxer by rbskullhead James The Boxer :iconrbskullhead:rbskullhead 2 2
rabbit rabskull is a alternate version of human rbskull
rabskull can jump higher, run faster, he carry'golden carrot dager with him that can turn into a umbrella so he can traver with the wind
:iconrbskullhead:rbskullhead 0 0
Me And Niko by rbskullhead Me And Niko :iconrbskullhead:rbskullhead 11 32 Iggy the ninja dog? by rbskullhead Iggy the ninja dog? :iconrbskullhead:rbskullhead 9 0


Konata the Magical Witch by AR-Oasis Konata the Magical Witch :iconar-oasis:AR-Oasis 85 0 a Sundress for Ransomgram Lady by Kairu-Hakubi a Sundress for Ransomgram Lady :iconkairu-hakubi:Kairu-Hakubi 30 6
Role-Play Fandom List
It's a role-playing fandom list. These are the fandoms that people enjoy. I've seen most things, but there are some I never seen.
Agent Aika
Attack on Titan
Arcade Gamer Fubuki
Azumanga Aidoh!
Black Butler
Bubblegum Crisis
Case Closed/Detective Conan
Code Geass
Cowboy Bebop
Cutie Honey
Cyborg 009
Death Note
Dragon Ball Z
Eureka Seven
Fairy Tail
Fruits Basket
Fullmetal Alchemist
Future Dairy
Ghost Stories
Glitter Force
High School of the Dead
Hunter x Hunter
JoJo's Bizzare Adventure
Magical DoReMi
Mew Mew Power
Mob Psycho 100
My Hero Academia
One Piece
One Punch Man
Osamu Tezuka works
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Sailor Moon
Samurai X
Speed Racer
Shaman King
Soul Eater
Studio Ghibli
Sword Art Online
Time Bokan series
Tokyo Ghoul
YuYu Hakusho
The Ant Bully
Captain Underpants
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Dr. Seuss creations
Harry Potter
The Hunger Games
Mr. Men and
:iconclub-dreamiverse:Club-Dreamiverse 82 435
Commission - Yang Pantsing Neo by OnagaZGreat Commission - Yang Pantsing Neo :icononagazgreat:OnagaZGreat 121 9 (Tumblr Request) Lana hypnotizes Lola Part Two by eagc7 (Tumblr Request) Lana hypnotizes Lola Part Two :iconeagc7:eagc7 112 5 Still Worthy? by twilite-sparkleplz Still Worthy? :icontwilite-sparkleplz:twilite-sparkleplz 170 83 commission HatGirl by HowXu commission HatGirl :iconhowxu:HowXu 327 15 JoJo Loud Sisters On The Beach by ReedAhmad JoJo Loud Sisters On The Beach :iconreedahmad:ReedAhmad 224 30 BNHA: little slime boy by FluffyNasus BNHA: little slime boy :iconfluffynasus:FluffyNasus 21 6 Always Check The Background by jjj6
Mature content
Always Check The Background :iconjjj6:jjj6 34 32
rooster teeth vs Jojo: Melone
Name: Melone
Debut: Baby Face, Part 1 (jojo vento aureo)
Voice:  ???
Original Costume: Anime look
Alternate Costume 1: Manga look
Alternate Costume 2: The way he looks in  GioGio's Bizarre Adventure's Story Drama
Intro: Melone will be  typing on baby-face then close it and stand up
Intro Quotes:
(to a female) "you look good~"
(to a male) "you will do"
(to himself)  "What the hell "
(to a none human) "Will baby face even work on you"
Moveset: most of his hits a very week 
Special Moves:
When he gets an hit on he can use the move Baby face
Baby face: he puts a bit of blood in Baby face then his stand will run at them when it hits 8 seconds later a Homunculus will come out and do damage then you will play as the Homunculus
Homunculus Special Move
Eat: A cube will come off the  other  fighter doing damage
:iconalexandrmcfly:Alexandrmcfly 2 3
Prediction by Tanbi-no-Kami Prediction :icontanbi-no-kami:Tanbi-no-Kami 88 8 Pantsed by BabyChrisFox Pantsed :iconbabychrisfox:BabyChrisFox 240 111 anime tgar 50 by diaperedSteph
Mature content
anime tgar 50 :icondiaperedsteph:diaperedSteph 32 12
Happy birthday to Ziver!!!!!! by aisnozo Happy birthday to Ziver!!!!!! :iconaisnozo:aisnozo 93 3 Lord over all. sorta. by bleedman Lord over all. sorta. :iconbleedman:bleedman 1,523 62



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im kinda a writer
hi skull here i like to rp make storys and my favorite Pokemon is Squirtle




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