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Origami Soma Cube by rboy42 Origami Soma Cube :iconrboy42:rboy42 0 0 Sitting Teddy Bear Prototype by rboy42 Sitting Teddy Bear Prototype :iconrboy42:rboy42 0 3 Drawing Challenge Day 7- The Meaning of My Name by rboy42 Drawing Challenge Day 7- The Meaning of My Name :iconrboy42:rboy42 1 0 Drawing Challenge Day 6- Twin Metal Dragons by rboy42 Drawing Challenge Day 6- Twin Metal Dragons :iconrboy42:rboy42 3 0 Drawing Challenge Day 5- Snuggles by rboy42 Drawing Challenge Day 5- Snuggles :iconrboy42:rboy42 0 0 Drawing Challenge Day 4- Tuna by rboy42 Drawing Challenge Day 4- Tuna :iconrboy42:rboy42 1 0 Drawing Challenge Day 3- My Family by rboy42 Drawing Challenge Day 3- My Family :iconrboy42:rboy42 1 0 Dragon Sketch by rboy42 Dragon Sketch :iconrboy42:rboy42 2 0 Drawing Challenge Day 2- Alex by rboy42 Drawing Challenge Day 2- Alex :iconrboy42:rboy42 3 0 Drawing Challenge Day 1- Myself by rboy42 Drawing Challenge Day 1- Myself :iconrboy42:rboy42 0 0 Ramkahen Plushie Sewing Pattern by rboy42 Ramkahen Plushie Sewing Pattern :iconrboy42:rboy42 5 0 Sylvan the Ranger plushie by rboy42 Sylvan the Ranger plushie :iconrboy42:rboy42 6 6
The Wind That Caresses
The waves crash down upon the shore, with a roar like a thousand lions in pursuit of their prey. A lone figure stands watching, unperturbed by the ferocity of the water- in fact, unaware completely of the noise and movement before him. His eyes gaze unfocused out to the horizon, seeing the unseen beyond the point where the sea and sky merge in a thin line of misty shadow. The force of the waves sends his cloak billowing behind him, the hood pushed back inch by inch with each passing wave, until it finally falls back, revealing the young man’s face, smooth and impassive as he still gazes out, a thin layer of beard gracing his chin. Shoulder-length locks of light coppery hair are pulled one by one from the confines of his cloak, trailing back from his head and glistening under the setting sun like the fiery tail of a comet hurtling through the sky. Still his gaze remains unbroken, until at last a crosswind breaks upon him, swirling cloak and hair into the young man’s face, br
:iconrboy42:rboy42 3 0
Dragon Plushie Sewing Pattern and Tutorial by rboy42 Dragon Plushie Sewing Pattern and Tutorial :iconrboy42:rboy42 38 12 Red Dragon Plushie by rboy42 Red Dragon Plushie :iconrboy42:rboy42 9 13 Dragon Plushie Prototype by rboy42 Dragon Plushie Prototype :iconrboy42:rboy42 6 0


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Rebekah Boy
United States
I'm a college student who loves science, crafts, the outdoors, and pretty much anything nerdy-especially dragons! :) My main obsession is making little plushies, but I dabble in all sorts of things.
I have never done commissions before, but I'd like to try if anyone is interested. If you commission me, especially for a plushie, I will show you every stage and make sure you are as happy as possible with the completed work.

My main craft, and the one I would be most comfortable accepting commissions for, is plushies. I have made plushies as small as 2 inches long and as big as 12 inches long. I'm sure I could make larger plushies too, I just haven't yet. All of my plushies are hand-sewn with love and care. The majority of the plushies I have made have been felt, although I have also made faux fur plushies and am willing to try making plushies of other materials as well, as long as I can find them and in the right colors.

Here are some examples of plushies I have made with my own patterns. Feel free to look through my gallery to see other plushies I have made as well.

I could also try a drawing commission, as long as it is not too complicated. I mainly draw people and animals, in a traditional style.

If you might be interested in commissioning me, please send me a note. Pricing for at least my first few commissions will be worked out individually, based on what you think is reasonable rather than a preset amount. And, since I am inexperienced in the ways of commissions, I don't intend on charging very much more than the cost of materials and shipping cost for these first ones, even though plushies take a long time to make (usually 12+ hours for the final plush, and often much longer to create the pattern).


Even though it’s been so long, that room still haunts my dreams. The room that was my prison cell, not as much for my body as for my mind. Those walls that drove me crazy no matter how I tried to cover them up. All the positive thoughts I tried to paste on them in broken letters cut from magazines. But the walls still tainted the thoughts with madness until I couldn’t bear them. Some nights I would hide from the walls, huddled under my blankets, trying to forget that they were there, along with all the things they had grown to represent for me. All the things that were holding me hostage. I would pretend that it was all over, that someone would pull away the blanket and ask me why I was hiding, and that I’d look around and see that the walls were those of another room, that the face looking at me was the one I hoped it would be, the one that would mean that all of my torture was over. I relive those last moments in my nightmares still, the moments before I walked out of that room for the last time, scared beyond wits that I would be caught, that I could never leave them behind. Those walls are gone, long gone. But I still sometimes see their shadow beneath my blankets, and with them the whispers of madness.
Origami Soma Cube
Recently, I just really wanted to do origami. So I played around with some modular pieces and ended up making a soma cube puzzle.
Sitting Teddy Bear Prototype
I started making a teddy bear pattern for a girl who lost her beloved teddy bear and was looking for a pattern to make a similar one. This is the first prototype I made, which will need a bit of tweaking before the pattern is complete.


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Thank you for the support, I'm glad you liked our art! :huggle: :love:

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What you just said on NOMAPS-dA sounds exactly like this…
rboy42 Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2018
Please see my reply here.
demiveemon Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for adding me to your watch! It means a lot to me and I'm happy that you like my art and crafts. Happy cry (Tears of joy)Huggle!Heart
rboy42 Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2018
You're welcome! I meant to earlier, but I must have forgotten last time I looked at your gallery. You make such adorable things, I'd be sad if I missed seeing any of them.
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Now you won't miss anything for sure. :3 I'm lagging behind with posting my latest crafts, so there should be some new stuff coming up soon. ^^
rboy42 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2018
Oooh, yay! I look forward to seeing what you've been working on!
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demiveemon Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the llama and have one in return. Remember to give it a good brush everyday or it will end up all poofy like this: :iconrunllamarun: (unless you want it all poofy of course, then you just give it a good brush every second day!) ;D
rboy42 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2018
That is hilarious! And the poofy llama is so cute that maybe I'll consider brushing it more sparsely :)
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